Birt 13 okt 2019
THANK YOU LOUIS VUITTON FOR HAVING ME!!!!!! i don't know how i keep getting invited to these things but i am so grateful :,)
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-emma chamberlain


  • We’re is that cat top from it’s really nice 😂

  • The tiktok part- I- that brought back cringe memories😅 ly!❤️

  • Imangine how good it feels to have hundreds of people shout your name

  • I kinda like the edit here than the latest ones But i love emma

  • I love the way she laughs😂

  • 5:58 When ur dad literally isn't in ur life and hates u at age 14-

  • Does anyone know the name of the hotel she stayed at?

  • Why is no one talking about how funny 14:18 is?

  • This is the og emma in paris lolol

  • popular Emma yay

  • hello me tanem you name what? okay you are emma l am look hava the me nooo don't Emma girls eyes blue hair word I'd proud in fish boa loo l am sorry bye Emma

  • U gurl get famous brands gifts,me I get an eraiser with some expired chocolate 🌚😂💔

  • Emma makes me feel okay with having acne

  • Big fan

  • U r love❤️❤️

  • Was that Patrick Ta doing your makeup????

  • Omg I miss the old woah

  • me watching in october 2020 and laughing aubout her saying ' if you dont know what tiktok is'

  • me seeing ryujins pink hair fjhdsfg

  • Emma: I want to get face masks Me in quarantine: omg.. oh wait this was 11 months ago

  • Still don't understand how she's so calm when she orders food

  • no way emma do you use beauty counter

  • ok but like derek and emma

  • 3:19 That happend to Betty Cooper in Riverdale!!!!😯😱 Love you Emma

  • I just got an Emma Chamberlin add on her own video

  • I just dropped my phone while watching this and it completely cracked but the video continued playing and I think that's beautiful

  • wait how do u get invited to fashion week

  • she really said that Paris was so fancy and the next part was a dude wearing a suit on a motor bike im dead

  • Can someone tell me what lipstick she used when she was wearing the cat shirt 😍

  • Why is your dad hot......?


  • Nobody: Emma: I've been watching a lot of TikTok

  • The room service guy: sure Emma:*ordering* The room service guy: Sure Emma:* ordering more* The room service guy: SURE!!!

  • i keep coming back for 6:29

  • the fact that she had like two days free after the show and she only go outside for instagram photos, we get it u rich😹

  • Emma's shirt at 3:39 is a MOOD

  • Rockstar

  • emma has such nice nails omg

  • having an emma marathon on quarantine sorry i just luv her

  • lmao here i am realising after a year that she was sitting right next to ITZY specifically yeji 👁👄👁

  • When she say face mask, the first thing that came to my mind was the masks we used in corona:”)

  • O my GOSH emma is so pretty with her hair DOWN

  • 14:14 Ryujins pink hair sksksksns still can’t believe she sat right next the Itzy

  • Did she sat with ITZY because i saw her in the vlog of M2

  • Why does her dad look 20 and 50 at the same time I am ✨ i n t r u i g e d ✨

  • The alarm sound triggered me.

  • Who’s watching this in 2020 cuz of CORONA 🦠

  • you should do the wow better because i did not say wow yet it is horible

  • emma I'm literally begging you to stop please stop putting the alarm sound in your videos. It is literally the worst sound I have ever heard and sounds like my own personal hell.

  • The burp got me good!

  • Blue Louie sweater.! ❤

  • my commercial for the video WAS an Emma commercial

  • lets just appreciate that she actually sat beside a kpop group in paris.. how lucky

  • does Emma know coffee gives u acne lmao😂

  • ceo of of i HaVe AcNe On My EvErYtHiNg

  • that noise at the beginning of the video gave me such PTSD from having to wake up early to go to uni.

  • 1:57 is what actually jet lag feels like lol

  • i love her so much

  • it's so strange watching this during a pandemic idk why ....

  • Emma Chamberlain

  • shopping for face masks now just hits different :/

  • That alarm triggered me

  • Emma looks like a roblox character that has a million of robux lol

  • How did you start the career you have? Like how did it start, because I really would like to do what you do

  • Is her dad Michael Scott?

  • Would love to see Narnia trump showered in fashion a icon of such.

  • They selected you because you're influencer and skinny girl.. this Paris style for fashion season... am I right?


  • âlmônd mîlk? Šüré! I love french ppl lmao

  • I got an ad and Emma was reviewing a product right before this video

  • I really enjoy your shit hahahahaha then your dad came in now I'm crying of happiness

  • She’s a straight up mood 🤣

  • i am convinced that she needs to date timothee chalamet

  • just wanna say that your dad is so handsome,,,,I LOVE YOU EMMA

  • Love how the facemask is touching a whole 12% of her skin lmao 🤣🤣

  • The real question is why is she watching a log fire on her computer?12:10

  • watch this for the 3times waiting for emma new videos

  • Little did Emma know that she’d become the queen of tik tok

  • Pwarrris lmao

  • U were sitting next to Itzy omg!

  • hearing the alarm sound literally KILLS me

  • Love this

  • No one: Not a single soul: The best room service guy ever: *"SuRe"*

  • Every time Emma uses the phone alarm sound in her videos it sends so much anxiety through my body and it sucks cuz I normally watch ISchats before bed and that phone alarm sound has turned me into an anxious insomniac lol Please stop 😩😂😂

    • dimxh nb welcome to my brain 😂 When I say I watch every youtuber, I mean I watch every youtuber 😂

    • you're everywhere 😂

  • emma went from a regular girl, to 😳🥳🤯🤯

  • Yes

  • Emma Emma Emma

  • the cringeeee

  • One of the makeup artist litlery quoted ”good girl” from ladybird and no one noticed it !!!!

  • Can you please colab with the Dolan twins again and I know that I spelled like everything wrong but I hope that you know who I was talkin about??!!!!😂😜

  • She was sitting next to itzy

  • when she did the woah i was like omg thats adorable

  • The guy from vogue though 😏

  • Who’s here after her first fashion week video...

    • Katie J meeeeeeeeeeeee🥳🥳🥳

  • Does anyone know wich lipstick Emma is using at 4:32?

  • Her voice sounds literally different while she was hopping off the limo

  • The alarm scared me


  • Luxury business is dying, but Louis Vuitton figured out how to make it look cool again... using Emma

  • everyone is soooo nice in paris uhhhh i wanna beeee uuuuuu