Birt 8 júl 2019
so who's coming to my baby shower ...?
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-emma chamberlain


  • Emma you better invite me to the baby shower

  • Who else thinks they were staring bc of the camera not her being pregnant

  • It’s a boy

  • her kid will be so well dressed

  • Who else stopped at 03:58 to see who is filming this video :D

  • ❤️

  • i need those sunglasses asap

  • OK... IT A GIRL.. AND James Charles is the baby daddy we all knew it

  • My mom is actually prego

  • Oh

  • Are you like niki

  • Willy wonkas typing.....👀

  • Emma slappin that belly brought me back a couple of times lol

  • Your cat is the dad!

  • Baby daddy is filming this? ;]

  • Aboytion

  • My mom and j went to a restaurant one time, and my mom ordered 4 plates of food, and was mixing nachos with ketchup. So I looked at her and said are you pregnant cause girl normal people don’t eat nachos and ketchup. And 3 weeks later my mom told me she was pregnant. I now have a 2 year old baby sister named Harley

  • like the best snack well not the best snack but its good u should try celery with peanut butter

  • Did she just say "socially distancing challenge" at 6:04??? EMMA KNEW IT BEFORE OTHER FUCKER DID

    • I think she said social this is a challenge

  • Can you name your baby Milo Please please please please

  • 1:28

  • Check the channel out and subscribe to help a young couple out ✊❤️💯

  • I feel that way all the time

  • Willy Wonka.

  • 6:09 I am dead 🤣🤣🤣 love uuu😍😍❤❤

  • Ethan is filming cuz around 3:15-3:21 u can hear him sorta

  • Your a scmbg for doing this

  • dadda Wonka is the daddy

  • Willy Wonka 😌✋🏽 👁👄👁

  • I got you for an add right before this XD


  • I think it is a girl I hope it is

  • I was watching her and than I got her ad bahahahhahah

  • it's gonna take me a long time to forget the bouncing baby belly omg omg. h.a.f. though

  • Who ARE you?! Do you have ANY idea how insentsitive this ?! Must be nice to wealthy for nothing. Real pregnant girls your age SUFFER. And guess what? NO COFFEE! It's not about shopping. You have made MANY of your fans sad with this. You seem decent. PLEASE TAKE IT DOWN!

  • Jokes on her, I can pretend to be pregnant every day

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • If she was how would she live with out coffee

  • 9:07 lol

  • How many times she said pregnant in this video

  • She should do a video of her taking care of a robotic baby

  • I haven't watched it and I know it's a fake belly

  • Me: omg funny Emma! Hahahahahah The live chat: oMg EtHaN hAS eXpLaInIng TO dO

  • ‘Uuuhhh a TEEN just looked at me’ ~ Emma 2019 😂😂😂

  • Fun fact: ISchats recommendation bought me here

  • It could be people are staring because there’s a guy with a camera following you around 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • The dad is Willy😃

  • the baby daddy is james charles

  • Oooooooo I wanna smell your nails

  • Lmao she just announced her pregnancy on a coffee shop

  • boy 💙💙💖

  • oliva

  • i want emma and billie to be BEST FRIENDS

  • *just excuse me watching this a year later..hehe*

  • if u don't feel comfortable and you feel terrified of the thought of pregnancy, then u don't need to have kids. like this life is only about you and you matter the most and not the society.

  • It’s a girl and the father would have to be willy wonka

  • Omg @9:07 why is that so funny she literally killed her baby already 😂 💀

  • 9:07 I just wanna know if the baby is ok 💀


  • I literal dare Emma to do this when she’s actually prego 😊 Ahahahah with Ethan dolans baby tehe 🤭

  • Ethen

  • that moment when you can hear the baby crying even though they haven’t been born yet

  • emmas bed looks comftrable af

  • tbh- i see larray being the baby daddy ;-;

  • Who’s here when she’s pregnant ?

  • i think u have a boy and his name will be Cayden

  • I’m honestly just gonna have two kids 👁👄👁

  • baby daddy is most definitely ethan dolan😗

  • Same tho. Pregnancy scares the fuck out of me I mean- who would want to have an annoying creature in your stomach! I don't get it. I mean I'm gay so I don't have to worry about it but you know. Pregnancy sounds like shit.

  • “ i’m not actually pregnant i’m 7 years old”


  • Emma- I'm prEgNanT Coffee guy- that was quick! only if he said that, if he didn't.. it might have been funny.

  • baby daddy: willy wonka #ifykyk

  • bad bitch pregnant😅😅

  • I got an ad from Emma for bliss before I watched Emma’s video🤯

  • I love pickles too emma

  • She's clearly having a girl heheh

  • It's a girl y'all

  • but she looks cute doe she didn't lie. Cute preggo lady

  • Anyone else so glad they started to watch Emma during corona quarintine

  • Be a mom for a day

  • but why does emma actually look like a teen mom

  • Shes probably five hargreeves' mom

  • Girl:like Boy:reply

  • hahahaahahaaa emma i love you for this this is fridging hilarious

  • This is kinda random but ummmm 9:26 every apology video

  • lmaoo who records this shit behind the camera

  • Who else got Emma's commercial about the faciel bliss clear genius line cleanser stuff? 🤣

  • *"omg Peppa pig underwearrr"*

  • Why did I get a add with Emma in it right away-

  • when she started talking about feeling overwhelmed and wanting to cry i was like damn hits close to home

  • 2020 anyone Answer : Willy Wonka

  • girl

  • It’s funny how I’m always coming back to this video I just can’t stop watching it

  • How younold?

  • I wonder if she isn't friends with the Dolan twins anymore because her and Ethan broke up

  • Considering when this was filmed they were still friends it would have been hilarious if Ethan saw it!

  • if u were to have a kid it would be a boy forsure

  • Willy wonka is the father

  • Gurl