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  • You should’ve put more tahini

  • I love the new photo you have for your ISchats channel 😩❤️

  • Where did she get the pans I love them sooooo much

  • Я одна Русская?

  • Sticks fingers in blender while its still connected ......

  • Add more garlic thats it

  • This is my second video im watching and im addicted to them 😙😙😙

  • I'm sorry if this is offensive or something, but I never knew some people do so much preparation to go get groceries. If I need groceries, I literally just put on some shoes and go. Edit: What's up with the other girl's back?

  • the way the lighting in her house makes her hair, eyes and skin look all together... the colors. the tones. perfection.

  • my depression in a nutshell

  • why tf Emma looks like Britney Spears here?!?!

  • Try less tahini a little less oil and add garlic power

  • where is the rope from

  • 😂😂Bro, this girl so cute

  • u are literally my bestie ilysm

  • add some honey to the hummus next time

  • emma please don't burppppppp

  • Girl you forgot olive 🫒 juice in the hummus 🤭

  • this hairstyle looks so good on her

  • who is the second friend? There's Olivia and?

  • what shoes does she wear for running???

  • Women putting hours of work getting ready for a date He should be counting his blessings to even talk to you girl

  • I Think u shouldn’t add chickpeas water. And I personally reccommend boiling your own chickpeas, because these from can change the taste a lot. Ohhh and u can add paprika powder inside. Love u 💕💕💕

  • ahh the way she came back from her run "ew" "uh" "ew" ahhahaa that just made me laugh so much

  • 6:40 i was laughing for like a one hour LMAOOO

  • her house is so beautiful omg

  • Ttm.i

  • add cumin

  • im sorry if this is creepy but- *I CANT STOP LOOKING AT YOU YOUR SO PRETTY*

  • rewatching her vids just bc i wanna be happy again

  • How does she only have ten million subs she deserves the LITERAL world

  • "Omg, I literally love these shoes" *casually throws them on the ground*

  • You did not put enough garlic also don't put the water from the can use ice cubes instead

  • You have all the money in the world yet knows nothing about anything

  • A tip for the hummus is to watch a video made by a ARAB CHEF bc like some Americans make our food. While we grew up eating hummus- all I’m saying is the reason it probably tasted bad bc you didn’t watch a tutorial. Anyway I love you


  • what's up with liv's back? is she okay?

  • Maybe it needs more garlic 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • My mental health will improve once I’m away from my toxic family.

  • Title: everyday is the same My emotions: nahh we switch it up sometimes

  • Can anyone tell me why she has 10M subs?

  • im commenting on every video youve made

  • İ could never take a shower and not wash my hair too

  • That routine seems like ur own little hell

  • *had to eat the whole plate to say that theres something wrong with it*

  • You are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!!

  • Seek HIM. Seek TRUTH

  • you and olivia rodrigo should be friends

  • emma with pigtail braids is a whole vibe

  • Emma is one of the few humans that can pull off blonde and brown hair

  • Add paprika and olive oil and ALSO oregano 😎

  • olive oil is missing honey (:

  • I just found out you’re a Gemini which is why I feel like u always need to be mentally stimulated lolll

  • i think that a part of emma belongs to the middle east especially lebanon she eats zatar hummus and tihinny wooww love you emma

  • Noooo emmma it’s ALWAYS happens with home made hummus !! It’s not Shocking but it feels like it’s missing something

  • It needs more garlic! Also the Trader Joe's brand onion salt is FIRE and saves everything. Add that.

  • Why do you always let the water run and then talk for 10 minutes? Such a waste

  • I think Emma is exceptional in her own way... This vlog is fab... Like she just taught how to be sassy and love our own flaws 🤙🤙🤙🤙😍no matter what

  • this is emma's way of being like other youtubers and doing a "Day in my life" except she titled it "everyday is the same" i love it. ty

  • The hummus need baking soda to be creamy

  • Girl you look awesome, so shot up

  • Your hair looks cute!

  • 22:37 okay tbh the first outfit was the best

  • levi ackerman

  • very much brittany spears hair circa 1998

  • 1:14 is that declan?? now hes literally all orange omg what happened

  • I don't understand,but lt's very interesting....

  • That might be too much *adds more*

  • Why did u wash the chickpeas just to add the water back

  • her videos keep me alive tbh

  • I'm from the middle east and yeah you did it wrong lol.

  • I hate the comments like ‘Edit:wow thanks for the likes’ and i dont even know why

  • what is the brand of this espresso machine im gonna buy a new one it seems okey but i cant find the name of the machine

  • This vid is one of my favs of hers

  • i love u.

  • i make hummus a lot and i don’t normally put the chickpea juice or tahini. try it without those and if u don’t like it then measure the amt of tahini and blend.

  • this is me when my mental health is shitty but im trying my best to be productive and honestly im living for it emma this rlly cheered me up today c:

  • I just watch all your videos for the forehead kiss at the end

  • No boogers 😂

  • Why does her drumming sound like the austin & ally theme song 🤣🔥

  • No

  • why is no one talking about olivias back like what

  • hummus doesnt really need tahini also tahini tests like shit im sorry but JYFHHBDV also emma u look sooo pretty im binging watcing emma


  • Ur literally heather omgg 😲

  • one eye brow darker than other get it queen

  • happy 10 mil

  • you use more tahini and not the chickpea water but a little bit of tap water. add chillies !

  • her friend looks like Beck from You

  • Emma i need the link you your drum set. NOW!

  • i think i’ve watched this video like 90 times i don’t know why i love it so much

  • i always use 10 more lemons for hummus and its a life changer

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • you must add much more salt then that , also at the beginning you've must boil the chickpea , also Olivia is like a white swan

  • Imagine not having a million subs 🤣

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  • you probably needed more garlic LOL

  • I noticed while watching this that emma is about to get 10Million subs!!!!! So proud been here since 100k subs ❤️ Road to diamond play button ❤️😘