Birt 28 júl 2019
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  • what car is that, like modle and stuff

  • I love ur videos mainly coz u r alone doing em n enjoying

  • Well when you’re sleeping South Africa is awake 😂💕

  • 4:00 couldn't be more true

  • AGAAAINNNN These all nighter videos (a lot of other videos too) of Emma are SOOOO much fun and its crazy to see how much I LIKE TO DO THESE THINGS TOO and can relate so much

  • What kind of car is she driving?

  • i dyed my hair recently so now i’m binging her videos when she had brown hair so i can feel like the queen herself 🤍🤍

  • 7:43 she just said my name- weridly so sereen yep that’s my name

  • Me to lol I’m a big fan of you lol 😆

  • Emma I love ur content ur so funny 💀

  • That was probably an AA meeting @ 5:09

  • Can someone explain how she calms me down like i have bad anxiety but everytime i watch her video i calm down and i can sleep in peace.. ?

  • U need to pull all nighters mom often ur calmer than usual

  • yes emma, summer vibes in a sweater😂😂gosh she’s the best😂

  • This just gives me so much gta V vibes

  • Who's here in 2020

  • I pull all nighters constantly because night time is the only time I like

  • 2021 anyone?

  • emma on december first 2019: i dont wanna pull another all nighter for a very long time emma on july twenty eighth 2019: wELcOmE tO tHe uLtiMaTe SuMmEr aLL NiGhTeR

  • when there were no masks

  • you should go to canada

  • If I walk at 2am in my town I get talked to by homeless people that scares me


  • how are you not scared walking outside at 3 am as a women, especially alone..

  • I’m a night owl too!! I totally can relate!!

  • Im watching it while im putting an all nighter

  • When u said u like nighttime the best. GIRL SAAAAME!

  • this shit makes me want to sneak out

  • I'm so confused why all these places are open at 3am in LA like in Australia nothing is open...

  • 2:47 Pre-Covid. Good old days...

  • Eight hours is one hour more than seven...

  • This is so funny because in my country in places that are similar to LA nights are soooo busy. So many ppl walk and talk and shop.

  • 🧢 🙍🏽‍♀️ 💪🏼👚🤙🏻 👖 🦵🏻🦵🏻

  • 5:17 they're def in a gang of some sort or something

  • I just wanna know how she's so calm going out at night by herself lmao

  • 6:32 ...

  • She’s such a mood

  • look at her and then look at her on her most recent video now😰

  • always when im saaad and tired i have an emma maraton lol

  • Imagine actually being able to walk the streets at night without any fear, England’s could never

  • The part when come home after grocery shopping and how she open the door saying honey I’m home that was a shitty joke , I felt that 😭😭😂😂❤️❤️

  • oh boy if she did this in rio de janeiro she wouldn't be alive anymore off: im jealous, i wanna walk around at 3am

  • That awkward moment when u live between 4 pink walls👀

  • I could literally watch her for hours and never ever get bored

  • 6:23 um who was holding the camera

  • Do you have a mask????? 😂😂😂😂

  • 11:11

  • Imagine Emma putting her camera in her car setting it all up and getting the lighting right then getting out of her car coming in and saying hi as if she just got in lol

  • “one of my favorite things to do, this is very off topic, one of my favorite things to do while on vacation is to do....” that is sooooooo not what i was expecting lol

  • literally yesterday emma had 9.35M subs. how’s she’s got 9.4M subs. like whaaaaaaaaaaat

  • She has a Mercedes now

  • There was a time when I would've thought this is fun, now that I'm a mom I'm just really concerned

  • you havn't done anything this summer, wait until you get to summer 2020

  • Who else got an ad off her during the vid-

  • Emma :"I haven't done sh*t this summer. It hasn't felt like summer for one second this summer. I'm ready to feel summer vibes" 2020 summer: 😬😬....

  • Who’s watching this in corona🙁

  • “it hasn’t felt like summer for one second this entire summer” ohhh just wait til 2020

  • Wow summer 2k19 hit different

  • people in Victoria sitting watching right now wondering what its like to go out at night

  • *The* most entertaining channel🤤

  • Anyone coming back to all the old videos missing time before corona

  • I love you emmaaaa! And if it's quiet alright I need u emma

  • Me in 2020 thinking why doesn’t emma have a mask on???

  • How do u walk ALONE at night in LA when I’m too scared to cross the street at 10am

  • this video gives off the best vibe ever omg i wanna live in la so bad pls im sad

  • I would love to go on these trips like I would love to go AAHHHHH take me with you

  • You're literally kidding nobody's paying attention to the clock in her kitchen

  • Emma in 2019: it doesn't feel like summer Us in 2020:

  • I'm such a night owl I love being out at night. Also she's making tea wrong do any Americans actually know how to make tea properly?

  • i remember watching her when she was in school. omg

  • do all americans microwave their water? 😳

  • ((( ->. ( to emma, here, you are July, 2019, you’re about to lean in and talk to us, “ you do this part very well, red hues in your hair then, but just sayin , well done “ we all notice )))), don’t worry you’ll never see this script))))).... --> >. >. 8/11/2020

  • ...

  • 11:38 the time in the black clock. Check it

  • I love how I'm watching this as I've had 2 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours 🐀🔫

  • Am I the only person that loves sleep

  • Please may you like this comment Because everyone else is begging and I’m asking nicely 😊

  • Emma : I use this detox tea because it helps you ............... “poo” Me: good for you I guess 😂

  • im watching this while pulling an all nighter in quarantine

  • emma, sleep

  • idk why but i am in love with this video she does nothing and i am entertained wow

  • I wish i was breave as her I can’t do it

  • emma: 6 to 8 hours... my dumbass: 68 hours...

  • I love Emma she’s the best and like she’s just so funnyyyyyyyyyyyy! And her laugh makes me laugh so much and when she does something funny I keep going over and over that same bit 😂😂

  • im watching this at 3:41am

  • little did she know about 2020 summer

  • So ur telling me americans microwave their water i- WHAT?

  • Her 'awkwardness' seems forced

  • Come back from 2020, and this summer is even worse

  • 11:33 11:47 13:25 is it just me or do her voice cracks make the whole thing funnier

  • when she showed the straw it reminded me of her giant straws from her first all nighter video

  • pfft im not jealous you r

  • EMMA FOR PRESIDENT!😘🇺🇸😘🇺🇸😘🇺🇸😘

  • Nobody:... Not even the crickets:... Emma: I can TaSt my bed

  • I wish I was doin that rn

  • I think we entered an AU after summer ‘16, because it’s summer ‘20 and it also does not feel like summer.

  • Her explaining how nighttime feels it sooooo accurate

  • The fact that she has that house 🥰🥺

  • as a british person i’m extremely confused why she put her tea in the microwave-

    • Same-

  • I was Lidget doing an all nighter I was watching