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  • Yesterday I got the ring in my nose and I bled ton of blood

  • who else is waiting for emma to shave her head?😂 like she would rock it

  • I love that Emma is okay bout making herself look like a fool and is just weird in every way but it works u know.

  • I am sorry but you don’t look cute

  • 9:25 “im a ROLE MODEL”

  • I want to know where she went so I can mine as well cuz I want hoop instead of a stud

  • I got tattoo and nose ring today for my fifteenth birthday

  • Get nose rings but don't do drugs

  • Tbh Emma did rock the drip tho.♧

  • Your mom sounds so young

  • emma when u were editing u had the peircing

  • emma: i‘m a role model me: YES YES YES AND NOW UR WITH A ROLE MODEL TOOO yes i indeed am quite funny. i am very much aware 🤠✌🏻

  • Are we late watching this?

  • Emma surprisingly suits it

  • This screams hot topic

  • and now i can’t imagine her without it


  • Does anyone know where she got that Slipknot shirt doe

  • I like it but the hole is weird

  • That's not a good piercer, you shouldn't put a hoop in a fresh piercing, only after it's well healed. I know this is so old but people are still watching your old videos so ita good for them to know :)

  • “Hi, welcome to hot topic! Mine name is Emma if you need anything”😂😂 love this girl

  • The outfit was actually really good. I loved it, but the bow and the beanie wasn’t it sis 😂


  • The title should just be "emma's going goth" XDD

  • 10:33 lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Caffeine is a drug.

  • Looking back, emma would not be emma without the nose ring, i don't think I can picture her without it, it matches her personality so perfectly

  • wait does she even wear it anymore😂😂

  • how come I’ve never noticed that she still wears a nose ring

  • You look gorgeous bb

  • As a chick who has been in an emo/goth phase for like 15 years now, this was too fuckin cute to watch 😂😂😂😂

  • ok but why is this every high fashion runway look ever haha

  • LMAO how come no ones talking about how she just ended up looking like she works at Hot Topic.... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


  • This is super weird to watch now

  • all this for a nose piercing, woww the dedication.

  • i just realized that even the editing emma is being edited by emma

    • Holy shit bro the FBI will come for you lol

  • I use a paperclip lmao

  • When she said “I’m a remodel” after showing the pin I just laughed

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  • you look adorable

  • its so weird her piercer did a hoop as first jewelry

  • lmfao..

  • Since when do piercers put a ring in straight away? I had to have a stud at first

  • the peircing looks amazing im going to get one

  • I discovered Emma with this videoooooo

  • Wow when you coughed I coughed

  • 10:40 my mood when the teacher tells me to ask the question in spanish

  • I know no one will see this but I just wanted to comment on something I noticed weird. With my piercing I had to have a stud and wait like 2 months at most to change it to a hoop. Yet I see other people able to use a hoop for like the “big piercing moment”. But i mean it no big deal I like my piercing and the dude that did it was kinda hot soooo we good 😂✨✌🏻💞

  • I love how you say hurted LMAO

  • i wish i could look that good with a nose piecing

  • Gosh.. I can't stop laughing lol

  • *hi*

  • This should be titled turning myself into an E-girl

  • i just got my nose pierced and vlogged about it and I am now realizing I should have gotten a ring lol

  • 10:07 💀😹 my favorite part

  • The last person video I watched was in the same piercing studio

  • Always wonder whet she ,, , , , , , ,nvm.

  • ( emms MOM zooms in on the nude poster, THATS a cool Mom ; )

  • MOM - got to give credit to Emma’s MOM , she was so cool ; )

  • fuck yeah slipknot

  • 5:50 is me when i hear a kpop song playing

  • gets one little nose piercing goes goth

  • Lmao I thought this was a nose piercing video....... 💀

  • This is the very first video of emmas ive ever watched. This is where i fell in love with her

  • Cuteeee X3

  • emma gets one facial peircing and she goes crazy😂😂

  • When I got my nose pierced I didn’t eat all day and I got high before I went and when the needle went thru I got extremely lightheaded and when I got up I wasn’t able to walk good my legs felt heavy and the lady was asking me are u okay? And I told her I was fine even tho I wasn’t 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • It’s been a year since this video and I’m rewatching because I want to get my nose pierced but my mom said I can’t till I’m older 😭

  • her talking about a nose ring and me who got a septum today 💃

  • i pierced it myself at 13 lol. it didn’t hurt too bad lol

  • This takes me back to middle school

  • Omg her voice is so different

  • Why do I like it

  • I love u lol

  • my favourite video of emma ever

  • somebody reply to this comment for no reason

  • With that whole outfit you literally forget that you got a nose ring

  • am I the only one who thinks that the outfit has too much accessories

  • I’m literally crying with this video😂😂

  • This is forever my favorite video

  • I got my nose ring yesterday !!

  • I got my nose pierced yesterday with a stud and I'm getting a hoop when I'm allowed to change it.

  • emma to her nose ring be like : i hate it :c i like it c: i hate it :c i like it c: ............. i like it tho xxxxxx

  • Dis is giving me chase Hudson vibessss 😂

  • I got mine today :) I’m Indian and I look EXTRA Indian now 😂

  • me watching in 2020 thinking about how i literally dress just like that have the exact same slipknot shirt (i love slipknot) and thinking about how when i watched this when she first posted it thinking i was never going to dress like that and act like that.....

  • You really shouldn’t get a hoop when you first pierce it. It makes the healing worse. But it’s been a year so.

  • Imagine all the offended little E-girls saying “that’s not what emo is Emma”

  • u act and look like a girly girl

  • your not gothic and gothic doesnt match your style at all

  • emme : *gets her nose pierced* also Emma : "I need to dress the part"

  • i love her but lmao these are just 10 min of her insulting the alt scene

  • emma its not good to start with a hoop! it’s easier to get infections when it’s new !! if you want this piercing and see this then listen to me

  • I love panic at the disco and I do not have a nose ring but I am in August but I'm 11

  • You look adorbs

  • She looks like those high schoolers that are going through a goth phase 😂

  • also watch 9:33 it’s hella important guys

  • It's kind of an e girl...

  • noboby at all: emma: *makesout with shoe