Birt 2 júl 2019
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  • Pretty cool

  • Hi

  • Stop commenting: “WhO iS wAtChInG tHiS iN qUaRaNtInE rN?” Like where do you think I am? Hawaii, laying on the sand getting a tan?!? No I’m in bed and binge watching Emma’s videos. So just stop ✋


  • Emmmba

  • i read the title and i thought u sewed urself into an outfit lol

  • im sorry but ur burp is kinda disgusting

  • emma got me into sewing again

  • Omg I know someone called Emily chamberlain

  • does anyone know where she got that leaf dresser from?? it's.. for science

  • 5:58

  • it sounded like he said CLOSE. YOUR. WINDOW

  • Emma you are literally the only thing that gets me through the day thank you for being an actual goddess

  • im soo dumb 😭😭 i read sewing and sueing so i thought there was some teaaa

  • It's not a real a chamberlain video without the burps And the coffee

  • There must be a lot of doctors watching g cause there.seems to be a whole bunch in the comments

  • Imagine having 65$ to spend

  • Hi

  • Hi Emma

  • She rymed y'all I can't spell but ok

  • Plz do this again 😭😂

  • i like how youtubers think we care about angles lmao

  • this is where the quirky stereotype started lol

  • How do I feel about that large burp, err. I chocked on my water. That's how I feel

  • being angry or nervous doesnt make u negative ;-)

  • 4:53 That looks exactly like my table cloth.

  • 3:20 I'm glad you got it out. That is what I think of that.

  • I just now noticed how long her legs are

  • Who is she and why is she famous

  • i don’t remember her voice being this high... um anywayssss

  • uhh im pretty sure that guy screamed “close your windows”

  • You need to give yourself more credit. You have more creative skills than you think love ya 😘

  • 7:02

  • Emma should do a video where she does not curse for 24 hours.

  • Emma: you know when people love the idea of someone, but not for actually them? nobody: My dead ass brain: nO yOu dOn'T, tOpPeR! yOu lOvE tHe iDeA oF mE, YoU loVe bEinG sEeN wIth mE bUt yOu DOnT lOve mE

  • You have an amazing body very sexy

  • Is the burping so post to b cool?

  • Can I buy the tube top it would fit my tits perfectly lol

  • EMMA - you are way way tooooo Hot, ,, ,,, cover up before neighbors see you in window, or, , or , a masher er sumptin heh, (pretty your are tho).

  • Funny how people are arguing about HER body. Damn stop.

    • Parinoor Purba i know it’s so wrong and she’s talked about her issues with her body it must be so hard to read comments like that

  • Wait wait B*tch!! why is that me tho

  • Me in 2020 wondering if she got her security deposit back AHAHA

  • This is not related but I got sunburnt on meh feet and I can not walk without meh feet hurting :,( I’m weird I’ll just shut up.....

  • Who else is having a Emma marathon

  • Emma it’s not sowing- it’s sewing-

  • 6:03 "holy shit someone was just screaming" and then she starts yelling

  • emma: guys i’m a professional also emma: *sews one button*

  • sis what editing jawn do you use

  • This video title should be gluing myself an outfit

  • It would be interesting if you did a vlog but the twist is that u have to try not to cuss

  • Emma : burbs in every video Literally everyone :ew why just why

    • @Skylar White I know I know! I wasn't directing it at you :). I was directing it at "literally everyone"

    • Radhika Dutt it was just a joke I love Emma chamberlain no hate okay 👌

    • why tho... why do people care?? "literally everyone" burps too -_-. LEAVE HER ALONE!

  • Drinking game: Take a shot every time Emma burps

  • "sew irritating" AHAHAHAH ily

  • you literally had enough gas lol. it was far from that E notch you had like 50-75miles left.

  • emma is always out of gas lol

  • How can a person burb taht much I mean ı can fart more than tahat but burp...

  • I want to learn how to sew so bad.

  • Im just imagining what other people see is going on in emmas car lol

  • Love you Emma!! You are amazing! and hilarious!!

  • she paid like $4/gallon and idk if that's just LA but my jaw dropped

  • nobody: no one: not a soul: me: NicE bURpS😏😏😏

  • at 6:00 when the guy started screaming i lost it!!!!!! he said ,"CLOSE YOUR WINDOW"!!!!! btw ilysm


  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Emma: OH MY FUCKING GOD ! NO WAY

  • she bought way too much fabric for that tube top lmao

  • You know the fuel she bought was 4$ a gallon

  • so proud of you emma

  • #vsco

  • This video should be called "EMMA CHAMBERLAIN BURPING FOR 12 MINUTES STRAIGHT"😂

  • U r a lesbian stop talking shit

  • The guy that yelled was yelling at her saying shut your window and she goes wtf.

  • She should have watched some micarah tewers before this

  • How many rimes does she burp in this video🤔

  • I'm dying. In the end, she was like all inspirational and all because she created a good skirt, ahaha. She was a skirt can do? never underestimate the powers of Emma chamberlain.

  • Shouldn't there Be an E at the end of Joann for it to be Joanne

  • Ok so sewing is like my many passion and this entire thing had me cringing sorry

  • It scare me tht my name its Joanne and now its a store..... And the fact she saying my name couple times

  • Where is that wrap skirt from??

  • she knows needle threaders exist right

  • Your gonna love when people ask where is your skirt from and then you can say i made it😂😂😂😂

  • hi 2020 anyone?????????

  • These comments

  • Am I the only one who heard the person scream I LIKE TAKE OUT

  • *when joann's fabric is next to a shop that says divorce*

  • You and James are my favorite youtubers

  • 5:16 there's a 90% chance that I will be needing this 6:26 I just want to use fabric glue. I AM GIVING UPPP *starts panicking because the glue was leaking*

  • I love emma but I gotta tell you, the noise she puts with the chapstick the "swish swoosh" *moistness* noise is truly unpleasant

  • this is really late but idc :) someone: screams emma: omg why is someone screaming *legit 2 seconds later* emma: screams

  • follow me on instagram @queen_keya_mane

  • Does anyone know what editing app she uses?

  • emma: I JuSt wAsTeD 65 dOlLaRs also Emma: *has two story apartment at the age of 17*

    • Money is money doesnt matter how much of it you have

  • 5:59 the way he said WINDOW

  • 🆎🛑🆎💟🈸🆎💞💟📴⛎💮🆎🕉💝🈸🈵🛐Who are you yeah I just did it I just press the random amount please oh my

  • No one Not even a single soul Emma: welocme to my SOWING channel

  • I bought your merch and it's so comfy!!! Ilysm Emma(I'm a girl on my dad's account dw)

  • Emma: ‘ok step one’ Also Emma: ‘wHaTs stEp OnE?¿’

  • imagine people who are new actually thought you were a sewing channel 😂

  • My question is why the hell she bought that much fabric??? Lol 😂😂

  • i cant tell you how many times i’ve watched this video