what i'd be wearing if i wasn't stuck at home

Birt 12 apr 2020
love u
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-emma chamberlain


  • I low key love that little rap. I heard it 4 times in a row😂😂

  • Emma please try Indian Dresses 😍😍 Love from India😘😘😘

  • So many sentences in this video rhymed. woah.

  • 8:47 atleast @Kelly Kapoor next time smh

  • in 20's you get married sometimes ahahaha I FUKIN CANT

  • Her song should be recorded and put in a single, I'd listen to it

  • funniest video i've seen of her yet

  • Idk why but she reminds me to "majo"


  • "If it's kind of ugly........ I'm sold." JNDKJWBKEBF

  • wait she’s 18!? i thought she was like 15/16

  • omg ILY! 😭❤️

  • 11:50

  • her puts on red jaket me. Willy Wanka...

  • Emma I love you so much but your outfits make me cringe sometimes 💀

  • That moment when you’re 26 watching this and emma talks about being old at 19 😅😅😅😅😅 ffffff

  • hike puffer jacket is from?

  • I pee a lot before bed too...I think it’s related to having anxiety tbh

  • ok but some of them were rly cute

  • At 7:42 she looks like Josie from Elf

  • I like that she's talking like she is on face time with us. You're amazing ❤️

  • Emma is one of the only people you can talk about to the most boring thing but she makes it entertaining

  • why is this so fucking entertaining??

  • u look so gd in ur clothes i iwhs i had ir

  • Why do you make everything look cool but I could never?? Also love all the cute dances with every outfit 👍

  • 1st outfit- not for me 😭 2nd outfit- amazing 🥰 3rd outfit- not for me again 😭 4th outfit-I love/ amazing 🥰 5th outfit-it’s pretty 6th outfit- I love and I want 🥰🥰 7th outfit-AMAZING 🥰🥰🥰 8th outfit- OMG OMG YES 🥰 9th outfit-ehh not bad 10th outfit-cute-ish 11th outfit-not the colors together fo me 12th outfit- I love 🥰 13th outfit-Cute cute cute yes 🥰 14th outfit-very cool and amazing 🥰 15th outfit- without the jacket yes

  • Lmao the outfit with the blue pants and red vest reminded me of Willy Wonka on TikTok 😂😂😂😂

  • sam

  • You have such great taste in sytle ive never seen anybody pull of style like this its beautiful💙

  • SIS try Kiehl's lip balm it saved my LIFE

  • “I’m about to be 19 and then your in your 30s” well that escalated quick😭

  • Emma you've got something on your teeth

  • Please! Does anyone know where her tie dye set is from?

  • Omg that white dress where she got it from??

  • i'd be that friend that is in the background hyping you up because you're amazing and nobody can top that beauty

  • Are you vegan or vegetarian? Someone tell me

  • I told you you had that piece of food in your mouth between your teeth

  • you should do a shoe tour

  • 5:50 dude i’m screaming 6:04 dude same 😭 9:42 frfr that rap was so great wow

  • Emma's wardrobe is my dream wardrobe

  • Emma Chamberlain the only person who can make ugly clothes pretty (ps. her clothes are not ugly ...i want her closet ,soooo Emma if you are reading this pls send me your closet)

  • Hi Emma in ad XD

  • *11:50** I started cracking up.*

  • “Or..Charlie Brown”

  • 14:08 I'm dead lmao😭

  • Where is the green dress from

  • Does anyone know where she got the purple pants in the second outfit

  • she’s actually really pretty

  • we stan the autotune queen

  • Rap was on point!

  • Do I steal outfit inspo from Emma? Yes. Do people call me a fashion icon cuz I live in Scotland and am not a chav. Yes.

  • lets be honest... wHo'S wAtChInG iN 2021?

  • Ok, I'm cracking up trying to figure out why the hell you have a sweatshirt like the one you wore with the black swishy 90s pants? LMAO Dead!!

  • Not that it makes a difference but is Emma gay?

  • Hehehe

  • emma: i hate the word quirky also emma: yeaH thiS outFitS kinDa quiRky

  • love the animal print outfit tho!

  • My favorite was the one with the cheetah print jacket outfit and the one with the long red jacket outfit

  • the first outfit of what she would wear was so ugly i’m sorry but she SLAYED the other ones period

  • Emma is literally me while doing my makeup

  • Who’s watching Emma chamberlain’s videos during quarantine2020??

  • I'm just realizing how similar Emma and Amanda Steele are

  • she needs to do a vid with the hype house like fr use me or

  • emma: *vibing* me: *vibing*

  • she gives me a billie ellish vibe idk😂

  • Nice eyes bud

  • cody ko vibes ahahaha

  • 12:40 THIS OUTFIT .... YES

  • does anyone know where the white platforms in the back are from??? AHHGGGH

  • I’m living for the festival outfit

  • emma freaking out about getting old when shes doing better than so many people older than her :(((

  • when i saw the white dress i dropped my phone in my eggs

  • how does she wear sooo many outfits...

  • how does she wear sooo many outfits...

  • Little did we know that this is gonna be the last video from this apartment and that she will move into her own house soon

  • Beck.noah

  • Nobody: Emma at the beginning of the video: HiiiIIiiI iiIi iiii iiI Iiii

  • so i was laying in bed and i was drinking my smoothie (pineapple cherries and honey, highly recommended) and this random thought occurred to me: what if we got to choose how youtubers died

  • Emma : has an outfit for making coffee Me: wEaRs tHe sAmE tHiNg tHrEe dAyS iN a rOw

  • I want that white dress!! Where it from?

  • i remember her being 16yrs 3 days ago-

  • she does realize the weather rn right?

  • Does anyone else think Emma looks like a mix of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish?😳😂

  • 9:55 gives me 90’s house wife vibes

  • I am also on the same acne medication. I miss the sun and it’s also winter and also my lips peel more often even though I moisturise them every 20minutes ☹️

  • am I the only 1 who didnt stay home during quarantine

  • 2021 anyone??? . . Cuz ur never too early.

  • “it’s a little bit weird but if you actually think about it, it’s kinda cute” me explaining my crush to my friend

  • How do you wear sweats I barely survive in my room with a tank top and underwear

  • How do I buy that green dress? Lol I need it

  • Okay but I kind of want that long sleeve white dress.

  • Rachel green walked so Emma chamberlain could run

  • i need her closet rn

  • The longwhite dress and short green dress aremy fav

  • I love her outfits

  • i wish i were friends with emma, growing up, that would make life so interesting 😂

  • ok the outfit for 'hiking' is totally up my alley. That jacket? i need it (anyone know where it's from??)

  • Damn emma will always be my all time favvvvvv, gosh i love her sm

  • emma do a for real makeup routine

  • the dancing is cringe

    • you're cringe