Birt 13 des 2019
if you can't tell, im passionate about coffee. i guess.
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-emma chamberlain


  • 8:17 yall have to watch

  • Me: looking at Emma shirt with Santa on it Me thinking: wait she not Wholesome Comment: it took me a hot sec to notice the Santa is hold the middle finger Me: me realized it has the middle finger Also me: not surprised

  • Me: Starbucks is actually okay Emma:I hate Starbucks it tastes so bad!! Me:yes omg so bad!

  • Ok but I like 7 eleven

  • Can we just discuss how Emma and Declan’s coffee addiction is like Lorelei and Rory from Gilmore Girls


  • Thanks Emma, for being so much fun!!!😁😺👄💖and for being a Coffee queen👑💎🦋🌴🐝☕️🍵

  • That last cup of coffee has to be Philz lol. She looks anyways and says yep. Emma have you been tasting urine? lol. Crazy cat attack.

  • hey emma u should try wake up call coffee in spokane i love it

  • 9:57 anyone else noticed the Starbucks cup flying

  • The size of the philz coffee scares me

  • Aussie McCafe has iced almond milk lattes

  • Charli if she sees this 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • 7/11 coffee is good when you want affordable coffee and as long as you make it yourself in person 😭 I would never ORDER their coffee but before corona, I would pay less than $2 for like a medium and I would just make it myself so it was a perfect mix of everything.

  • Ayo- Starbucks ain’t that bad-

  • im only here to see Decklan sorry Emma ILY

  • lmao the way you could literally see how hyper she gradually gets because of all the caffeine

  • But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation. James 5:12❤️✝️ Bible verse.

  • hehehaha

  • All the same feels aha

  • Your coffee "tea bags" leave a lot of dregs in the cup

  • Declan was so shook by the fact that Starbucks coffee and Philz coffee were the same price 😂

  • i got an ad for emmas ad for bliss clear genius and thought it was the video

  • I died when Declan jumped on the table 😂💀

  • does anyone know what she orders? like what kind of latte with what add ins?

  • declan😭

  • Ohhhhh- that SUCKS

  • k but declan is a whole mood


  • Me to Starbucks sucks

  • There was an add with Emma in it before her own video...

  • I am so blessed with Starbucks like a lot of other human beings but I don’t get coffee I get the pink drink

  • its the outro for me~

  • When Declan jumped on the table for CoFfeE heheheheh

  • you tell me that 18 years old teenager drinking coffee, testing them, and giving opinion about coffee and I enjoyed watching her.

  • I work at McDonald’s and we have espresso and all that shit ?

  • normal people : hi guys welcome back to my chanel emma : okay this table is so shaky

  • pike from starbucks is literally nasty as somebody who works there i think i would rather die than get it

  • why am i suddenly binging these videos.... 10/10

  • i died laughing when declan jumped on the table and fell off

  • emmas gonna get sued one day lol

  • 😍😍😭😭💕💕.

  • No idea why i watch these...i dont even drink coffee :Dd

  • why am I offended that she doesn't like DD

  • chamberlain coffee is the best!

  • this is so touchy. much fragile right? still. like what the fuck are you doing is right.

  • Who literally watches hours of her videos and doesnt get bored?

  • DeClAn!!! I died

  • Why do I start getting her makeup add for her brand deal when i watch her vids wtf

  • i sharted my self when declan jumped on the table

  • I just realise that her T-shirt is Santa Claus with a very nice finger ( his middler finger

  • She should rate refreshers

  • Who’s been binge watching Emma in lockdown 2020

    • me

  • 9:55 😂

  • Tiago on Hollywood Blvd will make any of those chains taste like sewage.

  • so accurate 👍🏼

  • I have one of the Philz coffee ground beans

    • And it’s very good

  • Love Emma's love for the earth yall ❤ #metalstraw

  • When she said “it’s so dark” tell me why I said out loud “hello darkness my old friend” 💀😂


  • I literally couldn’t stop laughing when Declan suddenly jumped on the table and Emma shouted DECLAN

  • Any one else wondering that what she is going to do with the rest of the coffee ☕???

  • come to Michigan and try Tim Hortons



  • 9:54 enjoy :)

  • Phillz

  • I’m sooo mad bc you don’t have Tim Hortons in USA!!! tim Hortons ice coffee is the best bye

  • i feel kinda attacked (not in a very bad way) but emma is hating the coffee places that are available for me here in india. starbucks and coffee bean and tea leaf are the only few coffee places that i have here and she hates them... sad!! can't help it tho

  • Me being a Starbucks employee 👁👄👁

  • piano man

  • im cryin' lmfao DECLAN NO

  • i love Starbucks latte but she is right it dosn’t taste at all like coffe

  • name yourself 'urth cafe' but send out plastic cups.

  • charli damelio when emma gives dunkin a 5/10: 👁👄👁

  • YoU sOuLd oFf MiXeD ThEm aLl tOgEThEr

  • I agree with all of your ratings especially 711, BUT I would switch McDonalds and Coffee Bean, and then switch Dunkin and McDonalds

  • declan: *fails to jump on table* emma: dEcLaN! 9:55

  • Starbucks is delicious. ❣

  • You should try caribou but it's only in mn

  • "This is the same price as this I'm pretty sure" "......" "DECLAN!" 😂😂

  • I LIVE off of Dunkin’ Donuts


  • I love it how Emma’s DRAGGING Starbucks😂😂💀

  • Emma’s coffee that’s the best

  • Declan jumping on the table sent me into orbit

  • I think Declan jumped on the table because Starbucks was mad🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Having a emmathon

  • 9:55

  • if y’all didn’t know, Emma hates 7Eleven

  • if you don't know what type of coffee to get just go to this video ( I mean don't quote me but yeah )

  • I didn't realize Urth cafe was so popular but I recently moved to Cali and happen to live like five minutes from one and HANDS DOWN it has been my favorite coffee place I've tried here (and there have been a lot ahaaaahah). The coffee is amazing and the service I had there was great and there was a cute atmosphere. If you go, get the chocolate muffin it's the best thing everrrrrr

  • Emma: it doesn't taste like coffee Me: that's why I love it

  • it 5am and all I want is iced coffee

  • How does she know what urine tastes like?? 👀

  • Nice

  • I watched the vid long ago and I literally searched for the vid today to rewatch because of Declan

  • rewatching this in quarantine and i forgot how funny the clip of declan was omg

  • Every time I buy coffee I safe the plastic cups and reused them for drinking coffee or juice in my house! Lest be honest Starbucks is very overrated but is not that bad

  • Went to drink my water and got disappointed when I didn’t taste coffee ngl