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-emma chamberlain


  • There are no coincidences

  • zayn malik

  • WTF I just saw one of the first videos of Emma, ​​where she is on a card buying things for school and shows various things from minions I think the towel refers to its beginnings, I'm in shook

  • isn’t it funny how she got the minion towel for creativity and the next week she dyed her hair blonde

  • At your first destination there was a jacaranda tree. There’s this myth which suggests that if you walk under it and a petal falls on your head, you’ll fall in love with the person you were walking with. So maybe that was the ‘love’ thing.

  • Emma, if you want to get rid of the sores in the corner of your mouth, use a cream for athletes foot. It sounds disgusting, but the reason you get them is because you might be sleeping with your mouth open and it's causing saliva to settle in the corners. You need to make it as dry as possible so cream for athletes foot is the thing that will do that. Not lip balm which most people use, this actually makes it worse. Angular cheilitis is horrible and painful and I just wanted to share that with you. 😘


  • What I don't understand is why emma only has 9 m subs?! She deserves so much more than that!!❤️❤️

  • 'I'm open minded' that's what I said and she never talked to me ever again!

  • omg Emmas skin looks so good !

  • Maybe Emma’s husbands gonna love sprite

  • My name starts with a Z. I feel loved-

  • i think that the towel on the bike is supposed to represent the memory of her video called I joined a bike gang where she met this guy who gave her a minion t shirt and had a "bike gang" even though they weren't motorcycles theyre still kinda close also i know this is an older vid but im binging her vids love u emma!

  • 4:44 im turning on my asc

  • maybe someone had a coffee in their car lmao

  • maybe you’ll work at the office building one day? lmao

  • maybe her future love lives there? and u should try doing a color! it’s really fun

  • minion-million idk

  • Maybe your Groove and you would stress less if you had a minion. Like you know assistant to likthelp with organization with anything and help

  • The thought process that Emma has is immaculate 😆

  • it could help to be more specific about your intentions

  • the loading part, i thought was my internet and i screamed lol.

  • the first place kinda looks like the street where the Ethan Dolan pranked Grayson when the car got "flipped" in their video literally a month before this video went up........also I'm about 4 months late to this video lol. The Dolan twins also filmed part of a video in a parking lot soooooooo....

  • Emma being a biker girl for a day


  • please do a house tourrrrrrrrrrrr

  • I cant be the only one that noticed she did something to her lips😭😭it looks good tho ily

  • the way Emma holds Declan

  • im scared how she is driving 💖💖😂😂

  • emma makes my mood

  • my friend was using this app and on their way home their car flipped

  • Sign 1: coordinate is in a very sunny spot of a pretty living area -> you love stability and are on the right path (🌞) 🌻 Sign 2: coordinate is in a parking lot -> you need to let yourself rest career- (ISchats) and creativitywise🌙 Sign 3: coordinate is yet again in a parking lot -> YOU NEED TO F***ING LET YOURSELF REST CAREERWISE (Chamberlain Coffee), Universe gave you this sign twice! 🍂

  • Cause You fail You are not focusing

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • mAnIfEsT

  • Hi

  • someone get Emma some chapstick

  • we dont deserve this woman god bless

  • me trying to find signs of tucker 👁👅👁

  • My tummy hurts 😭

  • I like you your funny!

  • the fucking transition of ___ minutes later with the layered gps voice was just sending me

  • In the front picture you look like saber from Norris nuts 👁👄👁

  • You're way too cool for crocs...

  • I think google map loves irritating emma

  • emma really overthought that minon towel-

  • We can't hear the a.c. Leave it on if you're not.

  • If its so hot why wear a sweater lol

  • Why aren’t you blasting the air conditioning 😂😂😂😂

  • in minions, gru is evil. so maybe its saying youtube is evil and your helping them with their plans

  • shes literally overthinking the minion towel on the motercycle.......

  • Emma: its so hott Also Emma: wears a sweater in 80 degrees

  • Complaining about the heat while wearing a sweater! 😂😂😂


  • the leggg

  • The towel is To keep the bike from getting hot 😑

  • People talking about the espresso machine like “aw no she got rid of the machine Ethan gave her🥺” they literally haven’t spoke in months and they’re obviously not friends anymore y’all need to get over it💀

  • its cause your not focusing enough and taking it seriously and being positive

    • yeah like i feel like she didnt believe it enough and she probably literally just thought of the word "coffee"

  • I want Emma to be my therapist.

  • pretty sure this would work if you had belief in it

  • Maybe they brought u to the parking places because u got mad while driving or was talking about driving a lot

  • Ok but can we just talk about Emma’s crocs

  • omg there was a add before this video and it was EMMA

  • I actually played and it leaded me to two really weird abandoned houses soooooooooo

  • During the commercial break I got an ad for Bliss from Emma...to say I was confused is an understatement 🤯 but get that money girl!!!

  • You should sell whole bean coffee on your coffee site!

  • when you manifest you actually have to believe in it your manifesting was weak

  • We need a house tour

  • What hair color is that-

  • Their was a motorcycle and she did pick out a Harley Davidson shirt for James Charles.....hmmmm

  • Me: thinks/MaNiFeStS in my mind about love life🥰. Update: it took me to a illegal striper place.

  • emma is such an entertaining person at her core that even commercial breaks are enjoyable to watch

  • I really like her car, what model is it?

  • Emma is such a vibeeeee period

  • 14:09 me doe- 👁👄👁

  • 84 f/ 28 c in australia is just when it starts getting hot, imagine if emma came to australia when it was 50 c

  • Those earrings? Are they supposed to be wisdom teeth?.

  • When she drives with her leg up it really pisses me off lol, it seems dangerous.


  • Siri talking while Emma gets increasingly upset literally made me laugh so hard there were TEARS I’m so sorry Emma 😂😂


  • she should go geocaching

  • I so fucking love her. 😂😂😂😂

  • You have a whole chart of signs (you need to know the exact time you were born in order to access it) not just your sun sign which is the horoscope that you read. So the main ones are you sun sign (how you generelly approach the world) your moon (your ”shadow”, the subconscious and your emotional nature) and your rising sign (how you appear to others) then you have a bunch of others in your chart. You can also look up numerology, a lot of your questions will be answered :)

  • Thanks for the discount code!!

  • 13:35 is a whole mood😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 🍫☕🥛😋

  • You should try geocaching in a future video! There's a more concrete reward rather than speculation or trying to connect dots

  • no one: emma: “looking in the trash can”

  • "It’s so hot today" BUT IM WEARING A SWEATER

  • I legit just got an emma chamberlain ad while watching emma chamberlain, i-

  • Am i the only one that saw emma on an ad and saw the video

  • Creativity/ISchats... this whole app just created a video for you 😂

  • People stop saying "who is in quarantine RN" Like where else are we supposed to be, Yeah i'm in LA getting a nice tan and going to huge parties with all of my friends. No i am in bed watching literally all of Emma's videos...

  • What if her lover is the truck driver

  • when ur name starts with a z

  • Your skin looks amazing!!! 💯👌🏽

  • Her videos just hit different

  • my friend and i did this and it brought us to someone we knew backyard

  • I burped at the EXACT SAME MOMENT you burped in this video lol