Birt 24 nóv 2019
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-emma chamberlain


  • New York’s grate

  • I Think That The Hardest Thing About Raising Kids In New York Is Raising Kids In New York.😂

  • Is NYC a healthy environment to live in? Seems a bit overpopulated.

  • Yah add egg to the pie filling

  • Hair looks pretty


  • I love this cat.

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • it actually is amazing raising a kid in NewYork I was raised in NY in roosevelt which is awesome

  • 5:40 is so me

  • Can we pls get that pie recipe !

  • 8.15 Declan gets in the sink hehe 🥺🥺🥺 and his little pur is so cutee

  • *Clicks on emma chamberlain video Ad before the video: "have you been struggling with acne?!"

  • The cranberries 😂😂😂😂

  • I’m binging Emma’s videos and the last video I watched was from 2 years ago and her shirt said FRICK on it and know this one SAYS HER NAME ON IT queen


  • Dude cats are funny I was on a zoom meeting with a class and my sisters cat somehow climbed onto my bed even tho I have a bunk bed and I sleep on the top. And I was okay with my sisters cat chilling with Meh in all but then the Cat freaking moved and sat on my iPad camera because the iPad way laying flat down and then I got a text from my friend who has the same class and it said “dude I think I just saw your cats ass hole..... ;-;

  • Did declan purr or fart on camera?

  • "bone apple teeth"

  • the turkey looks like banana bread....

  • you want..... *cough cough*...... kids...?

  • why do I find it so annoying when ppl are like "omg ThAnK yOu fOR tHe LiKeS OmGgGg" we get it we can see the likes

  • ok , this wass funny. more please. edit your own videos.

  • the people crapping on her fake turkey obviously aren't vegetarians bc it lowkey looks good 💀💀💀

  • Raise your kids in PA you get seasons and in the summer it doesn’t smell bad :)

  • wow you cuss a lot but like it’s lowkey funny

  • Bruh my first ad of the video is literally EMMA CHAMBERLAIN I thought it was the actual video lmao 😂

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  • girl i live in texas i get you girl no snow days whatsoever and also it is good to raise children in NY i think bc my cousins live there

  • You should move to Long Island you get seasons but you don’t have to drive like 1-2 hours to get to the beach or go to a fake beach like a lake with sand

  • I like how ur pjs r ur mech

  • U heal my anxiety

  • “This cooking shit’s easy” immediately thought of milktpapi lol

  • Emma😍🥰 ik she’d love this meat

  • Gordon Ramsay typing....

  • Okay so why did the “turkey” look like bread with scales


  • emma with brown sugar: imma eat a little bit also emma: eats like 1/2 cup

  • well... me that actually lives in NYC, I recommend for you to live in either Manhattan (Upper East Side), Staten Island, or Bayside in Queens. Those areas are pretty good. :)

  • Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

  • So vegan turkey is bsically bread, but bc its made of chickpea flour it counts as meat alternative..

  • You should bring that shirt back I like it a lot

  • no one’s talking about how her voice has changed so much

  • hi can u bring that shirt back? plz and thank you

  • We only have one oven we just nake room for the stuff that we make for thAnks giving

  • I live in New York and it’s not bad raising children here. I was able to learn how to travel without a car bc of our subway system and I love hanging out in the city!!! :)

  • its true that new york has seasons, but they change every day

  • we got courtney frickin miller and emma fucking chamberlain the ultimate boss battle

  • Hehehehehe

  • *emma:* “this might be the first not bad cooking with emma” *the pie:* “am i a joke to you”

  • my anxiety went up when i realised she left the pie in the oven and left off

  • You have no idea how helpful you and your videos are during this quarantine

  • Spreads oil with her bare hands - 2 seconds later - strokes her hair she just washed!

  • I just love how her merch says “Emma F***ing Chamberlain”- 😂😂😂😂

  • It's not sad to not kill a bird for fun 😂

  • it’s so weird because i always thought bonappetit was bone apple teeth when i was younger so i saw the thumbnail and had a mini heart attack

  • Emma washed her hair shocking

  • Who els thought that when she cut into the turkey, it just looked like bread inside.

  • 7:12 - 7-14 Declan is just crawling on the shelves in the background

  • A random person who likes this will become a million air . Just saying 😗

  • I’m a small acount and my goal for then end of the year is 100 subs can u help me🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • Bone apple teeth 🤣😂

  • All you have to do is put the pumpkin pie in the oven for a little longer!

  • So basically... ...Read more

  • Emma this is a legitimate question.......... how much money do you think you spend on coffee a year? P.S. LOVE YOU NEVER STOP BEING JUST YOU 😍 YOU ARE THE BEST AND MY FAVORITE ISchatsR

  • 5:45 Emma, you're not lazy, you're sane

  • Your cat is miracle💕

  • oh god this hurt to watch

  • emma: makes pumpkin pie emma: puts pie in oven also emma: imna go pick my ass

  • my yelp review : 4.5 stars out of 5

  • emma: “it’s just so..... rock solid” me: that’s what she said 🙈 i’ll leave ,

  • I wanna die in like 7 years so I can be re born as Emmas child....

  • i shouted you out bitch

  • I THOUGHT THE BREAD WAS HAM!!?! Like if you thought so too

  • I feel like Emma would want at least 3 but could handle one because she barely can take care of herself. JK, Luv u emma

  • The turkey is lit rally bread

  • When she said "Now that is living alone" i felt that

  • EMMA being raised in new york is great

  • bone apple tit*

  • IM laughing so much. Emma is the best youtuber.

  • By you being yourself makes the video fun

  • No one: Not a soul: Not even the mf pie: The comments: OmG tYsM fOr ThE lIkEs💕😭😭😭 i never had this many likes before!!!

  • imagine being emmas daughter

  • emma u need to know: i hate living in new york. some people like it but when i get older i wanna move to a more country place

  • Omg I want to have a kid in New York to it’s my dream to move there

  • Its rubbing my actual OCD the wrong way that she keeps touching her hair while cooking, especially after fully touching oils and she just took a shower.. lol I have a thing with feeling like I have constantly dirty hands and need to wash it multiple times

  • Please bring this merch back!

  • Emma you have to cook the pie crust in the oven for like 10 min I think 😄😋😋😋

  • Move to Missouri you’ll get all the seasons in one day 😂

  • The oOoOoO at 2:33 sent me

  • im a new yorker and u get sick of the cold so quickly, i hate it. it is the middle of may and it snowed a few weeks ago....

  • work of arttt

  • Emma: I don’t even know what a snow day IS Me, during corona: I don’t even know what school IS

  • Who the hell has 7 ovens?

  • There’s a kid at my brothers school his name is Dominic he says that he’s your sister LOL!

    • Cupcake_ YTfans 😂😂

    • @Matisse Guhlstorf oh lol... I meant *he’s her brother* thank you for correcting me!

    • Harper XD sister? or he says he’s her brother..?

  • "This cooking shit ..... Easy" laughing so fucken hard

  • 7:11 the cat

  • Your beautiful girl. Love you!❤️ god made you to do so many great things, praying for you!

    • Payton Lynn, she don’t need your prayers she’s doing fine on her own and she’s not religious

  • *Gordon Ramsay left the chat*

  • let’s get to working!