Birt 19 júl 2020
cheescake cones
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  • I just love that she treats us like we are her best friends and she is like her true self and isn’t fake on camera. Love you lmaoo

  • this actually makes me really sad because I love the spud crunchies

  • did anyone else notice the stella artois in her fridge lol

  • When she said that eating a hamster would be crunchy lmao

  • I lost count of the times that I have seen this video, I love this to clear my mind, when I need some space.

  • Are you going to waste all of these foods???

  • You must saute them! Until them get like crispy golden...

  • We don’t have a Trader Joe’s in my town in IL

  • "cheesecake cones" girl das a cannoli

  • what do you do with the rest of the food?

  • me skimming thru this video while at trader joe’s deciding what i wanna try too🤠🤠🤠

  • @QueenKey music rights

  • Love you Emma!!!!!


  • Hamsters watching this like 👁👄👁

  • This is the time when she had toxic people in her life... and click on this video when she CUT OFF toxic people and looked GORGEOUS

  • 'I think not a hamster that would be like..... CRUNCHY'

  • You always make me crave coffee it looks so good 😩

  • not the beers in her fridge ??!?!!?

  • 11:11 Make a wish. #Numerology

  • you don't look like shit, you look awesome

  • Emma trying not to cuss is my favourite thing

  • So i went to her description box to see what the cones were called and she had the name there... The only item she put was the fucking cones.

  • Why did I know she was going to try the dressings that way

  • uhh girl i got a bliss ad while watching this... LOVE YOU PEEPEEPOOPOO

  • are we not going to talk about the beer in her fridge😂

  • omg i keep seeing like 1:00 or 2:00 0r so on but its always a time with :00 behind it

  • Bamba is a common Israeli snack :-) it’s basically a peanut butter cheeto puff

  • they don’t have trader joe’s in south africa 🥴


  • yooo that's crazy that you're into angel numbers now thats crazy

  • holyyyyy when she was talking about how she keeps seeing 11 i looked at my clock and it said 1:11 and i got very scared

  • Gnocchi is supposed to be shewy

  • Angel numbers are a real thing, look them up. 1111 is guardian angels sending you a message! Big deal!

  • HOW ARE YOU Vegan

  • is it seriously just me that sees the stella in her fridge

  • I literally love the pickle popcorn

  • I like my gnocchi chewy 😂

  • 6:45 im trying not to cus

  • take a shot every time emma says fuckin'

    • Bro I'll end up in the hospital

  • i love the vegan mac and ghost pepper chips i devour that shit ngl

  • Zapps did flavor suicide chips first LOL

  • אמאל’ה במבה

  • me being an italian and knowing that the cheesecake things she ate are actually cannoli

  • bruh when she said people that eat healthy snacks as a personality trait..... @ people who eat sea weed

  • Salvation is found in no one else, no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved. Saved from the punishment of sin. I’m trying to offer people hope in absolute perfection !!! No more dying, lies, decay, depression, anxiety, crying, sickness, rotten food, broken things , etc... offering the hope of Eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness. And to know and live out his teachings. Visual Bible movies on ISchats ❤️👑✝️📖🙏

  • Bruh I saw that 6 pack of Stella Artois 🤣 honestly anyone reading this try the cidre it's fucking bomb 👌

  • the peanut snack is based on an Israeli snack called Bemba it have different testes. google it :)

  • you should make a vlog of all the best sushi places in LA!!!!

  • Love your videos by gnocchi is pronounced nochi not nocci

  • "i don't like who i am sometimes" that's one of the reasons i love emma

  • EMMA!! Bamba is originally from Israel. It's a common snack that comes in peanut butter and other flavors.

  • when she said hamster i lost it

  • Arthur ??

  • Emma did you know u misspelled cheesecake

  • you forgot the forehead kiss:( and btw theres no trader joes in canada:(

  • i LOVE that okra!

  • I internet beef with Dolan twins!!!

  • i wanna try but i live in canada:(

  • 😂 those are called ALL DRESSED CHIPS hun🥰 god 😍 I love you!!! Also I wish we could be best friends were literally the same person!!! Also, blonde suits you so weellll! Looks amazing fluffy & straighted, my fav😍🤩😇😘

  • Emma look up 11:11 angelic meaning!!! It’s so crazy that you caught yourself seeing these numbers, it’s your spirit guides trying to connect with you !! Love ya ❤️

  • omg those bamba peanut snacks are literally called SMOKI on Balkans and they’re a pretty huge thing - Štark from Serbia (🇷🇸) is making the best ones - you should definitelly try them if you have a chance!

  • *i want to be your friend =)*

  • Emma when you were talking about the 1111 stuff and all that stuff it happens to me too and I searched it up those are called angel numbers

  • It’s called Bamba

  • Ok, with this video you got me. I subscribed, lol.

  • When she talked about the dehydrated carrots lmaooo had me dying “someone’s doing donuts with there car on my tongue” Ily 😂😂😂

  • I just wanted to tell you that bamba is a traditional Jewish snack (coming from a Jew) just in case you were wondering :)))

  • Trader Joe’s is good but like if you need something specific it’s not it. Maybe the one I go to just sucks. Idk 😐

  • ahahah look at that :D

  • not the stella in the fridge


  • when she said it tasts like a hamster i died!!lol

  • Can you please do a house tour

  • Whelp, guess I’m going to Trader Joe’s for those cheesecake cones after work today

  • I went and flew to Trader Joe’s to got the the mini Cheesecake cones and it’s delicious

  • Wait is that the new coffee she was talking about???

  • i LOVE spicy foods also but it gave me gatroesophageal reflux disease & it FUCKING HURTS. i can't even eat pizza anymore without going to the bathroom an hour later crying bc of the pain. ANYWAY thats gross bye

  • Emma👏chamberlain👏is👏mood👏

  • They did hummus dirty

  • name of the ending song?

  • no trader joes in England... VERY SAD I want cheesecake rolls

  • 👇The amount of times she said pleasant 😂

  • she makes me want to drink coffee right now. and its like 2am

  • Awe Emma has been seeing angels numbers ♥️ I love it

  • who’s here after chamberlain coffee relaunch?

  • “I’m trying not to cuss” Its so hard Emma I know😩😂

  • 4:48 so true😂

  • Soo, we’re not gonna talk about the beer in Emma’s fridge? 👀😂

  • 11 111 1111 any of them mean whatever u are manifesting is gonna come true


  • noo, no beef please

  • Pls try their dried broccoli it's so good

  • For the bamba, buy the kosher blue Israeli bags( they're an israeli snack, and that sign was the kosher logo lol) they're the original and taste way more like peanut butter.

  • since i haven't rlly seen a comment abt this i'm gonna atempt to kinda explain it the peanut snacks that she was showing are actually very similar to the ones i'm going to talk abt now in 1972., the brand "Štark" from Serbia (Europe), made the one and only, legendary flips, named "Smoki". they are made with simple ingredients, nothing over the top wich explains why the flavor is not strong. (they were also the first flips made in Southeast Europe) I think that they are "the original" type of that snack, bc it was kinda a long time ago, and I feel like it's talked abt it that way, but I can't just say that they are bc i don't know. thank you for listening lol

  • nobody: emma: it feels like you're eating a hamster

  • emma: *"i personally really like pickles."* also emma: *"ew it smells just like a pickle."*

  • jicama with limon and tajin!!!! slapsssss!!!!:)

  • cheesecake cones are literally canollis

  • u should've gotten the freeze dried ketchup french fries cuz they are amazing.