Birt 4 jún 2019
we all graduated dont worry
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  • wait isn’t ethan wearing the black diamond bracelet that james bought him like in december? cuz it looks really familiar

  • don't worry guys its stupid to :D

  • it been a year and i'm still laughing at how grayson asked for more coffee and she said no then realized. idk i thought it was soo funny

  • Ethan: I feel like I’m tired Emma: I feel like I’m hungry Grayson: I feel kinda............ ✨funny✨

  • 🥺🥺🥺 i love how ethin is wearing the bracelet James got him

  • I just can't understand the timeline of emma and ethan breaking up and ethan getting in relationship with his current gf.. Cuz this video is 1year old and Ethan just celebrated 1year anniversary

  • 72

  • It’s was so funny when Grayson wrote HAGS on his essay that reminded me of like the last day of middle school and everybody signing year books 😂

  • This video is me and my siblings playing school with my babysitter when we were little 😂

  • Okay but algebra is the most stupid thing on earth. Its incredibly hard and there's no need for it. Who knows half of the vocabulary words nobody knows how to say,spell or whats these fancy words are. History half of our country doesn't know half of the states. Biology is so stupid. Its hard for literally no reason, makes no sense, and isn't really needed. End of rant. Okurrrrr

  • why are they so easyyyyyy

  • me in 2020 sill wanting to know what he said in the beginning

  • whats weird a little is that they all look like siblings like emma is their older sister or something lol but definitely not younger

  • wtf ethan did so good on the english part

  • at the moment they were cheering I lost it

  • if grayson was in my class i 100% would have thrown those 20 pound books at him

  • Emma's face @ 8:28 😂

  • Grayson's essays were what all teachers want to hear

  • this is so chaotic I’m

  • good times


  • ok this really made me realize how much i actually learned and retained in school..... being dumb isnt cuuuutee srry

  • Who thinks the sister squad should come back 😫

  • I miss them so much

  • soo I like how I chose to watch this at 12am instead of starting my hw 😐

  • bro y so many dislikes.

  • them not knowing how to say words is helping me thru the day

  • this video really boosted my ego bc no offense bc this shit should not be that hard 💀

  • It's weird that I'm smarter than them even though they're way older than me

  • They’re all so relaxed with each other and naturally funny hope they get back together 💖

  • who else saw that random title text box at the end

  • I had a add from Emma then a video from Emma. Lit

  • I would do anything to have this friendship back 😪

  • 30:09 did you guys see “title” too?

  • Okayyyy but ethan’s first essay slaps 👏🏽

  • Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼 ischats.info/fun/oLygn4KZgJF8lIA/v-deo

  • Emma: you can feel the other students Grayson: EMmA

  • sad asf💔

  • okay, I'm I the only one who laughed from 30:47 to 30:49?????? why was that so cute and funny.

  • They are friends again. They all 3 just did a video about a week ago.

  • emma accedentally out titale on that one oart lmap

  • did no one realize that ethan is wearing the braclet james got for him or what

  • I used to like Ethan and Grayson but now I realize how loud and annoying they are

  • Ethan is a mood😭

  • 1:15

  • The twins were so funny back then

  • 26:42 Gray Is me every fokin day in my goddamn school with my stupid classmates

  • Emma was on one of my ads during this video....

  • Yo they’re naming the states for history like wtf? Do Americans not have a class called geography like the rest of the world??

  • its sad how much i come back to this video

  • the color coordination in this is satisfying

  • Why are they not friends anymore?

  • #حملة_توصيل_جمعة_اخوات_للمليون

  • me when i was wacthing this i got a emma chambelin add

  • 8:37 is the most accurate description of students getting an answer right during their finals study group

  • you can tell Ethan something about them dating at the beginning so she had to bleep it out

    • @Ella Hamlin not publicly but people have suspicions

    • did they date???

  • Meanwhile their teachers r like: 👁👄👁

  • I’m in 6th grade and I can get 100% on the math thing and it’s 150 division and multiplication and I got them all in under a minute 30

  • ✨I clicked on the vid o and the ad that came on was of here ✨🧃🎨

  • I keep seeing Emma’s bliss ad on her vids 😂😂

  • 29:20 is meee

  • The sister squad should become friends again and make a channel on ISchats

  • I've said this before and imma say it again,HOW THE FUCK IS GRAYSON DOLAN SINGLE?!!

  • No I was wrong I did it in fifth grade

  • I literally actually did those times tables in 3rd grade like I remember it exactly

  • I don’t even care if Emma ever dated either of them I just want this friendship back

  • pain

  • Damn Emma really had a glow up from this video, her skin her hair everything

    • 👀Funny it's like how she said in her recent video: as soon as she cut off toxic people out of her life boom she was glowing.

  • I had a fear of going to the bathroom at school as well

  • 2020 anyone

  • Ethan looks painfully hot in this video

  • While I was watching this I got an add with Emma in it

  • When he said cleaning up the streets instead of saving children’s lives I CHOKED on my spit

  • Imagine if somehow there was like a deadly pandemic that killed millions of people and like you couldn’t even go to school and take your GCSEs/finals. Like that would be so crazy. I got Cs and Bs tho so I’m not complaining I probably would have failed if I actually took the tests

  • One year later: I’m still trying to figure out what Ethan said in the beginning 😂

  • Not them pronouncing advocate wrong 😂

  • i know it’s been a year but this video should be renamed “ignoring / bullying ethan for 32 minutes and 18 seconds straight”😭😭

  • when your from maryland and she says i didn’t even know maryland existed: 😐

  • Hello! MJ Walls here from Maryland ! Love your videos !!

  • I shouldn’t but I genuinely miss this friendship so much I have no idea what happened but wish you’d reconnect like you and James.

  • 5:05 lahdqldhsqld why was that cool?


  • whos here when james and emma are friends again and have collabed because same

  • 4:11 i think emma is at her peak rn (2020) she looks gorgeous, her skin looks amazing, and she’s actually getting enough sleep bc now she has an editor.

  • Whose here after the James Charles and Emma collab.

  • who's here after james and emma were back

  • Back after watching the new vid with James 😔

  • 28:09 ahem ahem



  • I swear school in America is so much easier than school in India.

  • Did anyone else pause the video at 5:28 to check if E had anything in his nose?

  • who else tried the pen clicking thing

  • geography...not history

  • Yo Emma’s add for some skin care commercial came on when I clicked on this and I was trying to figure out if she was being sponsored or it was just a coincidence

  • are those red dots on emmas ears earings or pimples?

  • Why did Emma day “ I’m sweating no one can touch my neck right now like someone was gonna touch her neck.” 😂 she actually amazing

  • omg grayson talking abt his daughter i can’t omg

  • Such a good trio, sucks that they aren't like close friends anymore

  • Grayson’s lowkey sound a bit like the beginning of a Netflix film