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  • grace and emma freaking out over the phone turning on is everything~

  • I was just watching this again and I wonder if you had COVID

  • I love how sweet and loving n caring n amazing her mom is! She’s always so supportive n positive....I want her to be my mom!

  • “You wanna argue about it ?” Me in every conversation 😂

  • emma ill be ur editor for free

  • Me watching this in 2020 :😗 coronavirus ¿

  • 2020???

  • emma dont shower

  • "I have a virus" This is how corona started Covid 19 Now she's 19 Conspiracy

  • “ e_e huh what?

  • 6:00Her mom thinks it none of the dentists business how people’s teeth are doing

  • so you started corona.....

  • 10:45 i never wanted to be a phone in my life but I WANNA BE THIS PHONE

  • Lol

  • her mom is so sweet🥺

  • Emma saying that the doctors thinks she had a virus hits different in 2020

  • pov: ur watching this during quarantine and emma says she has a virus so u automatically think CORONA but then u look at the date and realize this was made in 2018 but then u start to question what of she was the reason for corona and then you finally realize that it was 2 YEARS AGO and emma’s symptoms don’t match corona? nope? just me? figures.

  • 15:44 this is why i turn off autoplay when i fall asleep at night. i dont want peppa pig popping up in my recommended.

  • peppa pig ...

  • I love that no matter what I do I get cavities so 🙃

  • uhhm... the ad under Emma's video says "URGENT your signature needed!" but when you click on it it's just a shitty Lancome perfume mailing list sign up? I'm laughing so hard tf Lancome

  • Who's here in 2020 Stay safe ,stay inside


  • The whole time I've been quarantined have seen more and more Emma chamberlin videos on my recommend which turns into me watching emmma all night plz tell me it's not only me

  • Emma...why are you literally me? Like...if only I could tell you half of me 😂

  • that old man voice always gets me


  • 5:08 I dont think ur ugly em, i think ur absolutely gorgeous 😳😻😻😻😻

  • Sweet


  • My leg hurts :’( Edit: it doesn’t anymore :)

  • 5:26 is me without my parents 7:20 to 7:23 is me with my parents

  • her and her mom cursing has me on the floor for some reason

  • Did she die her hair back

    • It was black in 2018 it’s blonde now

  • Omg Emma is just like her mom 😂

  • 12:19 so that means the charger.... AND THE APPS....

  • I've been watching Emma's vlogs for past 24 hours and I think I have depression.

  • the only time my mom with curse is on acsedent when she almost hits somone in the car

  • dude my mom herd me curse she would disown me

  • can we just talk about Emma’s home screen what is it ??

  • Your a fucking spoiled ass bitch you could of just been nice and bought the poor old man a fucking coffee with your million dollars

  • Dream about grandpa castle?

  • Had dream about how the old guys hang out ?

  • 😉🤭 seen a dream simple?

  • A virus she said???!!!!!!

  • She said she had diarrhea so I screamed “IM POOPING” Then she said she shouldn’t say that and i now feel like I should delete this comment 😓

  • I would've got that man a coffe he seemed like he needed it

  • ''sis im vegan''

  • Anyone knows with what she edits?

  • her mom literally said:"are you fucking serious dude? what the fuck" BROOOO NOW WE KNOW WERE EMMA GOT HER CUSSING FROM

  • Emma: "I don´t like country music" Emma always: "Kacey Musgraves is my favosite singer"

  • emma: they said they think i have a virus me: corona?😨 the video: oct 29 2018

  • sees intro: me: O M G Emma's home lol

  • This is old as shit, but as a San Carlos NATIVE I also find it so rude how they destroyed the integrity of Laurel Street before our very eyes. I will drive along it every so often and I am just shocked by everything that is different. #notthecityofgoodliving

  • I love how Emma and her mom roast each other like they’re friends not mother and daughter or like they’re sisters lol

  • Now I see where Emma gets her road rage 😡😂also this whole video is a mood

  • I hattttte country music

  • 12:15 the car isnt freaking on gurl. Thats why its not working.

  • “it gets better” it does

  • I died laughing when she said I may have a cavity forming in deep depths of the back of my mouth

  • Emma walked so vsco girls could run Edit: this video just encompasses that feeling

  • Old man: can you get me one Emma: 👁👄👁

  • Emma: talking about how the dentist is gonna shout at her Her mom: I feel like it’s none of there business..... Like what it’s there job. I love her mom 😂

  • Click this link it's just a fun music video that we created at home ischats.info/fun/cc-Di3aShZedooA/v-deo

    • Click this link it's just a fun music video that we created at home ischats.info/fun/cc-Di3aShZedooA/v-deo

    • Click this link it's just a fun music video that we created at home ischats.info/fun/cc-Di3aShZedooA/v-deo

  • Sometimes I go “I miss this era of Emma content” but she has grown so much since this and is happier and more mature. She also lives in a massive house so she’s doing better than I ever will.

  • She had covid-19

  • my name is grace and I got so startled when emma yelled "HI GRACE!" lol

    • Click this link it's just a fun music video that we created at home ischats.info/fun/cc-Di3aShZedooA/v-deo

  • the old man voice reminds me of tom segura

  • when grace blows on the phone and it turns on I’m weaklkkkklkk💀

  • Coronavirus? 🤔

  • Her phone isn’t plugged in... why would it charge?


  • the old man story IM DEAD

  • i feel bad for the old man i will get him a coffeeee

  • Dislikes are from people who asked Emma for a coffee.

  • 2:36 boba guys 𝓥𝓮𝓻𝔂 𝓼𝓯

  • When we have the same dentist HAHAHAHA

  • Your mom about dentists doing their job: "It's none of their businesssss" lollooolll

  • emma is that a coffee? did u get me one

  • when she said virus i litterly said “CORONA” yes i’m from the future hi

  • emma: says she has a virus me: CORONA VIRUS😦

  • editing emma: i might have a virus 2020: well guess what? corona

  • when emma says she thinks she has a virus and it’s 2020🤯

  • emma has corona lol

  • she said she had a virus... lmao rip

  • Who’s here from 2020

  • Emma: who wants a blind tasting restaurant?! me: *raises hand* Emma: that's the worst thing ever me: *slowly puts hand down*

  • ,,i feel like its non of your busineeess” loved that

  • Emma had coronavirus before it even was a thing 😳😂

  • Honestly is anyone watching during corona virus thing and then realizing that Emma might of had corona when she was sick.

  • I’m watching this in 2020 (during the literal end of the world) and I’m triggered by the start of the video.

    • Sienna Demisch-Gilmore she like prob had corona 😐

  • i die a little when emma swears in front of her mom cause we all know if we did that we'd get grounded or slapped lmao.

  • emma: *goes to doctor* "and they think i have a virus" me binge watching while quarantined: cOroNaVirUs

  • Am I the only person who has to make an iced coffee while watching Emma’s videos

  • Honestly, really not trying to be mean. I honestly love Emma. But there is a very good chance that the old man had Alzheimer’s or something. My grandma has Alzheimer’s and has done this type of stuff to strangers. Honestly not trying to be mean. I really love her. Just trying to inform people thanks.

  • Do u still talk to James CHARLESS

  • okay but like y have i been so obsessed with u

  • Who's here when the Coronavirus is taking over the world?

  • Emma's gonna be very short the more coffee u drink the smaller u get

  • Love u Emma !!