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-emma chamberlain


  • Of course.

  • love how she's so rich but still doesn't act like it... love you

  • ok the tongue flick thing is kinda annoying

  • I love how her thing since last year has been having fun by herself. We love a self efficient and talented queen


  • 13:55 me: me too also me: eating a whole pint of ice cream while watching this video.

  • your name is Emba now.

  • I literally am in awe of ur 17 y.o voice it is like kinda idk how to say but I really do love it

  • Imagine having this much money that you are bored and just decide to stay in a hotel for fun. 👁👄👁

  • 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Okay girl your skin is looking so good!

  • The forehead kiss?

  • Really hahaha

  • she looks so pretty in this video

  • I love you this quarantine content giving me LIFE

  • bruh the tongue thing she does reminds me of harry potter's barty crouch jr!!!!

  • Lol imagine being in the room next door and just hear a girl talking to herself all night long 🙊🙊lol

  • Her wardrobe really be bigger than my kitchen

  • Is ur intro the hayday theme song?

  • um is she gonna turn the alexa on orrrr

  • anyone know where her white cardigan/sweater from her at her house is??

  • Emma’s house is a staycation

  • Anyone thought she got her cat out of the cabinet in 0:45 I was sooo confused 😭😂

  • Her closet is as big as my freaking room

  • is she living by herselft in that large house or apartment ? its real huge

  • You look very unhealthy. Typical Vegan

  • that hotel is soooo nice

  • OML, when she was telling alexa to do stuff my alexa started going off😂

  • Awesome

  • Bitch you’re my soulmate

  • shes the whitest LA girl, but shes funny and self aware, so its okay, im a new fan.

  • how are you so pretty your eye are the prettiest thing ever

  • Emma : let’s talk about our feelings Emma : *talks about grapefruit *

  • Enjoyed this

  • Emma the Alexa was on mute 😂😂

  • what about the cats

  • Emma: “if your not watching this at night you should probably save this for later.” Me: watching this at 9:30 am

  • Emma’s closet is bigger than my bedroom Lol

  • every time i heard the alarm i panicked GFSJTSYSJYRWJYESJ

  • emma’s wardrobe is literally bigger than my house 😂

  • I fucking love you, I'm a gemini too and vibe with your energy so hard. Thank you for sharing and being so damn honest Em.

  • Emma every 5 seconds : 🤭🤪

  • Ok, no one but Emma could make me watch 20 minutes of taking baths, watching tiktok, and eating room service...

  • That alarm sound gave me a panic attack

  • Where’s the link in the description I’m to lazy to search it up omg

  • I love you Emma!! ❤️❤️


  • Guys she did the left knee song

  • ii im gunna have to do this

  • did anyone else turn off the video to wait for night time, lmaooo, no just me, ok

  • you should really do a 24 hour in closit

  • Oml my goal is to have Emma’s closet and wordrobe

  • I like how the jeans she packed were just brand new

  • 19:45 on what world is that "45" to you lmfaoo

  • I love how we get to grow with her. She's so good at treating her viewers like her friends

  • its the addams family look when bathroom dancing for me

  • girl acting surprised the hotel is fancy when she's probably the one who booked it

  • chamberlain coffee dot com 😛new things coming 😛 big shit coming 😛

  • I legit choked on water when it went to the tiny dish. 11:31

  • I used to think dragonfruit had no flavour until I had them in Asia and they're so sweet and juicy! They definitely have flavour if they're grown properly

  • it's Emma scraping off the access onto the table then putting it back .

  • my alexa said you have no curtains ahaha

  • Emma: CooOoOOoooOl

  • 19:19 omg I just realized that Emma has a different voice now like an adult voice lol

  • Emma’s cardigan is making me mad because I can’t find it ITS SO PRETTY

    • @Cindy M yes actually it’s from brandy

    • Have you found it yet lol ?

  • she has 3 halves

  • Race is determined by climate seasoning....The arctic fox

  • emma where’s our forehead kiss :(

  • 9:12 Alexa on mute lmao

  • Hi Emma😊


  • ischats.info/fun/drV9hmefaH2JfGc/v-deo WOW!!!

  • i think this is the best video ive ever seen in my life. i love you emma this was so good :,) lets hangout somethyme ok

  • 20:08 m o o d

  • Zefy we should take a trip to montreal do some shopping and look around a bit. What a good place to get reacquainted.... the same place it all started I KNOW WHERE the spare key is for Anna and kregs old house is.........

  • i just had a terrible panic attack and emma has helped me so much. her videos are literally the best vibe ever. don’t mind me taking a bath while ordering green converse and watching emma chamberlain

  • Emmma!!! Do a closet makeoverr!!! Love you

  • * Emma yelling at Alexa* me named alexa: 👁💧👄👁

  • Umm yes Emma. I asked you when you first put up this video where you got your toiletries bag.... still waiting. Maybe do a video of all the stuff you use to pack and where to get them. You have cool stuff! Thanks.... byiiiee 😍

  • is no one going to tell her that the alexa was on mute

  • 14:05

  • when you talked to Alexa my Alexa responded

  • It's so cute when she covers her mouth when she says something iffy lol

  • does anyone know from where is her white cardigan?

  • 12:56 literally my type of fun though loll

  • she missed that forehead kiss tho

  • dragon fruits in south east asia taste AMAZING

  • yo..she vlogs like she factiming u..I LOVE HER SM

  • this was so weird and i loved it

  • Emma:*levels coffee measurement and drops coffee emma few seconda later : * puts sme coffe back in

  • petition for emma to stop using the alarm sound in editing because it’s painful to hear

  • i wanted to wipe the coffee off the counter SO BADLY

  • "also sweater I'm wearing has hole on armpit"😂😂😂😂😂

  • When she said the check in was at 3 PM I literally checked the time I-

  • When her wardrobe is double the size of your bedroom :/ I’m 21, I feel like that’s crucial info

  • 9:56 anyone else see that transition with the fire in the background and emma turning on the espresso machine👀

  • The cop driving by literally made my heart drop

  • My alaxa the hole time: I’m sorry I can’t do that

  • I met you when you were 17 years old, remember?