Birt 22 júl 2019
this needed to happen
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  • K right so ik it 2020 but whu does emma remind me of mary from storage wars..

  • You could post it on posh mark or take it to good will

  • Emma wanna give me your old clothes?! Imma great cause.

  • There is a dude filming this

  • i miss not wearing a mask

  • yall this was emmas basic phase and i HATE it anyways who here in 2020 ??

    • she’s still super nice in this vid, but her style is soooo much better now

  • i think i found my new favorite youtuber lmaoooo love ur energy :)

  • Fact: Emma Chamberlain looks good in hats

  • She’s getting rid of half of her closet wich is basically double of the clothes I own


  • whose filming her tho???

  • Holy shit emma that’s a lot


  • did you ever realize something?! emma and every other youtuber probably doesn’t even sound like what their vids sound like. When you meet them in real life if you ever do, their real voice will probably shock u

  • I only own that one pile, she's getting rid off.

  • i heard Kiss you by 1D playinggggg 👁👄👁

  • she spent over 200.00 at lululemon and i have less than that in my bank account 😂😂😭

  • it fells so weird to see her shopping without a mask

  • orange is your color 🔥

  • anyone know the name of the first store

  • I enjoyed this video thank you emba


  • ahahah look at that :D

  • I want your closet 😂😅

  • Donate it to me

  • half of your wardrobe is more than my entire wardrobe.

  • Am dalamtian and we are coffie lovers at morning at least 3, at pm another 3 like alott, at first i was Like SHE DALMATIAN OR? 🤦‍♀️😝❤️

  • I Love you Emma

  • Yeah I own 2 pairs of shoes and three outfits

  • Donate to goodwill

  • what mall was she in ?

  • hey y’alllll

  • okay so at 5:05 theres a harry potter dark arts thing in the back and thats all i could think about for 5 minutes okay moving on

  • Her voice seems a lot higher in this

  • she got rid of more clothes than I own

  • shes not negative shes just telling the truth

  • Please dont say im the only person who saw the emma ad in the begining

  • i enjoyed this video to its entirety thank you i might have spelled that wrong

  • You remind me of Five from Umbrella Academy

  • i got a emma chamberlain add before this

  • does anyone know where the cropped black hoodie was from (@10:20)? and where the vintage sweatshirts were from?

  • *imagine* being able to go *shopping* without worrying about the *price*

  • Why do girls cry so much? Like I'm genuanly asking

  • Who noticed she forgot her lulu spree

  • Remember when we could go shopping without a mask?

  • Shut up . You swearing pig.

  • she looks so good with open hair!!

  • She's lil gaga

  • who tf is filming her

  • emma chamberlain reminds me of maria bamfort and i love them both so so much

  • what is her depop???

  • when she says hoodie instead of sweatshirt🙈

  • Can't believe she actually went for the hat man

  • 8 white tops

  • You should donate to me I have like 12 clothes

  • Okay so I am about to go through all of my clothes and sell some. My sister just moved to Hawaii and gave me most of her clothes like she usually does so I’m gonna be busy

  • 5:01 that reminded me of Ross from friends

  • Silly wonkaaaaaaa

  • 👏Everyday I think about how I should have gotten those clothes bc I am in need of style👏

  • Emma just jokes about her mental health and I’m like: Relatable 😌🤭

  • But like what is this background music it’s so relaxing


  • im a good cause bc ily :)))

  • I think it should go to me Bc I grow a lot over the summer and I don’t have much in life

  • im watching it now in 2020 and it fells weird not seeing wearing a mask

  • No video is complete without a cup of coffee👌

  • so fucking basic 😭

  • 5:51 😂😂🤣

  • I was like “where’s her mask”👁👄👁

  • How is this only a year ago and yet she seems like a completely different person now 😵

  • i would just steal all her clothes that she doesnt wear if i was her friend

  • gurl ur great

  • The clothes that Emma is getting rid of is more than my family's clothes combined

  • I think she could've went to a thrift store if she wanted to spice it up a bit but yk she can do whatever she wants w/ the money she earned.


  • Imagine going to the thrift store to buy EMMA CHAMBERLAINS clothesss

  • For accurate tarot prediction on success and love that truly resonates, join us at #BlackLivesMatter 🙏

  • Remember when Emma was a lil bas bitch😘 (I literally love you emma i was just kidding.)

  • Chile...i-.....GUMME THOSE VANS RN

  • what’s a b-roll

  • 4:55 behind Emma

  • *emma invalidating her own purchases for 15 minutes*

  • When you can't sleep and decide to watch Emma 😴😂😂😂

  • i know i’m a year late but too bad... put them on depop!

  • i’ll take donations any day!

  • U should make new merch that says coffe is a dream 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • tbh im a pretty good cause lmao i want your clothes.

  • Does anyone know where her hoodie is from b/c I love it

  • Also instead of saying no it’s summer say I could use this for winter

  • Once apon a child

  • im surprised she didn't find me hiding out in the far corner of her closet

  • where is the white top from (the one w the collar that she said she thought she was gonna hate but loves)

  • emma: ( emotional ) I f***ing hate being a girl ugh also emma : LETS GO SHOPPINGGGGG!!!

  • u can donate them to me... im in need

  • She's just getting more prettier 🙈😭

  • You should donate it to Saint Vincent DePaul

  • donate them to women’s shelter.!!

  • emma doesnt even need to try and follow trends, she literally creates them

  • brooo i just went to that mall the other dayy

  • I got an emma chamberlain Bliss ad on this video 😂