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idek what happened
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  • this is probably one of my favorite top 3 emma chamberlain videos

  • dont lie, you wish you could have friends like these and have fun roadtrips like these

  • i wanna go on a road trip with my friends to new york or las vegasand while we are driving we have a lot of snacks and we listen to a lot of music and stuff its gonna be a DREAM


  • I’ve watched this video over 20 times I stg

  • amanda is so left out-

  • “Why would you spend $100 on going to prison when you can just go to prison for free?” -Emma 2019

  • I love how the room service guy walks in all nice and the room is the complete opposite

  • Smacks not slaps food smacks not slaps

  • I would never think that they are so disgusting, I really don’t know anyone like this😂😂😂

  • Milk slaps😎

  • idk why but i love this video so fucking much

  • The weirdest video that I have ever seen.

  • this will be my favourite video ever forever

  • We need more Olivia and Amanda content *plzzzzzzzzz

  • me drinking milk at 8am right now 👁👄👁 (sorry if you’re triggered) 2:21

  • 13:04 if my room service lookin like that...snacc

  • I stopped drinking milk when I was 4 lol

  • ur dog looks like mine

  • Amanda looks so evil and so un amused

  • I love that group

  • Love how now the last shirt she hated so much is trendy af


  • emma is such a mood

  • "new years resolution: DONT DRINK MELK" *drinks coffee with milk in it*

  • i am allergic to dairy, nuts, egg anf most seafood. so i cant have milk

  • Me too Emma I HATE paper straws

  • I’m confused on why people think drinking a glass of milk is weird 😂

  • This is my favorite vlog thank you 3 for being real : D

  • I fell like this is the most edited video in Emma’s vids lol😭😭😂

  • when i’m watching an emma chamberlain video and she comes up as my ad: 👁👄👁

  • this is literally my 15th time watching this video and idk why its just funny

  • Watched this like five times during quarantine 😅😅

  • Did anybody else notice the stuffed animal on their bed?

  • i come back to this video too much

  • Why am I just like Amanda😂😂😂😂

  • am i dumb or is amanda i think is her name really prettäy

  • why doesn't she make videos with them again

  • Can yall do this again

  • 9:39 shane Dawson energy

  • I’m kinda in love with this video and I have no idea why 😗✌🏻

  • She blinked 8 times

  • this gives me serotonin

  • I need a squad like this

  • Bullshits pussy boy

  • Did Olivia doing a make up WTF bitch

  • #DountainAbby

  • Stop bitches you ugly as fuck

    • tf is ur problem buddy? need some snickers?

  • Shut up bitch

  • Go away bitch

  • Ugly bitch Emma

  • I don’t want see that shit bitch

  • Okay capchie

  • Bitch you don’t fucking follow me I swag a guy smack you face

  • You should ask your girlfriend whatever she feels man

  • WTF is this dance lady

  • LA vibes is fucking trash

  • watching this in september 2020 for comfort LOL


  • 4:14 😂😂 had me dead 💀

  • why would u ever wanna come here lol i was born and raised here and its just dirty and full of crackheads lmao

  • Emma I went to the same hotel

  • 9:06

  • wait you does she actually sounds like a cat

  • "iTs so niCe iN mY fAh cE" got me im dead 💀 😭

  • watched this for like 39302028 times this quarantine idk y

  • 4:16 *that’s what she said

  • I'm going to Alcatraz and the tickets are $40 that includes the ferry lmao

  • Them: stop drinking milk! Also them: sipping coffee with MILK

  • "See there was a day in my life, there was a time in my childhood, where I had to drink milk because everything was so messed up, and I couldn't see what was light and what was dark, and only milk" -Olivia

  • I feel right at home watching this video

  • Emma was a VSCO girl before they where populal

  • Anyone else in 2020 watching this and hearing them cough and think corona

  • 9:49 it looks like all the cars are gonna fall of the bridge

  • “Anyone that wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘let me pour myself a nice cold glass of milk’, you had childhood issues”... Me:(drank a glass of milk while eating cereal every morning as a child)😐

  • Are they still friends ?

    • Yes, if you do follow them on Ig they are still friends and hang out sometimes. They just don't vlog it.

  • When you get an Emma Chamberlain add before the video even starts

  • This video should have had a warning that said don’t watch if ur hungry

  • 0:33 but girls don’t poop 👁👄👁

  • it's funny how many times i come back to this video.

  • this is my 43 time watching this I’m not joking I’ve been counting

  • Amanda is a whole mood 😂


  • Why did I literally get a Emma Chamberlain ad before I watched her video?

  • Lovin' this! So fun!

  • I cannot be the only one that thinks that Olivia looks like daisy keech

  • I love that the three of you have bright blue eyes

  • I just saw my sister watching this so decided to check it out and man she swears alout!

  • Why is this like my friend group..

  • anyone no where that sound is at 5:40

  • her dad saying: hi, hi everybody IT GIVES ME LIFE

  • It's Yorkie from Black Mirror - San Junipero

  • The driver is like sneako but a female version

  • no one: literally no one: emma when she did the haul: KiNg KoNg

  • Hannah Emma and ellie are such a better duo.

  • when I emmas mom said "hi sweetie" my heart melted

  • The sound quality is deafening emma😃

  • Thai made me realise how bad I need real friends.

  • Ayyy! This premiered on my bday!😃

  • 7:50