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  • “when coachella happens in october” us still in quarantine in october 👁👄👁

  • “I am excited for October” Umm....

  • “I am excited for October” Umm....

  • i liked for the dj plate set up looool

  • who's watching this in October lol

  • If Emma picked out my 2021 Coachella outfit i would ✨expire✨

  • Hi emma. Did you move again?

  • this is so sad lol hahahah

  • i can just see Morgan Adams at home like, "Mines was better :)" ahahaha *just me...okay*

  • Anyone else think it’s hilarious that in Emma’s videos she has adds with her in them?😂

  • Declan's a chunky kitty. I watch your videos for him.

  • Emma looks like Taylor Swift at 10:44

  • No one: Intrusive thoughts: 4:50

  • I think she should have gone for that red top and belt, but with blue jeans and red doc martens and then dutch braids and lashes? ❣Her end outfit was still awesome tho

  • pls someone tell me why am i so obsessed with her???

  • i farted two secs before she said it smelt like fart ;-;

  • 2:03 “everything in my closet is too normal and at Coachella you want to be half naked.”

  • what lipstick is that it's AMAZING

  • I’m literally binge watching Emma’s videos while getting a 8 hour tattoo

  • Who was that at 12:18???

  • emma ily but why not get a female mannequin torso instead of putting your clothes on the floor when you decide what to wear


  • this is very concerning

  • Emma’s closet is bigger than my room

  • steely dan

  • Emmas closet is as big as my kitchen

  • can we just talk about how photogenic she is!!!!!!!

  • you literally look like alex vause from orange is the new black at the end when you were wearing the sunglasses

  • Emma: "imagine being as bad as me " Me: bruh I'm even worse

  • Does anyone know whats she used on her lips? It's so pretty~

  • Not me still watching this. Oh also guys watch all of Emma's ads, okay? okay. Goodnight!

  • me sees bliss ad with emma :o

  • shes so pretty pls

  • What did you hear about little frankie????????

  • those markers dont know how much clout they have got-

  • "i'm excited for coachella in october." _long sigh_

  • Emma can you pick out my Coachella outfits? Like I'm dead serious

  • Who else would go to a Emmachella?

  • Yo I use houseparty all the time i'm glad it's getting plugged

  • yo emma, lately i‘ve been struggling with anxiety. when i start feeling nauseous, i start watching your videos. they distract me both of my anxiety and nausea. thank you so much for your videos

  • 10:08 ...why does your house look like a greenscreen what

  • Right before this video I saw her add for bliss 🤣

  • i love you!

  • Tattoo?

  • you should have called it coachemma

  • can we talk about how hot she looks in the thumb nail

  • If Emma is excited for October cause of coachella then she's excited for October 1 which is the start of October which is my birthday so it's close enough to her being excited for my birthday

  • coachella oachella achella chella hella hella p hella po hella poo hella poor

  • Tanacon and emmachela

  • ok but love the dayglow merch. 🧎

  • why do I feel like you moved to a different house (I was searching for the video where your kitchen changed hahaha)

  • Hehehehe

  • I just want to say that this video should've been called *COACHEMMA.* *That's it, that's the comment.*

  • The DJ board took me out💀

  • Sounds like tanacon-

  • shes bored

  • 0:31 wish my mom craddled me when I misbehave 😒

  • Coachella funds anti lgbtqia+ organizations.... just putting that out there. I love u but please, please, PLEASE! Use ur influence to TELL PEOPLE to NOT go to Coachella....

  • I watched this high, and the part where she’s doing her makeup she looks n acts high

  • all of emmas outifts for coachella are always amazing

  • do a house tour 👁👄👁

  • I want a friend like Emma soooooooooooooooo bad🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how Emma used boys to explain her love hate relationship 👏👏👏

  • me hearing Epic games and thinking fortrite ahhhhh Emma u are getting my hopes up

  • I haven't gone but I would hate coachella I'd love getting ready and take pictures but other than that noooooooooo...sooooo manY PeOPLe AHHHHHHHHHHH

  • When she put the outfit on idky she looked like such a librarian to me Lmaoo🤣🤣its the glasses

  • you could pick out my coachella outfit any day

  • "in My own closet" shits the size of My bedroom. God damn girl

  • she shouldve named this video COUCHella

  • This is how many times Emma said choachela 👇🏻

  • emmachella

  • Bro her cat looks like Shane’s cat Cheeto

  • emma: the elephant in the room is that coachella was cancelled. um no you’re in a whole different house EMMA

  • *Coachemma*

  • it shocks me how organized she is

  • Yay!! Emma likes Dayglow 💕 gotta represent the Austin bands!

  • it's funny because she is once of the hottest girls I've ever seen.

  • The makeup is better than what I do 😂😂

  • What’s coachella?

  • you low key looked like that one 4th grade teacher hat has a very illegal back story- but im ok with that UuU

  • Ur new house is amazing !!!!!

  • Well who was that?

  • couchella

  • love that u went with emmachella when coachemma was right there

  • i feel like i’m her best friend

  • emma relizing she should have gone to last years last day of cochella

  • She had the perfect opportunity to say coachemma and she said Emmachella

  • im sorry but her hair is triggering me...

  • will you pick my coachella outfit👉👈

  • Can we talk about how flawless Emma’s abs are?!?!?!?

  • wait in that outfit she looked...”that’s hot”

  • Weird, that DJ had the exact same outfit on as you. Typical Coachella

  • Other girls be crying they're eyeballs out but Emma be throwing her own Coachella, I mean Homechella

  • “makeup is done, i look like shit” felt that 😭😭

  • 8:27 I laughed so hard and I don't know why

  • Emma, you low key look like a teacher in your outfit

  • why not coachemma

  • Hey Ms. Emma. You are super best

  • love this video ahhahaah