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  • - Dont do your shots over ice, it kills the shot, start with your milk+ then shot(mix)+ THEN add ice last - don’t just microwave the milk, you can get a mason jar (with a lid) with the milk in it, shake the mason jar and then microwave it till warm for a frothy milk. - also when steaming milk with the wand and craft don’t set the jug down as it steams (that’s why it’ll over flow) instead hold the jug with whatever hand you’re comfortable with, slightly tilt the jug and wand and you want the milk to steam in almost whirlpool pattern, tap the craft with your pinky to feel when it’s getting hot, (also don’t let too much air in (that loud screeching sound) make sure the tip is under the top of the milk). - dont pour steamed (hot milk) over cold brew) that’ll make the drink cold, maybe make hot coffee or your shot then the steamed milk.

  • She said “I kinda wanna do my own thing with this one” (her literally defending the purpose of the video)

  • It’s not just cold coffee that’s prob really old. It’s “cold brew” Lmao

  • so proud of your success

  • unworthy of myself and i have feeling terrible and your videos make me feel so much better

  • your the best emma i have ben goinng through a rough tie at the age of ten i i feel verry unnworth

  • Is it me or was that oat milk like infinite? It never ran out!

  • oh ok wut emma. why didnt you stop the frother when it over flowed

  • we love any video that ends on the ground

  • FUUUCK THE NEW PRODUCTS ARE PERFEEEEECT! do you ship to Brazil??? I want it so bad hahahahhahah

  • Its the not cleaning the counter for me. lol

  • it makes my heart so happy seeing your dreams come true!!! you are AMAZING

  • emma will one day have her own coffee shop justt waitt

  • It's spoopy season guys, yay

  • When Emma says your name without realizing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • don't be shy, tell us where the cashew coffee in nyc is

  • Ahahahaha you can see how much coffee started to effect her by the end of the video

  • Congratulations!

  • you frothed ur milk too much hunny

  • you’re so cute

  • I was with her until she pulled the cheese it's out 😂

  • The first drink... if you used hot coffee to melt down the Reese's and then let it get cold, mix with your creamer! Lol

  • compostable packaging for emma chamberlin coffee *question mark* question mark* *wink* *wink* ?? ;);) (please )

  • you should name your coffee machine

  • “This is the most terrifying colour I have ever seen” -says looking at the ‘colour of her channel/brand’

  • just so u know cookie mix has baking powder in it which will expand in ur stomach if u dont bake it :// pls dont do that ://

  • This video gives me old Emma vibes and I can’t stop watching it I LOVE HER SM

  • Lol with parenting its about trying and not giving up them kids better be lucky for that dirty spoon

  • I love the Mason Jar so much but it's sold out :(((

  • me: making your recipes exactly Emma Chamberlain: so were gonna use this strainer that's also dirty as well me: get strainer dirty to use dirty strainer

  • my go to coffee; double espresso, one teampoon of suger, stir it till dissolved, add the grey oatly milk and ice

  • Emma: "with this fork... tHiS iS a kNiFe... with this knife" LMFAO


  • Ok, I used only 2 bags for my 600ml cold brew, and it's super strong. Just sayin'. I think one bag will do for moi.

  • the cinammon has been with you for 2 years, it has seen you grown to the person you are now, from when you still live in the bay or probably just moved to la until now in your new house and its also gonna be proud of how much your youtube career has grown and until you have a coffee business.😂😂

  • you constantly drink iced coffe, you should really care about your stomach, i am warning you gal

    • u only see what she posts. you dk if that’s all she drinks or not

  • I love her energy so much, so inspiring 💕

  • Regular people: cinnamon toast crunch😐 Emma: CimMiNin ToAsT cRuNcH😁

  • You had to use hot coffee in order to melt the chocolate so it can emulsify into creamy coffee chocolate delicious-ness ☺️ that’s why it was chunky!

  • emma: I am feeling severely ill yes because youve had like 12 cups of coffee

  • emma you dont have to steam the milk for an iced latte just so u kno

  • My name is Emma too...I've been watching for a WHILE now!!! I love her so much...She is beautiful and hilarious!! Sooo proud!! 🥰😁

  • Her and Morgan Yates are my goals. Emma’s a little younger than me and Morgan’s a little older so I look more to Morgan 😂

  • Emma i really want you to open a Chamberlain Coffee Shop or Cafe holy shit that would be so cool

  • i’m pretty sure everyone has a strainer at home EMBA 😭

  • Just got my order of Chamberlain coffee bags! Making cold brew

  • The sweatshirt 😍😍

  • Emma has an amazing vibe. I bet she would be an amazing friend, she doesn't deserve the hate LOVE uuuu!!

  • is your mason jar available in other countries?

  • Emma slams the cheezit box on the counter... me: dude, ur pregnant 😂

  • v6 news live

  • she gets so caffeinated throughout the video it's precious

  • Emma needs to open her own coffee shop! It would be so cute and modern! I would soooo go their!!

  • Sugar has a smell...

  • i wanna try your coffee emma, but i’m not American 😭😭

  • Emma u should see your fan edits eveyone including me loves you

  • Ok one, I’ve been so proud of ur coffee co. (ik it came out a while ago I’m rewatching this vid) I also wanted to say I fucking LOVE the intro it’s so fucking chill

  • whos waiting for the merch/style she has such a vibe I love her

  • i want to be best friends w you SO bad

  • Yes I'm here for the pee pee and poo poo jokes. So incredibly proud of you Emma. You are doing such great things and I just want you to know that I pray to God to keep blessing you and guiding you on the correct path and being with you at all times. Love you girl.

  • i freaking love you ahahahaha you're hilarious

  • What brand is that Espresso machine?

  • Love how she was like “thumbnail!” and it wasn’t even the thumbnail haha

  • holy shit !! You have beautiful eyes😍

  • Work at a coffee shop for a week 😏😏

  • I was with you until the last one...... bleh

  • i promise when i get older im going to get so many of them. i cant get now bc my mom dont want too and that sucks. p.s: ily sm.

  • Oooooo girl , your coffeee.... Is BOMB ! plus the fair trade policy OH MY GAWD !!! The early bird's my favorite and the aftertaste of careless cat blend I just-

  • coffee makes my stomach hurt aswell =.=

  • Every coffee there is fucking incredible

  • no one: emma: care-a-mel

  • you should like make your own collection of like syrups to use in coffees and sell them tehe

  • Top the birthday cake coffee with whipped cream first, then add the sprinkles😋😋😋😋

  • It would be so cute if she started a coffee shop with her coffee

  • why does she burp so much, no hate as its funny and gross at the same time but WHY DOES SHE BURP SO MUCH?!

    • I was wondering the same thing 🤔

  • your intro music really gives me bikini bottom vibes

  • I was wondering when the acid reflux would set in, as a coffee lover I see and feel your pain.

  • It's crazy how all the bundles are sold out within two weeks like dang I wanted like the one you showed on the vid

  • Her counter at the end 😂

  • “Cake battery”

  • Emma get some rest , you look tired ... Tell us if u r fine

  • I’ll buy your company for 10,000,000 SAR

  • Is it weird that I don't like coffee but I want it cause the aesthetic of the packaging is so cuuteeee👁️👄👁️❤️❤️❤️ CONGRATS EMMA SO PROUD OF YOU!!❤️❤️✨

  • “no”

  • She’s really that successful ass bitch 😭👌🏼 so happy for her

  • Emma this video is fucking hilarious and I love you lmao. Congrats on having great business skills and the release of more items for Chamberlain coffee!! You cease to make my day. Keep being amazing!

  • isn't the cake batter supposed to like... be cooked or else yk salmonella LMAO

    • @She Writes and in raw flour

    • Salmonella comes from adding the raw eggs.

  • i’m so proud of u, Emma 🥺👍

  • Though teeth

  • i love you sm😂😂🤍🤍🤍

  • um.. how did she not get dirty with EVERYTHING all over the counter

  • i got scared when she pulled out the cheezits

  • I ordered a bag of every blend as soon as I saw this video and THEY FINALLY ARRIVED ahhhh:))) I'm about to have the best mornings ever with the most amazing coffee!!! love u Emma:) you should be proud of your company:)

  • CONCEPT: birthday cake coffee with multi coloured boba

  • IM WEEEEAKKKK at 5:17 shes like "nO NO nOOooo" AHAHFBWUHFDLGHER

  • 11:33 i‘m screaming

  • Ah well I always need dat cup o caf in the morning or I dont feel myself at all but now I want some even now haha. That and some music that gets the pipes going like Enter Sandman by Metallica, Wasted by Delta Parole or Everlong by Foo Fighters! Then my day can start.

  • What coffee machine do you use???

  • sugar has a smell what r u talking abt.

  • This is why I’m voting for her in the choice awards. She works so hard for her fans. ☺️