Birt 26 jan 2020
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-emma chamberlain


  • Be coz i waz grinding 2 hard on tha scoota

  • a guy in my town died on one of those 😭

  • She's like the girl version of Jake Webber 💀💀

  • Emma invented the hype of the scooters / in the UK there really popular with the boys

  • Imagine if the audio is turned of for the whole vid💀

  • Idk why but you are the only one who show like their real things and this helps us because I always see these fancy people doing normal things and that are perfect all the time but you are just like “normal” and I ly💖

  • Wow I was watching this and then an add with you on it popped up

  • matching highlighters

  • I feel so cool that this vid was put out the day before my bday :) love you emma

  • Are kick scooters still popular in 2020?

  • I’m so depressed lol and this girl is the only thing who makes me feel better and makes me Forget

  • did the car in the background just ReVeRseDDD?! 2:47

  • why is nobody talking about how cute emmas profile pic is

  • givin me more cosmo and wanda vibes

  • What? Whattttttt? No, this is not happening I just got a bliss add with Emma in it

  • this was posted on my birthday :D

  • When Emma was saying her POV she sounded exactly like Dwight shrute from the office!!

  • Wanda & Cosmo is that you?


  • I love how she says I’m fffff- sweating trying not to say I’m f******g sweating

  • Oh yeah, you’ve got those scooters in New Zealand! I ride them all the time here! But different brand obviously.

  • you should get a ONEWHEEL XR!

  • I love watching your videos, wouldn't trade it for the world, k bye

  • POV: cosmo and Wanda think they’re slick.

  • POV your. Re-watching all of her old videos and your ad before this video Is also Emma

  • the intro thing made me wheeze that's literally me

  • emma was literally in the ad before this video-

  • I click on an Emma chamberlain video but first I have to watch an ad with Emma chamberlain I- *this girl is more famous than jesus*

  • We have these in Oklahoma city and the scooters are called lime😁

  • if you know ryland storms uhmmmm well this is my opinion but like lowkey olivia looks like the male version of ryland

  • Pov you’re Timmy Tuner and you have fairy godparents

  • i am currently dropping my egg :)

  • Jesus Christ loves y’all! Repent and trust in the Lord our God!

  • Pov: ur 5 about to go to mcdonald's and see ur favourite people from wiggles riding scooters and I. Chase after them

  • 8:22 was that Emma??

  • idk why but i found the antarctica bit so funny lmao

  • Hehehehe

  • pov: you relise emma reminds you of micheal from the office

  • Emma is stunning I love her so much.

  • lol i love how emma wrote down what she remembered and read it in her intro i mean it looked like she was reading sum and she didnt even care, thats my girl ;)

  • Much love from pacific northwest enoch

  • cuties

  • i rode on a bird last summer in LA that’s crazy

  • you should do drive-thrus in scooters hehe

  • Why am I the only one that found the fart thing was SO FUNNY

  • water and keva tea tree oil does wonders. plus cut out sugar

  • Olivia is cute

  • Emma's friend annoys me because she reminds me of me. Dont ask

  • I think Olivia sounds like Casey from Atypical!

  • People from 2020

  • Where is Emma's bag from?

  • 'their poop matches their fur' me: actually thinks it's true * searches it up * *sees nasty leopard poop* me after: genuinely disappointed

  • Someone's running out of ideas

  • this is how many times emma said bird | | |

  • 🥴🥴😝😝😝😝🥴

  • I have been watching emma since before she had a million subs and Im so happy for her and I love her in every way :))

  • i wish i could buy ur merch im ir biggest fan. my mum won't buy me but i always have wanted them!

  • Why have I never seen this...

  • Emma!! I think this is my favorite video you’ve made so far. Thank you for making me smile bb

  • anyone realise that at the end of the video, after she gets the drink she doesn't have her bag anymore!

    • Why would anyone care lmao

  • i really wanna see emma pennyboard! it would be ICONIC

  • Who knows what is the brand of her bagpack???

  • “Works as a hairdryer”

  • Am I the only one who has a vitamin ad?

    • Yes

  • These things are just in piles where I live

  • we have these in boise

  • did your desk sign in the commercial break said classy sassy and a bit smart @$$y 😂😂

  • Love this!! 💕😄

  • pure art

  • istg if all ads on youtube were exactly like her commercial break id never skip an ad

  • fun!

  • Ok like, why is Emma still pretty when she breaks out but yet when I brake out I look like a freaking octopus! Like what!

  • olivia looks so pretty in short hair

  • Maybe ur always breaking out because u drink so much coffee?

  • Emma >>

  • "wait, wait, wait, wait".

  • 8:30

  • The fact that Olivia had to walk while emma was riding

  • They are EVERYWHERE in Atlanta!

  • i love that drop a egg hehe:)

  • "Drop an egg"- dying! lol!

  • the best unproblematic fun youtuber

  • Love you, Emma, but cars emit carbon MONOXIDE, not DIOXIDE 🤣

  • ALSO holy shit you just wait wait wait wait wait wait wait waited the SAME way I wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

  • honestly, I just wanted to say that because I'm mad that the new cosmetically fake teeth my doctors have spent so much time designing are nowhere near as beautiful as the teeth I used to have before I decided to get on one of those cursed scooters LOL oops

  • Emma,,,,,!!! I'm a huge fan, I'm 20 y/o. Turning 21 in October. ANYWAYS, I actually was a HUGE rider of these scooters until one night I actually lost my 2 fkin front teeth when I crashed on one :( sadly, these scooters go really fast and can be super dangerous. Many people are in vegatative states because of such electric scooters. After 14 months, in March 2020 I FINALLy had two front teeth for the first time in over a whole year. I used to love these scooters, but overall they have actually ruined my life because before I rode them, I was known for having really beautiful teeth and now I'm known for having NONE

  • i haven't watched emma in like 2 years and im back, she's still the same genuine fun person🥺 I cant grasp why everyone hates on her

  • The cutest thumbnail:D A mädchen showing off on her new scooter.😊

  • POV: Cosmo and Wanda are vloggers now

  • olivias voice is weirdly calming 😂 like sponsored by audible *or sponsored by olivia???* 😂

  • i dont know why im entertained by this but i am

  • the kind of wholesome content we deserve

  • 10:26 I accidentally paused at this moment

  • Some cosmo and Wanda shiz

  • We had this concept in Sydney, with Bikes- And alot of them ended up abandoned in random places, like lakes and ponds or in trees...This is why we can't have nice things >.

  • I'm bored lol

  • I'm watching this for The 5th time and it's 02:15

  • POV: Cosmo and Wanda 👑 ✨

  • there is a BIG scooter problem in austin tx omg