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-emma chamberlain


  • If you look like draco then your hot un that case..

  • I swear Blonde suits emma

  • Blonde look good on her

  • love blonde emma 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Emma: Over thinking her whole life bc she is a blond 🤦😂😭✨

  • Why does she actually look like Draco Malloy🤯🤯

  • 2:51

  • I’m literally watching ur vids over and over cmon now emmie

  • Wow it looks really good wow wow wow really nice

  • i watched this 4 times already and i just realised that she ate eggs like whatt ?? is she vegan or nah ?

  • Not that bad...I liked the gray patch you had some time back though. #Cute ♡

  • why was tom felton the first person i thought of after the reveal... edit: she said Malfoy right after i commented, I-

  • im so glad I started my day off with this video

  • Emma would be such a good mum

  • Blonde is a lot better. Optimum decision, really.

  • I dyed my hair in October 7, 2020. I dyed it L'ORÉAL PARIS NEW Féria FASHION METALLICS 3X HIGHLIGHTS MULTI-FACETED SHIMMERING COLOUR Gentle/ Deep Conditioning in 73 DARK GOLDEN BLONDE. One application gives permanent hair colour gel. My used a Sally's thing around my neck. She also used two big hair clips to make a bun, and she followed the instructions that came with pictures in English and Spanish saying it has to be left in 25 minutes. I didn't bleed just had one blotch of bleach on my Sally's thing. I used a warm shower with L'OREAL PARIS Féria 4 POWER SHIMMER CONDITIONER GLISTENS and Hydrated REVITALISANT AMPLIFICATEUR D'ÉCLAT Hydrate et fait briller les cheveux in 1.7 FL. OZ/ 52 ml. Since it was bleach and my Mom said it was good for my hair. I didn't wash my hair prior to that for 8 days. I was supposed to document my hair everyday until a week but I thought what's the point of the condition or color of my hair of my twin brother is still going to cruelly insult me and abuse me (I suffer from PTSD). But on October 9, 2020 around 6:00 p.m I took a picture in my room and it just looked like from far away it was a mixture of purple and brown on the top of the hair under the light. Everywhere else was black. And up close it looks violet. So, yeah that's my hair update.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I think u should've beeen born a blond because damb that is beautiful

  • you made me dye my hair blond hope you’re happy now btw I loved it

  • When she mentioned Draco Malfoy I was omg yesss

  • Why do I feel like she would look so good with shoulder length hair

  • Emma I unsubscribed when you broke the yolks

  • Literally love your hair blonde it looks amazing! In all your recent new videos I’m like damn her hair looks so pretty blonde

  • Random rolls royce at the background at 2:15

  • the white thing is the ferderlizer i think

  • She has a whole ass clothing store in her house

  • 👏blonde👏emma👏needs👏to👏stay👏

  • I "dyed" my hair blonde today October 6 2020. My Mom dyed it for me. She said she s better brand to make me blonde, before then I was a black hairs girl with metallic violet highlight. So she said that she thinks that the brand she use "MyCouture" or something like that well actually make me blonde. My Mom has gray hair and the hair dye she uses just makes her hair into a light brown. She used a brand thing around neck that salon people put, but I don't remember what it was since she already put it away. I believe it was from Sally's. She gave me a light red feminine flannel, so the bleach could fall on that, instead of one of my shirts. The instructions contained pictures how to apply the dye, and how much dye should be on the hair. As in how much time, for it to deep through. It was 25 minutes. I took seven pictures each of the hair just recently dyed, my hair wet out of the shower, and my hair dry out of the shower. It honestly just looked like Vaseline was on my hair when my Mom just put on the dye. My Mom used two big hair clips, into a bun. I used the conditioner from the dye (which was silver like the box) because my Mom advices not to use shampoo and to rinse my hair with warm water. So I listened to her. I was surprised I didn't bleed. The dye was probably bleach because it was white, and it burned. The Garnier Indigo, and the Schwarzkopf Metallic Violet did not burn. They also bleed in the shower. As I can see their color running down my body to the bathtub. In the pictures of me with my applied dye I just have the Metallic Violet highlight near the roots. When I got out the shower I could see in the roots my hair was like a horse chocolate brown under the light. When it was dry I could see that color at the tips of my hair. The smell of my hair even dried smells like sweet,strong grape shampoo. It was more intense when barely applied to my hair, and in the shower. It's also fluffier, softer, smoother, and s little fried. I don't like but hopefully Tìo Nacho Mexican Herbs Royal Jelly shampoo and conditioner along with with Mexican Horse shampoo from Mexico can fix that. In conjoined with cold showers.

  • i love it so much i feel like it is so you

  • who else thinks that those eggs look like pancakes lol

  • Came here after smokeyglow’s video. This girl is a hot mess! The burping is the worst 😷 🤢

  • For anyone with anxieties I CANNOT understand why she drives everywhere in LA and seems fine. I hate driving in LA.

  • My hair WAS brown and I made a ugly mistake on dying it blonde w brown in it. I don’t like it also SO November I’m gonna fix it up at a Salon on how i want it

  • i dont know why but why is she so funny?


  • I always take the weird white thing out of my fried eggs too!!! I thought I was the only one 😂

  • Emma link that animal sweatshirt Please

  • im sorry but brown hair emma was sm better but she slays both

    • in my opinion she’s glowinggggg with her new hair color.

  • F**kin hilriousssss!

  • i have been binge watching emma's videos

  • my heart really hurted me when she started crying

  • Emma's making blonde hair dramatic and I love it

  • I think that weird thing in the egg is the chick

  • Emma's skin looked so good in this

  • 2:53 At this point I was already crying I just can't 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brown > blonde

  • i cant believe this was in JUNE

  • can i have ur sweatshirt pls

  • okay the black hair was such a vibe😍 but her blonde hair makes her look younger but in the best way!

  • Am I the only one who thinks black looks sooooooo good on her like omggg


  • i just love when she talks like a mom


  • About the egg thing that u don’t like my mom doesn’t either if she doesn’t cook her eggs she don’t eat them :)

  • lighten your eyebrows :D

  • can someone PLEASE tell me where her big cat crewneck is from? PLEASE LMAO

  • Once she said Draco Malfoy I can’t un-see it

  • Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼 ischats.info/fun/oLygn4KZgJF8lIA/v-deo

  • FINALLY found someone who eats their eggs the SAME WAY I DO!!! YAS QUEEN OF EGGS, fried until golden and crispy 👏

  • That white thing in the egg is an unfertilized embryo fam. you're basically eating a chick.

  • As a blonde hair person I like my Blonde hair aswell

  • Omg lol I love you! The face mask was genius!

  • draco malfoyyy

  • Emma: I’m vegan. Also emma: *eatting eggs*


  • blonde goes w her personality so much

  • I love her hair like that❤️

  • “i WiPeD mY aSs WiTh A fAcE mAsK” WEAKKK😂😂😂😂

  • What is her natural hair color?

    • Blonde! Then she dyed her hair brown and dark brown and blonde again


  • her closet is bigger than my room

  • She truly is an icon without makeup. Like bruh, she shows girls don’t have to be pretty with makeup, and I’m so for it. Like yes, represent Emma!

  • Ok wow I love this look but like your pretty anyway with or with out blonde hair ❤️

  • :3

  • (Making eggs with Emma Chamberlain)

  • ❤️

  • Me watching an ad by emma and then the main video is also about emma. Money moves😼

  • blonde hair suits you such much! xx

  • the door bell ring sounds like bloody marie

  • before she even mentioned draco i was like damn she kinda looks like draco💀

  • omg she looks like my great aunt at 9:27-9:30 just the facial expressions and voice *NO HATE* I LUV U EMMA

  • you said you can cook then in september you posted a video that you cant cook which is it emma

    • correction august yes i corrected myself it weird i never do

  • Ik nobody cares about my opinion but I think her blonde hair with her “new Emma”/true personality is a perfect fit. She seemed fake happy when she was originally blonde, then she found herself with dark hair, but now it’s the perfect balance of both

  • Shes iconic

  • omfg yes draco malfoy

  • I just discovered Emma. She’s so funny!!!

  • Its really beautiful but don't say the F word its so bad

  • My ISchats said the Dolan twins watched this cute

  • dracoooooo

  • Go red😳😳❤️

  • After ripping out my dreads and having a child, my head hurt constantly and my hair was frail and so thin! After 5 uses of rice water it is basically back to normal before everything. Just after the first use my scalp stopped hurting

  • Rice water thickens hair up and works immediately and saved my hair

  • You need to try rice water!! Please look into it

  • i literally laughed so hard about your potty story that my back cracked

  • Why didn't you just wash your ass in the shower 😂 or walk back to your normal bathroom without your pants on LOL

  • that face mask story might be one I come dangerously close to telling ppl I definitely shouldn’t, except my friends, props to her though for having less filter than even I

  • I love it 😻

  • i,love,itttttt!!!!

  • Am I the only one who thought Emma had started her period and not had a poo at the beginning


  • You look beautiful