I MOVED (again lol)

Birt 20 mar 2019
apartment tour once a week vid channel
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  • Shes such a mood.

  • Shes such a mood.

  • i thought that was a fricken house

  • hey loves! just made a youtube channel and posted my own moving vlog and would highly appreciate if yall checked it out! :)

  • U look like lisa cuddy from house m.d.

  • Please try remember most your subscribers are probably on minimum wage for really really hard jobs, thanks

  • you have to do a new house tour

  • Omg Emma i love your apratment


  • I can’t even imagine the rent of that apartment oh my goddd

  • *starts out low energy* *progressively high energy apartment tour* and I love it

  • I love ur apartment!

  • tHiS iS hOw MaNy TiMeS eMmA sAiD sHe WaS eXiTeD 👇🏻

  • Does anyone know how much rent this was

  • why does she make driving look so easy im-

  • OMG that's what eight million people are watching?? I am sorry but where is the world going?

    • youre one of the eight million people...

    • what do you want us to watch? Science?

  • 1:39 bahahaha

  • I dont get red after working out. Then again I am a coloured kid


  • no joke i literally just got an ad with emma in it (for bliss) in this video... i love how she's getting money from ads shes in lmaoo

  • I think this is a 1 month vlog

  • Imagine finding a house you love and being able to buy it

  • Your apartments better than my house!

  • can someone tell me where emma got that cabinet thing or whatever at 9:59

  • 9:06 .. i am currently watching this video for THE 8th TIME AND I WISH I WAS KIDDING. how did i JUST NOW notice there was that light strip on the inside of the cupboard?? i thought she was impressed by organizing the salt and pepper and stuff

  • this apartment glow up felt like the moment in shark tale when oscar moves into the penthouse bachelor suite place


  • Imagine not being poor

  • i love how good she is at decorating and stuff like it’s amazing

  • I don't like it I LOVEEEE ITTTTT >:D

  • I think the couch is def diff, but it goes with the other furniture, actually think its perfect! Come on you can run a YT channel, IPhone, drive a car, but not a record player. 🤔

  • Wish I could move and not worry about moving one box! Damn. Im not a vegan so of course I eat differently, but nothing Emma ever ate has ever looked good to me!

  • She used moriah Elizabeth theme tune

  • Listennnn issa big flex to be your OWN ISchats ad 😭😭

  • Before watching the vid I had an ad of her

  • why have i been binging ur channel for 2 days straight

  • Its awesome but everything is like i never use it😂

  • why do you swear so much

  • You know I watched this video to many times when I can understand what Olivia's saying without her actually telling us what she said

  • me waching emma wile watching a emma add


  • Who didn’t skip the add cuz Emma was in it ☺️

  • Her blue hoodie is awesome. 🥺 Where could I buy similar stuffs?

  • Subscribe to ma channel travel blogs are comin 😂😉

  • She knew the led lights were trendy before it ecen became a trend

  • Imagine moving just to be closer to soul cycle

  • you closet is total goals

  • I like it

  • Bruh I literally wish that I could move apartments every flipping month- watching this during quarantine who else??

  • When you wish you could just be in college so you can have your own apartment because you hate all the decorations in your parents house-

  • I love you have one of the Dolan Twins gift on display. *forgot which one* Ps. I don't remember if that's the same coffee maker one of them gave you

  • I lowkey miss this apartment.

  • Am I the only one that wants to comment how stupid an ad is then realize that people get different ads...😒😒😑

  • The house is so beautiful

  • are you still friends w ellie?

  • Dose she realize she said something was wrong with the kale maybe it was the fact that it was kale

  • at 3:32 if your an og you remember that red shirt from the maine trip

  • Olivia was saying 'it's hard to do two things at once' btw

  • what the heck was that ending emma 😭

  • Hadn’t she moved like 4 times since then?

  • Because of y'all rude btches, emma moved to a freakin cool house and she didn't film it cuz you're gonna hate her for nothing anyway!!!!!!!!!!! fck yall

  • Wait but like where did those lights come from? 😂

  • Anyone here from quarantine?

  • yessss this is everything

  • God bless the poor soul that marrys her

  • Haha love you Emma

  • It’s so pretty

  • Imagine being financially stable

  • Maybe Emma isn’t showing us her new home because of the comments on this video.

  • Emma’s “ apartment” : has stairs Emma: here’s my APARTMENT , let’s walk up the STAIRS.

  • Well that's the problem right there. That's why your smoothie didn't taste good. there was kale in it

  • Omfg no way... Guys I used to live there...

  • "It's hard to do two things at once."

  • you are so entertaining, cute and hilarious......I found your channel on accident and could not leave without subscribing. You are so funny....Love this apartment tour your brutal honesty, the burps and TMI comments , the cold coffee vid was amazing, Im here for more....when you pulled the back of your hoodie up going up the steps I screamed...LOL....your mom is the best..... signed a new subbie

  • I honestly can't wait to move out now. just watching emma's channel makes me want to be independent! i'm only 14 lol

  • Mom s camera skills are freakinh amazing🤘🏾🤘🏾🤣🤣

  • Emma do a room tour

  • I love your apartment

  • Her money didn't drop from the sky she earned it, instead of saying I wish I could be her, you can live her life as your own person (I know i sound cheesy as frick) but y'all can do it, Idk

  • I love itttt😜😜😜

  • Her apartment is bigger than my house!

  • do you guys think emma's excited about moving?

  • That's the size of an apartment in America but in england its and average house

  • wait but ur apartment looks hella good

  • She scary sometimes

  • Emma: “as soon as I walked in I know it was the one” Also Emma: (one year Later) “SoOoO I moVeD”

  • 5:39 all of her fuzzy sweaters 😂

  • Why y’all pressed about her making money? I can smell your jealousy through my screen

  • emma that's a stove not an oven haha

  • Does anyone know what apartment complex this is? I’m thinking of moving there

  • imagine having money lol

  • Talk about her living in an actual house now lol

  • "It's hard to do 2 things at once" That's what she said while chewing.

  • if ur new content is gonna be appartment tours, how come we havent seen a new one

  • Why aren’t you verified?

  • I thought the moving truck was like your new garage. It looked so big tho

  • It’s the best bagel I’ve had in a month

  • Anyone rewatching old Emma videos :)

  • yes, i do in fact, pennyboard

  • lol she said "it's hard to do two things at once" hAHA