Birt 21 jún 2020
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  • Why is she using makeup xdd she looks so good without it

  • I thought she said "Paris flavour" and i was so fckn how do you bottle the essence of an entire city

  • Emma I think I have an idea to fix ur coffee table

  • What if Emma tries an internal glow up and read books a LOT.

  • 3:02 scared me so bad- i literally thought someone was in my house screaming that

  • emma in this video: "I wonder if there's anyone that does this everyday like hair mask, face masks and like all that self-care shit" emma now in october 2020: "I've been really into skin care."


  • don't be shy, list the products ;)

  • me: i need a sign to get my life together this video: *comes out on my birthday* me: i pretend i do not seeee

  • I'm a guy and putting on makeup makes me feel good but people would think I'm weird

  • Ph

  • The green long skirt and black top looked super cute 😍

  • I believe you

  • How could you look pretty

  • My name is CJ

  • ❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛🧡💜🖤💞💟

  • i love emma’s forehead kisses

  • the fact that i actually put my forehead to the screen

  • Youre cute Emma we love u

  • She described 67 as real cold and my boyfriend refuses to sleep in any temp higher than 63....I need a heating pad 😂

  • ahahah look at that :D

  • I love how when I watch Emma it's like I'm on face time to her 😂❤️

  • i started to choke from lahfing too hard

  • I felt bad for her..i hope you're doing well..take care of your mental health..if your not feels right&well please talk to somebody that can give u good advice..don't forget we love u emma..xoxo

  • Anyone know what foundation she used?

  • When she put her middle finger up 🤣 I stan Emma

  • I believe you! with the mirror story :)))

  • This 0:32 made me laugh so HARD. Like it’s so funny and cute at the same time

  • Glow up= being tanned. That's the secret

  • “Pear flavor”🤣

  • who all leaned their forehead?

  • me just being a new fan and watching all videos

  • Emma is me in so many ways

  • Emma: "Omg my hair is so dry, like what" Emma 6 minutes later with sponsored hair products: "I feel like my hair has been so much healthier, it's SO soft"

  • what does she use to edit

  • wait what is that foundation lol

  • how come i got literal butterflies when i put my forehead forward and she kissed it!😘😂🦋



  • Emma: I don’t look so good Me : but your teeth do they are pearly white

  • does anyone Know where she got the white pullover? its so prettyyyy

  • I wish i had that many clothes 😂

  • I love how she said that her hair got dry as f*ck when 5 minutes later she reveals this is an ad for hair products that made her hair a lot healthier.

  • 14:58 doja cats daughter

  • i literally got an ad for her skincare

  • seeing your closet is giving me the courage to tackle my messy closet and clothes filled room

  • The ad is literally you😭 I LOVE THAT

  • Emma: my hair is so dry Also emma: with this product my hair has been so moisturized and healthy idea from bilinas mini

  • her closet is literally bigger than my room lol

  • 🥺🥺 16:00

  • “I feel disgusting” awww, girl don’t say that 😖🥺

  • is nobody gonna talk about how she said pear flavor- she eats her shampoo-

  • thanks for the forehead kiss . i mean your my idol so like why not just idk wth im even saying.

  • Am I the only one that loves that "forehead kiss"😹

  • duke watching this like ;)))

  • Yeah yeah forehead kiss her good skin we get it but... Why did she say pear fLaVoR for the function and beauty shampoo ad????

  • Yeah yeah forehead kiss her good skin we get it but... Why did she say pear fLaVoR for the function and beauty shampoo ad????

  • Her skin is literally so clear drop you skin care routine

  • Ok I kinda feel the cold room and heating pad thing tho. I mean I don't do the exact same thing because I'm a broke college student but I definitely leave my windows open in the winter and then snuggle under hella blankets... you just sleep better

  • I dont know why but I can watch emma for hours lmao 😂 but....... no hate!!! I love her.

  • emma: my hair is so gross and dry also emma: my hair has been so aMazInG since I started using function of beauty no hate tho lol love u emma


  • the way she said ' im watching it like its my child' im dead

  • Just here tryna figure out why Willy Wonka is in love with you

  • emma your closet is as big as my room

  • Gel is poison to eat and chew

  • You look the same as not having a blowup 😂🙄 nothing you do is cute it’s so annoying, and you cuss too much

  • You have no life Nothing better to do 🙄🙄

  • emma: i made eggs me: low key thought you were going vegan-

  • dear emma I NEED u to pair the red shirt with the blue skirt and a red shoe fancy or streetwear pls pls pls

  • -( Declan 0.39 0.40 time - split - left side to edge of right screen )

  • heyy, does anyone know what lipstick emma used??!!

  • whats the name of the foundation she used here? sOMEBODY??? 😩

  • I look like I've been laying in my bed for a week straight... And I have"😂😂😂

  • i know she thinks shes ugly but shes so pretty

  • This video made me laugh so much 😂😂😂

  • its normal lmao? are ac is lik 67 aswell but i like to cuddle w my blanket and i love it lmao

  • Liked this for the sole reason she talked about Pinterest lol I did the same thing in high school

  • I'm like 10 years older than you but honestly you're vlogs just relax me. Youre so funny and relatable

  • I just want her closet

  • What happened to the homemade nut milk

  • Anyone know what foundation she used??

  • All I kept thinking about through this is how beautiful she is.

  • emma: “my hair is so dry” also emma: fUnCtIoN oF bEaUty

  • didnt you go to notre dame

  • this is the first time i see someone puts face mask this weirdly

  • Jesus loves you ❤️ pray and heal :)

  • She shower but she also eats her shampoo and conditioner

  • I’m so happy for Emma the closet glow up is real

  • I believe you!

  • Sending you healing and positive vibes you are amazing 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I wanna know more about the egg thing? You still using that Emma?? ☺️🍳

  • Who actually leans down when Emma gives a kiss 🥺🥺 ( like the best feeling in my entire life )

  • Emma: Oh my god my closet is a mess Your closet is bigger than my room...

  • The kisss on the forehead🥺🥺🥺🤍

  • This is me though like I feel gross even if I shower I’ve been in bed and stuff for weeks and school starts soon so I have to get back and I’m so tired all the time 😩

  • there are portable heating pads that you dont have to plug in :)

  • Even tho Emma records the most random things she still so entertaining I love her❤️🥰btw I’m a girl

  • Where does she get her earrings!!?

  • Who's on a Emma chamberlain marathon after freakin 1 AM!? Is it just me 😅 OKAY