Birt 18 ágú 2019
why not do it all at once... right?
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  • anyone gonna telL hEr thats a wooDen kniFe 🌝✌️

  • ''wooden....forks" excuse me sis? tell me those are forks one more time

  • wooden forks umm haha emba its knifes

  • mmmmm i think moss needs moisture and shadow and succulents too? putting it right in the sun may not be the best idea 😜😜

  • i feel like everyones ignoring the fact that she called the knives, 'forks'

  • And now I just put it in the window, and its gonna grow. GUYS!! lolll Emma teaching science

  • Take two wooden forks, takes two knives

  • *marshmellows*

  • 0:56 LMFAO ISTG MY MIND MIGHT ME DIRTY BUT IT MAKES ME LAUGH SO FREAKING HARD LMAOOOO!! No offence anyone, specifically to those snowflakes out there, luv u and stay safe

  • The water balloon fight sent me😭😭

  • me: breaks my phone and cries for the rest of the day emma: cracks phone then goes into coffee place and feels better


  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • is no one else DYING when the water ballon hit her head HAHAHHA

  • This is how many times emma said "summer"⬇️

  • Imagine just walking down the street and a water balloon hits you in the head

  • Am I the only one that is scared of tanned emma

  • Instructions say to put the jar in front of a window to get sunlight Emma: puts it in the shade

  • I love how she puts it in the shade when there’s sun coming in from the window right next to it lol ohhhhh Emma

  • why would u put the plant in the shade

  • i love this video

  • Pecan

  • The add before this was Emma's bliss skincare add

  • Why don’t you ever where merch

  • Emma: my phone cracked, I’m gonna have to get a new one. Me: cracks it 12 times, naaa it’s fine. 🤣

  • **calls cups bowls **calls knifes forks me: 😐

  • At 5:52 the camera was focused on emma

  • cashews and hazelnuts are the best

  • I love how Emma did the list and actually DO the things...

  • I drive in love Emma she’s my idol she makes me so happy she’s so beautiful amazing and awesome!! She is the best!! I wanna be besties with her so badddd

  • she is literary so sweet idk why people hate on her

  • When you said if you live in Australia it just made me feel special

  • 14:10 SENT ME

  • when I was little I would make popsicles and I literally just put juice and a popsicle stick in the freezer and tada

  • I'm too lazy to think of a sort kinda okay goodish comment

  • currently binge-watching Emma's vids during quarantine

  • she remembered Aussies!!!

  • Queen

  • I've watched the part where she throws the water ballon at her head so many times & it still gives me a laugh attack

  • somebody PLEASE tell me where her leggings are from

  • Is it just me or I heard take wooden forks when she was holding a knife


  • am I the only one who actually thought the plumb was actually very good?

  • ⬇️People who doesn’t have a bucket list ⬇️

  • Who’s gonna tell her that her wooden ‘forks’ are actually knives...😂

  • EMMA:: you can just use wodden forks ME:: thoes r knives emma

  • anyone know where her shirt's from? the white tank

  • Can u stop swearing

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  • i love how Emma said wooden forks. They were wooden knifes😂

  • I love how Emma says at 7:30 “take some wooden forks” pulls out wooden knives XD

  • ‘now take some wooden forks’ *holds up a knife*

  • Anyone else did yoga with her?


  • Emma thinks her summer hasn't been summer, I'm watching this in 2020 like, girllll I hope she looks back at that and us like dang I should've used my summer wisely

  • When she hit the water ballon off of her head and off the balcony I lost it 😂

  • Who else watches Emma’s old vids when she isn’t posting?

  • she called knifes forks 😂 literally me

  • Me watching this on my 2nd day of school: 👁👄👁

  • Not being rude or anything but marshmellos aren't vegan

  • Wow i am so impressed by the water balloon fight

  • I can give you ideas for podcast or videos too

  • Hey wanna notice me so we can be friends on snap ASAP!!

  • It’s a bullet journal thing to write a bucket list

  • when the water balloon flew off the balcony i WHEEZED

  • Hilo’s

  • Emma listing the stuff she want's to do Me: CoRoNa ViRuS

  • 😂

  • Why LOL

  • 10:44 your gonna go take a nap!? Ok grandma 😂 bro your like 17, you should full on energy

  • emma did you just call a knife a fork-

  • when she bit the popsical i could neverrr

  • This video made me inspired to make my own video about my bucket list

  • Yes Emma almonds are the best

  • how to get rich being an ass clown

  • who is here exactly a year later and releases how good summer was

  • emma doing yoga is literally me 🤣😭

  • australia watching this like dumba** were the same day as you

  • She said forks when it was knives and nobody noticed hahaha 7:32

  • me sitting here watching it a year later living in Australia: Winter is not even cold.


  • I was just watching this and then a ad of Emma comes up what a coincidence😽

  • Bro I clicked this video and the first ad is Emma like 👁👄👁🌚

  • Omg Guys when i was watching this video a add of emma came up it was for some skin care products i think yay☺

  • She gets me. Almonds are the BEST!

  • 3:19 I love Emma's ooooooo haha love u emma

  • 3:18

  • "i love when i don't f*ck things up" *11 months later and still the most relatable statement ever*

  • Emma that's a knife

  • emma can u buy me a phone

  • When the balloon bounced off her head 😂😂😂😂😂

  • i just realized she said wooden fork but it was a knife

  • Thanks for being such an inspiration 💕💖💕 My dull life shall be transformed with these fun tasks 🧚‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣 I have to try these


  • 14:10 heres wat evryones talking about

  • I absolutely was laughing my head off when you threw the balloon at your head and it bounced over the balcony❤🤣😂

  • Why is nobody talking about why she said forks instead of knives lmao

  • emma: take a wooden fork also emma: *holds a wooden knfe*

  • I cringed when she bit into her popsicle cause I thought it was fully frozen

  • bye guys I’m teleporting to 2021