Birt 29 mar 2020
i hope you all are staying home and staying positive. love you
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  • The ornament on her desk is doing a split, anyone notice?

  • Dude her dad is fricken talented

  • Almond milk is not sustainable Emma (Oat milk is though 👍)it’s not so great for the environment. It takes just as much Water as cows. 🐮 🚫👎🏼

  • when im bored I just watch Emma 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Just ask your mom or dad to make you food UwU

  • Here is some of meh ideas ik no one cares but: get a chair a and any crate or some kind of basket and get any toy dolls you never played with and play toy basketball #2: draw anything #3: think of pranks to do on a sibling #4: if you have glow in the dark fnaf action figures get a light on them and whach it glow #5: ride on a scooter going very fast down a hill without breaking a bone again (or in you never broke a bone) #6: act like you having fun because your not allowed to do all this with ur friend because of coronavirus and just wish you can do all that stuff with ur friends but u can't

  • You look so ugly

  • I’m on a Emma marathon and it is not healthy for me

  • The story of the painting is that it can't be fixed LOL

  • I also have an idea u can give a whole entire glow up or do ur nails??

  • I literally think Emma and I are the same person! I’ve done everything in this video during lockdown

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • I'll buy ur painting

  • She makes me laught she is the best

  • I love her she isn't shine and she is honest

  • Hair lol

  • “This weird creature over here”😭😭😭😭

  • Rating products was a twist

  • Anyone else notice that while she was doing the splits that figure in the background was also doing it😂

  • NOOOOOOOO BAD WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • isso é tão eu quando tô entediada

  • Me: clicks on video Also me: gets an ad where she is in

  • I love emma sippin coffee. Can watch it for hours.

  • *9:40** Emma trying to be a Karen like:*

  • the fact that she actually wrote those reviews 😂 10/10 content

  • This video is underrated 😐

  • when I’m bored uhm y’know those party strings that you scrape with scissors and it becomes swirly? I take a strand of my hair and do that with my fingernails. Idk why

  • ❤️

  • Play roblox 24/7

  • wheezing @ every single one of the reviews

  • now dats what I wanted to see to do when i am EFFIN boredd

  • anyone else notice that her fridge is full of self-portraits that she sketched out? lol

  • Lmao I thought ur pony tail was a person it scared the hell out of me lol

  • When Emma did an ad and if showed up on her video lmfaoooo

  • i love how she doesn't care what people think, home girl farted on camera and left it in. i love her so much

  • When Emma was doing the splits the wooden person in the background is doing it

  • can i have your whattsapp no

  • I died when she farted

  • The flipping pancake. I’m crying lol

  • POV: you clicked on this because you are bored. PERIODT.

  • Emma: *calls gouache watercolor* Artists: 😮

  • i love how emma is like a multi-millionaire and influencer and still edits her pics with vsco😭 (atleast in the vid)

  • I want a tutorial of how to be Emma

  • or instead of doing all the things you said we an watch allyou videos

  • Make a video on day without cursing 😂❤️ ilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy emma❤️❤️😘

  • your authenticity inspires me😍 thank you for making this content. yes.

  • All that got me is Emma writing a love letter to a burrito

  • Just a heads up, almonds require about 1,000 gallons of water per pound produced!! It's one of the MOST water intensive crops in the world. It's a big part of what contributes to California's water shortage. Almond farming is so profitable and popular that almond farmers have a lot of influence when it comes to how agricultural land is used in the state. It takes about 16 cups of almonds to make a gallon of almond milk, which is about 5 lbs. So one gallon of almond milk requires about FIVE THOUSAND gallons of water!!!!! There are benefits to other nut milks like macadamia, but your best non-dairy alternatives are oat milk, hemp milk, pea protein milk, and coconut milk. Avoid nut milks if you can!

  • How the heck did you take off that eye makeup so good that was sorcery

  • What if i can already do make up ?

  • What if i can already do the splits ¿

  • emma when I'm alone: wholesome! fun! quirky! emma when my mom walks in: YOU FOOL, YOU HAVENT SEEN MY TRUE FORM!

  • What did she use to edit?

  • I just sleep and eat food and watch tick tock

  • I felt her when she said “why do I have to be so bad at make up?” ❤️🤣

  • You got a lot of sunglasses woah I only got 1

  • We looovvee yooouu

  • I clicked this video and got a Emma chamberlains ad I’m so fricking done lmai 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Sadly I can't do the splits

  • did anyone do what Emma said and actually learned the splits because of the stretches because im curious

  • she makes me laugh I love her

  • Omg me watching this video and then a bliss ad comes up with her in it 😂🤣

  • what app ddi Emma use to edit her photosssss

  • She reminds me of Billie

  • Brooo her reviews had me dying of laughter!!!! OMG

  • what editing app do you use

  • I am a young chubby unathletic male non of these aply to me

  • You made my day always. Even if am really in a bad time watching you makes me laugh always. So thankyou so much Emma. Love you the most ❤️

  • Aw Emma’s excited to be a mom 🥺 that’s so sweet

  • The only chore emma can do :making coffee

  • i love your slurp sound honestly its amazing

  • Emma reminds me so much of Blair from Teenage Bounty Hunter

  • I'm terrible at makeup too. It's ok😂😂

  • The one youtuber that does reasonable stuff lol this actually helped me out a lot

  • Me just playing video games lol

  • the cat disappear @10:24

  • Not she her own ad before the video😂😂😂

  • I love how she can't do the splits anymore and she is teaching us how to do the splits. I sometimes feel bad when I watch people who are already flexible do these stretches and they look so calm while I'm pulling all these faces full of pain. I like that Emma also looks like she is in pain :)

  • the videos Emma makes when she's bored are my favorite

  • i got an ad with emma talking before an emma vid 😳

  • That's not fun I got something better 🤭 So we have a lot of cats and today my dad got us a laser It looks like a pen and it's so strange anyway it's like 11pm now and I got bored af so I went upstairs and opened a lil crack in the window so no one sees me or sees where it's coming from and started putting it on people's windows 😂😂😂 it's funny af watching them trying to see where it's coming from HAHAHAHAHAH

  • i got an ad with emma in it on emma’s video

  • if you love emma with her pimples but hate your pimples likee🥰

  • emma is literally such a mood i cant

  • emma is like that friend that always facetimes you and helps u with your life

  • Arent you supposed to mix pancake mix with milk not water- emma i-


  • No👏 one 👏cares👏 when 👏you👏 watched👏 this👏

  • 6:40 Love her self portraits 😂😘

  • All the crazy ethma stans: OmG iS tHaT nEcKlAcE fRoM EtHaN No guys. It probably stands for Emma. 🙄

  • I been home all day AND HAVENT BEEN BORED FROM THIS VIDEO! it helped me how about you

  • "but see i'm having fun! I'm having fun! who cares!" - emma 2020 lol i love that, period

  • "That's the type of day we're having ...And that's okay" Love that intro

  • Your coffee is amazing

  • I literally love how Emma is always open and just shows all of the things she does and if she messes up she shows us and just laughs it off❤️😂

  • the self portraits on the fridge tho

  • I lol-ed too many times lol

  • this is kinda weird but it's nice to see like, a teen youtuber/influencer showing her acne and stuff. like, most teen influencers try so hard to be pErFeCt so it's cool to see her being, yk, herself and showing her acne and stuff, it makes me feel like it's normal and it doesn't make you ugky or anuthing lmaooo idk how to explain myself lol but yeah, it's nice to see her as a normal teen ig

  • the review part got me dead.

  • I love how Emma is so laid back and is thinking so positive and she’s just so funny I flipping love you Emma💖