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-emma chamberlain


  • Love the energy!

  • She eat animal cheese but not shreded???? 😭

  • i wanna eat that cheeseboard now

  • I dont know if anyone already posted this but those red cowboy boots are super Ted Mosby from himym

  • As much as I don’t like plain cheese, that cheese board looks good.

  • Gaaaa at some point in my life I want to be the friend that has a closet that looks like a giant store so my friends can all make cute Halloween costumes and play dress up together at 3 AM in the morning

  • “That is nOT something to joke about” lol

  • i loved blonde emma

  • i dont even like cheese but that cheese board looks chefs kiss

  • Nah Brie cheese is trash

  • Nobody: Emma: Genuinely* every five seconds

  • I would eat your cheese bored

  • i have that salsa

  • THAT......is a fucking beautiful charcuterie board! 🧀🍇🥖🫒. I love♥️ NOTHING more than a good cheese board! It’s the aesthetics in life that keep me chugging along!

  • Ok... i miss the blonde

  • ............... waaw............

  • emma chamberlain is so

  • What makes eyes look good, the shape or colour?

  • Yes

  • You look like Chalamet s cousin

  • Omggg she's so pretty

  • Emma you are beautiful!

  • emma is one of the few white ppl who actually eat food with spices and actual flavors and im here for that

  • why she look like timothy chalamet so much

  • i get alot of energy , satisfaction and happiness by just watching her doing anything ' literally ' anything 😵 haha i just love her ❤️

  • im commenting on every video youve made.


  • K that cheese board looks so yummy 😋

  • The mascara commercial rlllly just said please use responsibly... um what?

  • Bruh.. not me just realizing Declan walking in the background of Emma’s passing commercial 😂

  • Jesus is our lord and savior

  • emma i don’t like cheese i’m sorry lol

  • lmao, my favorite thing is watching the cats in the background, quality entertainment

  • leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

  • i still wanna know if her friends tried emma’s cheese board😭

  • I have never been more jealous than anyone in my life like Oliva gets to acc be friends with her like stop i- (were still besties tho she just doesnt know)

  • She could’ve been Harley queen

  • Emma should do a video where all her fans send her random clothes that they found/don’t want anymore and she should try style them idk sounds pretty fun in my head 😫

  • boot that checkered shirt hahah :P

  • you have no clue how much these videos help me:’) they give me such a sense of peace when i’m overwhelmed

  • 17:32 GIRL SAME BYE- 😭✋

  • does anyone else wonder if emma re-enters her car everytime she films her entering her car????

  • I would love to eat that cheese board because it looks delicious and also I love Gouda

  • i want someone to look at me the way emma looks a her everything but the bagel seasoning

  • I would eat your cheese board. Yummy.

  • mmm now i want cheese

  • she said cause the cheese looks fake, emma its bc it is, it vegan, that killed me and i would fo sho eat ur cheese board, some salami would be nice as well loll

  • Did i just realize eggs are not vegan

  • Emma: Olivia is just so nice and easygoing Also Emma:Olivia said if I don’t get her the cheese she is going to call the police.😅

  • I was so mad at her for a second that she didn't get salami or prosciutto and then I realized...

  • Gouda is always better than brie 👌

  • 5:47 ok miss Niall Horan

  • sorry im vegaan

  • I literally love her. The first vid I watched was when she drove to San francisco, backed into someone’s car, and half the vid was her trying to find parking lol. Her vids are always entertaining😊

  • ur videos are literally the only thing keeping me going

  • She's like my virtual sister since I don't have one in real life. It calms me when she gives forehead kisses 😘

  • 21:20

  • I’m lactose intolerant and I would still eat Emma’s cheese board :)

  • The entire time I am watching this I am thinking about MY favorite cheese and how I wish I could tell you to get some and add Fuji apples - then you did!!!!! Irish Dubliner cheese is THE BEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD. I cannot believe that you picked that and that you love it too!!!

  • 7:16 me everyday of online school

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  • The chilly psychiatrist bailly man because star internally found outside a melted coal. jolly, educated liver

  • ischats.info/fun/dMJxdmqcZ56ic4A/v-deo

  • That cat is pooping on camera girl.

  • i desperatley want to be your friend

  • Emma is my spirit animal.

  • Do your hair purple would look so good

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  • Down below

  • Emma all your video at least once your cat's back is present...yay

  • i would totally eat the cheese board emma


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  • Why does she make everything look bussin😐👌

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • hey queen just wanna tell you even tho its 2021 now, a stigmatism is when your pupil and color of your eye is deeper/pointier then your white of your eye. i have it too girl😚😚😚😚

  • did she literally make a powerpoint

  • emma what ya think about havarti cheese ????

  • hear me out ok take a shot every time she says cheese board

  • i have agstigmatism too

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  • the ted mosby boots

  • I would eat your cheese

  • why does Emma use so much packaging

  • I would love a video of like a cookout mukbang with Olivia and Amanda and to see them all together again

  • It’s very contagious to see Emma so proud and happy about her cheese board like yes girl celebrate the small things💜

  • I was like what is ghooda cheese and then I realized she meant Gouda. Im dutch and this hurts me 💔

  • Emma:naming all the people depending on what cheese they like Me:what if you don’t like cheese....I do but what if people don’t. (Not trying to be rude or to hate, love you❤️)

  • i would eat the cheese board even tho im lactose intolerant cuz it look that good

  • 9:56 "and the parking is free" WAIT store's parking lots in America are not free ????

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  • I would eat that bro i that shit looks SOOOOOO good lol

  • When sometimes is isn’t broken you don’t fix it

  • James Charles probably need me to shoutout your palette 4 you

  • Y’all want a cheese hual c’mon

  • ..Everything a aesthetic,NO SHUT UP

  • “Enjoy the finer thing in life so I’m growing up “

  • i love you girl.istg if i dont meet u sometime idkkk imma ugh i really wanna meet this amazing person

  • why can i smell the cheese throught the screen