Birt 4 apr 2021
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  • Idk what's better than a Emma pacsun ad on a Emma vid

  • girl you would thrive in NYC. you would own the nightlife by the time you turn 21

  • Ms Gurl I live in NJ 35 is warm for winter

  • you bundling up literally made my whole day omg

  • I fell like emma is so lonely, In all her videos she doesn't hangout with anyone :( Ily emma

  • ok so i have lived in manhatten my entire life and whenyou said the weather i waslike ok great leggings and hoodie and sneaker you puts on 20 layers

  • It’s really disturbing for me at 5:14 to 8:14 where shee talked about how she is posting pictures on social media of this things she’s eating and drinking then calling herself stupid but still POSTING. *Cut to* Next segment saying we are gonna have a talk about how I planned to not post on social media (you just did from the bread to the tea, very proudly) then using WHATEVER in a sentence when she’s talking about documentary based on Social Media Addiction. Wow. She really needs to watch her videos before posting. She becomes 2 different person’s in one video with 2 different opinions. IF SHE READS HER COMMENTS, DO NOT TAKE IT AS HATE BUT CRITICISM ON WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO YOUR AUDIENCE. Please give it a thought.

  • i have watched this video so much to the point that i know what emma is going to say and do next

  • i feel like emma is my only friend she talks like she is on a phone call with us or she sent us a video on message

  • EMMA i lived in nyc all my life DO NOT move there, please i just moved to SC and im so grateful to get out of that horror city, especially now with all the cops quitting its terrible there, full of crime and really really unsafe, i really hope you see this once you move you will regret it, the city is going to shit!!

  • Y’all like “Emma stay in nyc” “Emma you look happier in nyc” but I’m over here wondering how everything looks good on her and how much outfits she wears in one day

  • 100 % move to New York... you don't have to live there forever but the time you do live there is gonna be magical

  • Emma, you shouldn't move to NYC because

  • the fact that i wear shorts in 50 degree weather is sad

  • “Look at me being social” lmao

  • No you have to move here😎😎😎

  • That awkward moment when ur from Canada and u thought she meant 30 degrees celcius

  • Be careful if you fall asleep with a heating pad. I got a huge 2nd-degree burn from doing that!

  • You look MUCH better now that youre in NYC. So happy for you. DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! But if you are feeling down, check my mental health-related videos.

  • Emma just looks like she would live in nyc 🤷‍♀️

  • What app did she use to remove from her photo?? I love it

  • You are the best to watch while I exercise😂😂😂😂

  • i watch her videos every time i have a bad day and it’s like a form of therapy at this point

  • can anyone find the brown converse she’s wearing?

  • your house in LA is fucking awesome

  • I LOVE NEW YORK EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think u shouldnt move to nyc cuz u like it there bcuz its rlly diff from la and u just wanted change in ur life and this trip was very exciting and thrilling bcuz of this and u will just feel kinda lonely there cuz everything is in la ur family, friends whatever and also the yt community is mainly in la and I feel like u would feel very distant from that if u moved to nyc but u could rent a smol apartment there if u wanted to I guess

  • Oh the joys of getting that perfect shot and hating yourself for how long it took afterwards, lol.

  • bruh if u think a heating pad is the shit. get a whole heated blanket

  • You also probably have stomach problems from all the coffee :/ I have IBS and I went down to 4 ounces of coffee a day and my stomach problems are significantly better.

  • me looking for the comment of the person who met Emma :)

  • UMMmmMm i guess you shouldn't move here cause there is a lot of rats? ahahhahaha I'm bad at this I love ny

  • I live in Maryland and 35 isn’t that bad 😂 so close to NY

  • Why you shouldn't move to new york: You. The show You. Literally.

  • this has to be my favorite video queen

  • Emma: we need to talk Me:omfg i am in big trouble

  • Emma you should move to New York honestly we can all see how happy it makes you

  • moving to new york seems like a good idea, maybe even getting a small apartment or scheduling trips there. i love the vibes i get from ny emma

  • u look so happy!!

  • dude i actually couldn’t breathe when she said she walked 20,000 miles on accident i was like BRUH UH

  • She makes shopping addiction seem ok and who doesn't love that when you have been told you are a hopeless shopaholic lol

  • The heating pad strategy is you subconsciously simulating another human’s body warmth and that’s why it helps you fall asleep. Aka you’re lonely LMAO IM SORRY

  • move to ny

  • This is my comfort video. It makes me calm and I am currently in the midst of a panic attack so I enjoy this.

  • don't move to nyc because it will take the fun and magic out of it if you actually LIVE there, yk it will be like your everyday life and then it will get boring, i feel like it's more magical if it's like a rare treat yk

  • photoshop users are not impressed by the app hfsdhsfj

  • EMMA! NYC IS COLD (don't pay any attention to the heavenly bagels)

  • Emma: “it’s like 35 degrees right now, and the highest it’ll get today is about 55 degrees. so it’s freezing” Everyone who lives a northern area: 👁👄👁

  • dont move cos of rats :P idk

  • I can't express how happy Emma makes me. I'll be having a bad day, then I'll just watch one of Emma's videos, and ugh, I just love her.

  • I think this is the happiest I’ve seen Emma in a while

  • are u rly saying +12 is frreezing?

  • emma, explore photoshop and you’ll be even more in shock

  • She likes warmth 🤣 same girl

  • i drink iced drinks and slushes in 0° weather 😃👍🏼

  • it’s not that cold tho😂

  • I live in pa so 55 is not even cold

  • i got an emma ad, on an emma video

  • Also, I personally feel that occasionally it's a good idea to do something that's a bad idea. Besides, you'd be close to Doctor Mike, and you should *seeee* the way he was looking at you!!!

  • You're using a map? In Manhattan?? Let me process this... Yeah, I can't decide if that makes sense or doesn't make sense or if it's just a new idea. Also, the idea of being lost in Manhattan is kinda odd. Maybe if you didn't use a map you wouldn't have gotten lost. Or maybe it's this type of thing that is why when I tell people I'm from NY they're like *ooohhhhhh* as if suddenly it all makes sense.

  • You seem so happy out of LA and off of social media

  • move to new york we’re all gonna die anywayss !!

  • emma never disappoints me idc i love her💜

  • I would be wearing a hoodie and sweatpants (that simple) lol

  • always do face rolling upward direction never up and down and 3-6 times flat along the brows

  • my girl is layering bc it's 55 degrees😭 that's when it's time to take my jacket off

  • SHES LITERALLY ME, I love heating pads for the exact same reason.. and I also take a million pics of my food.

  • You should move to New York.. it’s a once in a lifetime experience!! I’m really happy for you, you’re so brave going alone..

  • I miss you:’( we should really hang out, I’m just like you! #promise #Introvert

  • Love you❤️❤️‍🔥👆

  • You are so smart.. and beautiful, of course

  • I am just like y o u..

  • The internet is not real 😂😂

  • emma i can be ur friend when you move to ny

  • emma i lov u!

  • when californians whine about weather that's not even remotely cold by anyone's standard.....................*cringe.

  • are americans ever gonna get off their primitive measurement system and finally adopt the metric system?

  • new york and los angeles...............these are the only two places that celebrities live. they've got no imagination for any place else.

  • my favorite video in the whole world

  • bye the ad was literally emma


  • babe, taking photos of food isnt just for the grammm lol its for personal memory and happinesssss love you

  • you're a more real person, real people don't belong in la

  • 3:21 - me when i see a famous-looking person, nd im wearing my alpha sweat suit..

  • 🤣🤣🤣 all them clothes girl

  • Emma seems so happy in this video I love it so much ❤️

  • wait stop why are you so wise, also the fact that you are just discovering the meaning of life i'm definitely here for it

  • you are awesome! You can be very excited for yourself. subscribing to the channel now 👏🏻

  • Nooooooooo move to nyc now i would i fucking hate vegas please take me

  • today i decided to watch Emma’s video. i love her

  • today i decided to watch Emma’s video. i love her

  • Not me getting a PacSun Emma ad before an Emma video lol

  • gurl the part apart after u showered and how you were watching the documentries is true

  • GIRRRRLLLLL if you are REALLY ALONE in New York ... i don't how you do it? I want to try and travel alone in Sydney... but i don't know if i'm brave enough!!

  • the way an ad popped up of emma while i’m watching her 😭

  • I missed these videos :)

  • Emma come to shumburg or oak brook or Chicago.

  • The traffic in New York sucks

  • omg not emma's pacsun ad coming on during this video

  • the ad I got was her ad lmao