why i dont upload that much.

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see u soon. probably.
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  • Ok ok ok, this is what i’m like for *everything* i literally started crying because i couldn’t get my toothbrush to brush my teeth before school like bruh And i know it’s important to brush your teeth but it was one day in like a year i hadn’t brushed my teeth so yeah

  • "I didn't choose the meltdown life, the meltdown life chose me." - EC

  • 2020 anyone? when shes got an editor

  • Why is the ceiling of her apartment like that? Someone explain

  • I love your raw, honest videos. I sometimes feel the same just don’t know how to explain it like you do. But it’s true.

  • your authenticity is so INSPIRINGGGGGGGGGGG 😭

  • it's liberating to see you! thank you so much for sharing this with the world. you are SO F hilarious!!! thank you for existttttt

  • honestly, this is perfect timing I was editing my video and I got so sick of it that I literally slammed my phone and started watching youtube

  • Please respond, where did you get you’re shirt from?

  • anyone else watch this video when they feel low? it makes me feel better when life gets rough

  • ok but like i am happy she go an editor

  • tips to exorcists

  • 😱😲


  • what do you use to edit ?

  • honestly the editing ogf this video is elite and i live for her honesty

  • i have a youtube channel that i post on. i’d love it if y’all checked it out. if you subscribe to me. i’ll subscribe to you if you post

  • You’re literally the only ISchatsr I watch so upload more!!😂❤️

  • She looked like a fish trying to get back in the water when she was bouncing on the bed 😂😭😂❤️❤️

  • I literally cried when I realized I didn’t have any muffins left this morning

  • At least she’s not snorting coke.

  • Who filmed it

  • Omg Me just literally, me wanting to start a channel editing it for ABAGILLION hours and then never posting cause I think I’m completely trash.

  • this is my favorite video i have ever seen

  • Wow, this was the 20th video, slot(choice/selection) thing on my phone, of the ISchats app---right after I just posted on your latest vid on how I'm waiting for a new vid! Weird. Oh yeah, and that's including "Short Stories"… so basically I was scrolling down waiting to see what track to listen to… and then this vid pops up lol.

  • I wanna know who’s filming this video! She literally was sitting on the toilet lol

  • K but like I love her jeanssss

  • Did you know Emma has Bipolar Disorders.

  • its funny because she actually uploaded this

  • FUn faCt: the things she told us in this video happened while editing it😻😼✨💕😽🧚🏻😹

  • I do that, delete a artwork that took me more than 24 hrs.. really late but jaja

  • who's filming this?

  • 4:19 'when you cry really good and then you sleep really good...' So Fight Club was right all along.

  • I start crying when my hair doesn't untangle

  • This came up on your recommendations didn’t it?

  • Normal people:making a vid of explaining why they upload only 1-3 times in 2 weeks and it is only 2-5 mins Emma:making a vid of why she uploads only 1 time a week and it is 8 mins

  • I was just skipping to the parts where she danced around in her bedroom so I could admire her apartment

  • Hehehehe

  • and her solution ended up being that she found an editor and hired him

    • i miss her editing cuz it was so much more funny and we got the "me editing" clips and i feel like the video was more "hers" and so much more fun!!!!!!

  • 💋💋💋 three kisses for you

  • Edit for shorter periods of time. Maybe do a hour or so and take a break, then maybe 3 hours then take another break. If you’re getting sick of it don’t force it

  • i’m so glad she got an editor...

  • This was when ethma was still a thing and that's making me wonder weather Ethan was the one filming all this...

  • 3:27 I'm crying...!!! If u don't get it, look at the pic in the background ...

  • when i first time saw this outro i thought my macbook is gonna explose

  • u do this shit every week? wow emma’s a bad bitch

  • imagine the same thing what you experiencing Emma, only with 250 subscribers...:D anyway...teh point is to ENJOY what you are doing and you dont need to make videos every week because you have enough money to live...

  • im sorry but where is your shirt from i NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it.

  • this video is a personal attack i love your perseverance go you

  • 0:07 *western gucci music enters*

  • what app/program does she use yallll help a sis out me trynna start my channel

  • crying is one of my favorite hobbies

  • emma should get an editor

  • Just make your new goal to post once in two weeks

  • starting my day off with coffee and classic emma

  • I feel like Emma needs an editor

  • I like those real honest veds it’s make me feel okay like we are all humanS and live the same struggles and bad swinged moods ,and in all the countries we have those strange harassing men , May ALLAH be with us we poor generation:)

  • I love youuuuu

  • Anyone gonna talk about the fact when she said she likes to online shop she was shopping a justice

  • me watching this in 2020 knowing she has an editor now. 💞

  • those looks in the mirror and on the floor


  • Honestly this is me doing homework 😅

  • I absolutely loved this vid.

  • Almost every youtuber faces this kind of problem.. that’s why they deserved to be paid.

  • 'THE Meltdown life chose Me. - Emma Chamberlain

  • burnout honestly is real and emma's pretty good at making it look fun and easy to understand here

  • Thank you for sharing this feeling&sharing ur feelings. I feel like that (I found this new hobby-writing like 3 years ago&I do it everyday&I mostly love it but sometimes I hate it&sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time doing it&worry what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life if not this thing that I've dedicated 3 years of my life&time to, so I might as well keep doing it& then I find that sweet spot of oh my god I really do love this for a bit&then I go through a rough patch again&on&on) so I'm psyched that someone like you --someone who has a level of success that I admire&is self sufficient, all things I aspire to-- feels like that 2 even with all the cool stuff u have in ur life, it makes me feel less alone.

  • Brian g johnson made me here , and i subscribed becauae of this video a very true struggle to youtuber very nice video emma

  • wow I love this video

  • i got anxiety from her dancing in jeans

  • deleting a vid must be so tough on your morale

  • I'm a mess too dude..... proud of you!

  • She's now got an editor and shes happy and she's thriving and I'm so proud :))

  • I have been binge watching you for the last three weeks and I can proudly admit that I have started taking on Emmaisms... you are so infectious! Keep being amazing! You are so fun! ❤️❤️ xoxo

  • why do I feel u so much?

  • fast forward to 2020 where now she has an editor and uploads twice a week, content she genuinely likes and enjoys filming, and living her best life ✌

  • went back to watch this video again because its my favorite/relatable/ funny/ creative video you've done love you gemini queen

  • Hi

  • I go through this exact same thing!! Is it a gemini thing???

  • I litterly had a meltdown bacause I wasn't home alone...

  • we love you, just a remind

  • Does anyone know what editing app Emma uses??

  • Love your nails in this video though

  • Just watched this vidro for the first time, and Emma, dear, I completely understand you and appreciate you being this honest

  • This is me as a person working freelance on anything creative lmao it’s funny but sad and upsetting

  • I want those socks... no not a creepy foot thing - those socks are fucking sweet


  • It's almost sound like me tbh

  • That's right Emma keep it goin

  • *perfect*

  • same, be my 6th subscriber ischats.info/fun/ptGBpJd7eGNofGs/v-deo

  • Nindi

  • wow, just imagine if you had to actually work for a living.

  • I watch a number of youtubers online and your the best.I suppose its about enjoying what you do.If iditing takes too long and stresses you out,then maybe how you do it needs to change.Talk to other you tubers about how they edit.Take regural breaks and maybe dont just sit there hour after hour editing.Life is not always fun,but we can find ways to acheice a goal without damaging ourselves.Finding what works for you.I love your vids and I thibk you were kind of born to do this.Or something creative like this were you share your thoughts etc.

  • shit thats deep

  • Emma editing is *me with making IG edits*

  • this is me af except i’m a small youtuber and sometimes it makes me wonder if it’s even worth it :-/

  • *that mental breakdown Emma had is literally me everyday*

  • get a editor :)