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  • imagine not knowing basic kitchen things lol

  • ty for getting me addicted to ice coffee :) ily

  • my biggest flex is that me and emma are both geminis

    • btw i haven't stopped talking since i started

  • gemini club

  • Happy birthday

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • am i the only one who sang happy birthday to her?

  • I’m a Gemini! AND I def talk a lot n am a lil annoying too I feel ya !

  • Me too i dont i like my my bday but i ask one of my friends to go to the movies or something but no more than 1 friend one time on bday i told my mom i will be going to the movies with my friends but i went alone because i wanted to be by myself idk why but it was the best day EVER i got ice-cream it was amazing i will do it this year too

  • My birthday is on may 22 tooooo 😁

  • Am i the only one who actually sang happy birthday ?

  • is it just me or has emma been 17 for 4 years

  • Omg my b days may 19

  • i sang happy birthday and it ended perfectly i’m so proud

  • omg yes me and my sister are gemmin and my bday is may 28


  • I literally was this scared when I turned 18 this year not knowing Emma was saying the exact same things a year before on a video🤭

  • Your so mood

  • she did so good.

  • Why did I actually sing bruh 😂

  • emma : **turning 18** emma : “IM GOING TO DIE SOON!”

  • I felt that like my bday is between xmas and new years and I basically think my life is pointless since everyone is more worried about their xmas gifts and figuring out how to get drunk off their asses at the same time

  • who sang happy birthday to this girl

  • I am Gemini as well..;-;


  • the way she knew exactly where the cupcake tray was 🤣

  • Happy belated birthday emmaaaaa😘😘😘😘😘. I literally sang the birthday song for u

  • Flashback to the sister squad video where she had to have a parent sign off for her for the zip line when they went to Vegas

  • ur me

  • do yu hav red herr

  • You actually don’t have to get married or have kids if you don’t want to, the same way (bday)parties are a choice -but something tells me marriage and kids are far from parties....and yet then paradoxically you’ll have to throw them(parties)-removing choices from even that!

  • Pq q o titulo ta em português (???????)

  • we have the same birthday and month

  • Omg the two cups in the background from when emma was eating the cupcakes the two cups were from grayson

  • every time I click on yt a emma video pops up and I watch it so I’ve prob watched all of her vids

  • 8:56 literally me on everyone of my birthdays

  • I got an add with Emma in it right before this video haha😂

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again.... you fuck me up :) hahahah so funny

  • This is random but I saw the Gucci cups she got for Christmas

  • Does anyone see the coffee mugs that Grayson got her for Christmas???

  • Willy Wonka where u at

  • 3:20 I feel you Emma, I feel you😞

  • That oration on throwing a party though! Love from India 🇮🇳 PS- binging

  • no offense but wathcing americans cook is so painful water doesnt below in cake british baking > american baking

    • belong*

  • i'm done with panda cupcake☠️☠️

  • This whole video is such an mood of complaining and I agree so hard with Emma LMAO

  • I LITERALLY SANG, come on didn’t u?😂 ILYY EMMA

  • Team ♊️ gemini

  • emma i'm born at may 22👍🏼

  • i don’t even sleep anymore i just watch emma’s videos

  • Im gemini too my birthday is may 24

  • 🍩🍰🎂

  • When your birthday is on May 22 too🥳

  • In the middle of her video I got an ad with her in it👁👄👁

  • emmas christmas gifts from grayson in the back of her decorating the cupcakes

  • I sang u a happy birthday

  • I am a gemini to and i love u i dont hate u

  • emma: imagine planning a wedding. UURGHHH! 🤣❤️😭

  • My birthday is on May 23

  • Ngl I was stared at the coffee mugs Grayson got her the whole time

  • I sang happy birthday for you 😌

  • ayyyye gemini squad ♊️

  • I was born may 23rd so I’m also a Gemini ♊️.

  • where did you get this top from

  • Does anyone know where her top is from?!

    • i’m guessing brandy or maybe hollister because that’s where she usually goes but don’t sue me if i’m wrong !!

  • Is it just me wondering why she made “birthday cupcakes” 17 DAYS before her birthday😂😂(she posted this on the 5th may 2019 and her birthdays the 22nd may)

  • Am I the only one that actually sang happy birthday too Emma

  • Literally my birthday also 18

  • Who actually sang happy birthday to Emma? 𝒥𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓂𝑒? 𝒪𝓀𝒶𝓎..

  • if PewDiePie were a girl and ten times crazier

  • The title should’ve been “BIRTHDAYS ARE NOT FUN”

  • Can someone count how many times she said she was 17😂😂

  • why did i actually sing happy birthday to emma

  • My birthday is on the 26th of May everyone hates me coz I’m a gemini ♊️ 🙃

  • Emma turning 18 : *thinking about married and having a child* Me in 20 y/o : *thinking to making a slime in a big fucking pool*

  • In which Emma chamberlain is the dark version of Zoella

  • watching this cause i'm turning 18 tomorrow

  • My b'day is 13may

  • im i the only one who actually sang happy birthday for emma

  • Emma: I just burned my finger, what am I 7? Me: well according to the amount of candles on your cupcake... u are.

  • Why did I actually sing tho

  • There's nothing wrong with boxed mix or premade mix.. Makes it more fool proof❤️👍🏻 love you Emma

  • Well sorry Emma but next year u are turning 20 in it hurts well idk if it does cause I'm just 11... but like yaaa

  • I’m sorry Yh but Emma would be a fun mum 😂😂

  • The mental breakdown about getting old is one i go through so many times😭😭😭😭this year I turn 19 and I feel so old and all the responsibility just makes me wanna vomit

  • Me actually saying “happy birthday” from home be like 😭🥺🥺😭😭❤️❤️

  • The cupcake montage 😂

  • 10:38 you can see emma tester the blue icing 😂

  • I still watch cupcake wars and I love it

  • Omg no my friend has the same b day as you and I LOVE her so don’t even

  • birthdays are terrible. for 2 years (and soon probably 3) i didn’t have a single person come to my birthday party. i’m a twin. my twin is the popular one who has the issue of who am i going to invite bc she has so many friends. however i have the issue who am i going to invite bc i don’t have any friends. it’s not a joke i literally don’t have any friends. but i would invite the ones i was friends with in the past. but then to make it worse my twin would tell the people i’m inviting lies about myself so they wouldn’t even come. so yeah birthdays are greatttt!!

  • I’m a Gemini too 😳👉🏻👈🏻

  • What my birthday is 2nd may.Holy crap

  • marry me; have my children; emma chamberlain. Love you ! -Daniel "typeshyt" Marte

  • The finished result had me dying

  • “A little panda never hurt no one” lol true unless its Panda Express lol

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  • In one of your videos when you are 20 you said you want kids and want to get married

  • im a geminai as well and every one loves me