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  • australia- 💀


  • ahh im so not used to emma and james together

  • Isn’t it funny how the Dolan Twins always have beef with random influencers and when ever someone interviews the other person, they say that the Dolan Twins were horrible to them and then the Dolan Twins move on to another colab and they litterally destroyed Emma’s mental health?

  • yasss I love Emma

  • if larri’s party never happened, emma and james wouldn’t be friends again..all we need now are the dollan twins jkjk they suck

  • Wich lipgloss is she using?

  • 5:28 i have neither 😐

  • Lord, I don't have money or a good relationship. What the fuck! 🤔

  • You either get a good relationship or money... Why do I have ✨ neither ✨ of those things? *tears*

  • I feel like this is a little bit fake, where were you Emma during the byś sister scandal xd and i am here still and i was when IT happened notice me James xd

  • pls do more videos with James :)

  • emma and james: talks about editing me: I dont edit :)

  • the sister squad was basically just these 2 sooooooooooo

  • Larray is the only one that can bring back the sister squad

  • 13:21 She is so SINCERE

  • Wait is james charles a boy or girl

    • @Claire Z ik but like i didnt know i just thought he was a girl and then thought he a boy so i just got confused

    • boy he’s not i repeat NOT transgender just more feminine 😁


  • I ship Emma with Ryan Karoly

  • What lip gloss is that????

  • My lord who remembers the Sister Sqaud with the dolan twins emma and James my lord JAMES GUYS DO SOMEThINg

  • emma def thinks that james is like a whole higher class than her and is scared of the things she use to james lol

  • What lip gloss is that and what shade

  • I’m literally dead

  • wait but Emma says she has an editor but in some of her videos, sometimes at the end of video she writes "Me Editing (kinda)" so im kinda confused..can someone explain?

  • omg Emma your bronzer isn't broken....... there is a brush and mirror under there

  • 0:37 this moment says it allll 😁🥺

  • sneaking into james' hosue for 24 hrs>>>

  • okay so dolans wya?

  • We need video with your editor

  • What song is her intro biatshh

  • I’m new, and I don’t know what happened between them. Why weren’t they friends for a long time?

  • omg i thought James got period's I'm so dum

  • the way that larray could reunite the entire sister squad in like one phone call is really something


  • Cute

  • Am I in the one who noticed that it says “were back” in the title

  • sooo what happened with the Dolan Twins???

  • Nice channel!😊 Continue the good work. Should you have a second you could flick over to my account 🌈🌸

  • I'm glad that they are friends again one of the good things in 2020


  • I honestly completely understand this relationship I was like that with one of my besties. We were friends first, crap went down, became friends later on, besties, COVID happened, March- may/June, started talking again, besties again 👯‍♀️

  • stan emma and james for clear skin. hate shane and jeffrey cause yeah❤️

  • i am here for this energy

  • me pausing the video 50 times at the start just to cry over how far emma's gotten :,)

  • Not me rewatching this for the 9th time 😍

  • Can u play among us pls lmao

  • This video is by far my favourite! Love youuuuu bothhhh❤️

  • If Emma needs a boyfriend Willy Wonka on TikTok has openly expressed his crush on her... just sayin

  • Now we just need the Dolans 🥺😞

  • I guess the sister squad spoiler were the Dolan Twins...idk though!

  • the amount of times i come back to this is ungodly

  • It’s Benefit porefessional primer. I don’t know what all the hype was about

  • i thought i was the only one who puts waterproof mascara on the bottom so when i cry it doesn’t run 😂

  • i followed them a long time ago and i just blacked out the whole sister thing three years or two years ago and then im back and they are back too but i didnt catch up with the drama i just like seeing them together i kinda hate internet drama and paparazzi making it so it appears 10x bigger

  • Emma's voice is lounder than James' lol

  • I love James's eyes it the thumbnail 😆😂

  • I miss the sister squad

  • What about corona?

  • literally wtf is a happy cry?

    • Adriana Gavilanes basically when u are so happy u cry tears of joys lmfao


  • Next step bring the sister squad bake together

  • emma literally forgot that jameses a dude and started talking about period mood swings like james has that tooo. lol so cute

  • Hey don’t swear 😃👍

  • Jesus loves you

  • YES, THE FAMOUS DUO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finally James foundation matches

  • This is why I love LARRAY, he got them backk

  • Me waiting for a sister squad vid: 👁👄👁

  • order to find the one, youtuber or not there needs to be searching on ya'lls part, I noticed emma said something about staying together within the youtubers, that's a common mistake, I feel they are in your reach this is correct or understand that they are the higher up they (refering again youtubers) understand if they want ya'll they can just say "hi" you know but you will find the "one" even if you stand in one spot! (all respect)

  • I'm so happy that James and Emma are now friends and I hope they stay as friends! I love both of them and I'm excited seen this video of seen them together 🤞 Yes Sisters !!


  • where's Ethan and Grayson what happened? :(

    • Veronica Luczak they broke of. Luckily Emma and James sorted it out but the twins not so much

  • Bet now where to twins at 😂

  • ahahah look at that :D

  • The title said we’re back which is the Dolan twins intro

  • 12:40 lmfao what was tht

  • Emma is always making laugh in every video even if i dont want to !!!🌺😂😂🌼🌼🌼💕💕

  • who else is waiting for the sister squad to come back

  • No one: Not even my dog: Emma and James: EEEEeEEeeeE

  • i saw the ";)" love it

  • not me waiting for the Dolan twins to join

  • all of us: Make them friends again grrr larry: bet 😎

  • Timothy chalamet .......timothy chalamet That's all i think the whole video It's insane

  • did everyone forget about covid tho

  • I am glad they are back ! Great chemistry, was a long time waiting.

  • I don’t have a relationship or money wtf

  • Omg imagine if Emma died her hair black or like a deep brown😍😍😨!!!

  • I want to try that tinted face oil so bad😭 where can I find it?!?

  • Omg why does james kinda look like charli demelio

  • Stan Larray for bringing them back together

  • 4:26

  • Can y’all tell me what lipgloss she used

  • I could tell right away the primar was pore-fessional... i use that...

  • Was there a ghost lingering around at 4:26

    • angel turner it is a iMovie effect

  • Who else miss sister squad

  • “why did i think james got periods” 😂

  • Ok but why does James with makeup look like he’s wearing glam makeup when in reality it’s the absolute minimum

  • Wait. She doesn’t edit her own videos?

  • You guys should do a live together on ISchats.