Birt 6 sep 2020
why did i say "alas" like 5 times in this video... like who says that
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  • use this as a “it’s ok emma. i love you (fr i love you). i have those days all the time too” button ❤️

  • i dislike affection but i live for emmas forehead kisses

  • This is really sad 😔

  • she is so insecure about herself but shes soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are a goddess and if any one says other wise you have about 10 million people supporting ur Decision

  • it’s so bad that every time i hear the alarm sound i wanna cry because it reminds me of waking up for school

  • You’re precious And... I feel you Ty for being real

  • if you're anxious, consider decaf.

  • Finally someone,my godd. Why does she really relates to me? When you feel everybody hates you.and then you started to feel like i'm not going to do anything,"i want to but i don't want to" feeling.not doing anything,being a lazy af b*tch or somethin'.being on internet for too long makes you feel insecure,it making you feel so anxious and that's when feel you need to stop looking at your internet looking at someones happiness but you're not feeling happy at all And fun fact i delete instagram and tiktok(: and i feel better actually

    • And actually i want to tell to everyone who feel the same as me • Go to sleep early,and wake up early too • Do what you love • Stay away from the app that can makes you feel stressed,insecure • When you can't asleep just play a song and sing it until you're tired • Be with the person you love • and when you feel insecure look at the mirror and look at the little things like your eyes,your eyelashes like "wow is this really my eyes why is it so pretty?" "i didn't realize i have pretty hair".like the little things that can make you realize your pretty in your own way. LOVE yourself

  • i love painting pottery at 22.. so what

  • Hey there... no need to feel like you must be productive all day/everyday. You are a very important and beautiful person! You should reallllyyyy believe that simply existing and making it thru the day in this cruel yet beautiful world is more than enough.

  • why is this whole video me I am farrrrr too old but that lady would have made me cry too

  • love you

  • love u emma

  • If you want to meet me then imagine Emma 10 years younger I’m a spiting image of her and yes I’m 9.

  • my anxiety gets bad too! i absolutely hate it!

  • This is also me 😌 but I deleted tictok, snap, and insta....... but I still break down....

  • damn emma you need a hug :/

  • Just do it. no think

  • Me and my boyfriend just broke up last night, and watching your videos have really helped me feel better about the whole situation and calm my nerves. Thank you for being so open about your feelings, as well as being so fun an spontaneous. It’s really helping me acknowledge my own feelings and continue to love myself

  • Who keeps the litter box on the bathroom so you have to smell that when you shit and shower like wtf

  • I just feel like “She s casually talking to us it just feels like ur gettin some advice frm a rlly gud friend” Lovee herr❤️ She s just so realistic!

  • i love u.

  • Emma , keep do what u want to do . No man should live based on the perception of others 🙏🙏

  • Story of my life. You got this gf.

  • emma if ur reading this ik this was posted a while ago but this was very entertaining b love you make more

  • lol its 2:30 and I havnt done anything all day and am still in bed SAMEEEEEEE

  • Love ya but opening a bunch of cute ass things and expensive packages as a chore cmon homie

  • reading helpt me with anxiety and depression episodes so much. Like just pick a fun romcom book or like a super emotional book. It helps so much

  • "Babies don't even have brains, really." lmfao. I spit out my drink laughing haha.

  • You need to return to god💗 That’s the cure ❤️

  • I live with my Hispanic family and WISH this was my recovery strategy

  • About the overwhelming thing. Your anxiety is already making you feel overwhelmed and being on your phone or watching Netflix, Tiktok or whatever only stimulates your brain more. You need to color, read or things that will slow down your brain. The pottery idea was great! Too bad that judegy mom was there to ruin it for you... :(

  • Getting up and trying to put yourself "back together" is a huge step from laying in bed and waiting to suddenly feel good. Im saying it from experience, you are on a good path!

  • I felt so identified like im not alone in my anxiety, that gives me calm and just makes me feel better, love u emmaaa

  • Since the experiences like the one she had with the lady happened to me too and countless times from when I can remember, I have a built in mechanism that impedes me from not thinking about the reaction of a person when I talk to them or do something with or to them. It is so weird...I feel so there someone else out there like me?🥺

  • Emmaaaaaaa, we're here for you!

  • je pense que emma est le plus jolie fille dans la monde.

  • 1 lazy day a week is actually beneficial. Cats are awesome! Love my babies! Don’t make things complicated.

  • ive never seen a video i can relate to more than this we love you emma

  • im gonna try to get your merch on christmas :)

  • Emma’s vlogs are like the good quality version of the Snapchat vlogs we all do

  • Why is Emma literally the best person in the world

  • Even though i dont wish anyone to have anxiety or mental breakdowns, it is kinda nice seeing recovery videos like this.i feel like its so easy to get into your own head and feel like you’re just weird or broken having mental breakdowns but its actually something a lot of ppl deal with and its not weird.

  • More vitamin d less caffeine will help anxiety and crying. But both of those are normal but if you want some changes those 2 will help you. But owning a coffee company really doesn’t go with caffein and anxiety. I enjoyed painting a pot at one of those places.

  • I love her

  • You are just an angel this video was actually Sooo helpful and I felt like I was ur Bestie helping u out xxxx ur just so chill and open its beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • imagine being the daughters of this mom and watch this video... oop

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • smoke some weed/cbd emmmaaaaaaa

  • Her mood and the way she feels is exactly how i feel. I feel like blah i need so much energy just to clean or do something.

  • i’m so sorry emma ilysm!

  • this is the most relatable content im here for it never change (or do I can't tell u what to do )

  • i have never related to someone so much its scary

  • why does she look like draco before she started brushing her teeth, i love emma

  • The audacity that mom had to speak to our queen that way

  • this was so good, i kinda recovered from my mental-ill week.

  • is no one gonna mention how she spilled nothing on her white sweatshirt when she was eating, i call that pure talent

  • 12:46 i laughed so hard idk why sorry emma

  • I’m watching this around the same time still in bed feeling the same fucking way and now I’m brushing my teeth w her. :) thanks emma

  • watching this before i go to sleep, gn y’all🥰

  • so real and honest. 🧡 I appreciate you posting something like this. Makes us who relate feel more normal! Keep killin it girl, you’re a beauty!

  • the way she opened all these packages without praying attention and when i receive my 50€ shein package it’s like we bought me a villa. byeee i love her

    • Same! I love opening packages so much that I buy stuff online just to receive a package. Its like Christmas but Im paying for it. I need help. xD

  • you need some ✨weed✨

  • Let’s slap some toner on dem hot roots 🔥

  • when she kissed my forehead I cried... so pretty much I'm in the same emotion breakdown state as you babes x

  • Make a series

  • I get anyone can have anxiety and depression but watching someone open a bunch of free stuff in their beautiful home complaining about people not liking them when there is literally like 16,000 comments about people being weirdly in love with you is a little 😑😑😑

  • Nothing but ❤ for you, Emma

  • I have been experiencing some intense anxiety. It’s been very bad recently. Just found you and I love your strategies and just to hear that another person is going through the same things I do makes it feel better. Thank you for what you do!

  • i hope you’re doing better now a days or today 🥺💖💖💖💖

  • ahah i thought i was the only one who peed and brushed their teeth😅

  • This video helped. Yesterday I cried. And kept crying for no reason. I felt sick like physically but nothing was wrong but my body already had enough by the time it was noon. And, I stay ate and drank water but it was hard. Anxiety feels like you lost a loved one but that loved one was you. #fakedeep

  • this is legit my favorite video

  • everything about this is me like EVERYTHING i just wanna paint pottery to help my anxiety :( also i just want to tell that woman to mind her damn business

  • bro i never realized this before, but emma has really nice teeth. is that weird to say. yea its a little weird

  • "you're sick of me im sick of me now go watch something else on youtube" no :) im here bc im having a mental breakdown and binging ur videos and nothing you do isgoing to stop me:)

  • ps i didnt :) 16:22

  • i leaned in thank u

  • Truly makes me happy that she’s genuine. We need more of this. Props to you Emma for opening up💕

  • I wonder if you’d like having a standard greyhound. From what I hear, they lay around a lot throughout the day (given that they get some outdoors exercise) but maybe it could also be therapeutic and calming to be a greyhound mama

  • I just know if i asked her for a tampon she would never dare to laugh Luv her :)

  • Emma we always have those types of days! I love you Emma! You’ve accomplished so much girl! Keep it going. One thing my mom told me to help my anxiety is stop thinking and just do it!

  • When are you going to meet your soul meeee ta like you

  • Please forgive me because I don’t know Emma very well at all but what State are you in?? For MONTHS you look like you have been in full lockdown!!! You seem to spend a LOT of time completely alone...I’m not judging you I’m just concerned that maybe that’s where your anxiety is stemming from. God bless hope you feel better

  • That’s me this week

  • Yeah, middle age is tough.😂👍💓

  • dude...Tik tok sucked me innn I took a break from my phone for 2 weeks and it was AMAZING

  • Just goes to show you that money and things have nothing to do with happiness. All that free stuff she unboxed she was like Mehh. Emma you are very emotionally intelligent and I hope you don’t get swallowed up by all the dark forces in LA. -Toronto

  • Thank you for posting this. It made me feel better about myself after I’ve had breakdowns ❤️


  • Emma I'm so sorry about that mean lady. She's got some life learning to do, cuz that was just rude af. ❤️

  • Why she called police

  • emma, u look like Justin Bieber with dat hoodie.

  • Please please don't burp. I do wanna watch ur videos but I can't stomach when u do that. Bruh

  • i love you


  • If you are not using grammarly then u are ✨ t r u e l y ✨ missing out because grammarly...