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well.... now you've seen me cry. so.
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  • luv u Emma

  • The Alien head xD

  • I love you Emma you are so beautiful 😍

  • I love the dark hair

  • I love the dark!!!!!!

  • it looks sooo good

  • 6:32 bro I have the same fucking top same same but it’s from SHEIN I feel so good wth 😂😂😂❤️

  • I wish she would go back to this color, it brings out her blue eyes she’s so gorgeous.🥺

  • I don’t think she intentionally done it but in her thumbnail she pulled her eyes back...which people do to mock asian people

  • She looks so pretty 😍

  • It actually matches her a lootttt

  • This is literally my favorite Emma hair phase ngl

  • I miss the brown hair

  • Stop commenting: “WhO iS wAtChInG tHiS iN qUaRaNtInE rN?” Like where do you think I am? Hawaii, laying on the sand getting a tan?!? No I’m in bed and binge watching Emma’s videos. So just stop ✋

  • I wonder how youd look with a bob cut or side bangs XD loving your new hair change, work IT!!!!

  • my heart broke when she was crying. i felt what she felt :(


  • pls do a video reacting to outfits from 2016 -17-18

  • I was dying when she started crying


  • @jeffreystar please do Emma's makeup!!

    • Jeremiah starfish is a piece of shit, we don't need him lol 😂

  • I love your new look babe

  • OMG Emma it is so amazing like I love ittttttttttt!!!

  • Bitch you look gorgeous as fuck and try castor oil to grow those lashes

  • I really like your hair :)

  • if i’m being 100% honest her hair looks best when it’s like this she looks so much better with dark long hair compared to lighter hair

  • Emma! You are so pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • emma is my spirit animal

  • Bleached hair Emma will always be my fav 🙌 seems way more confident with the blonde now

  • Who is here at 2020

  • I lovee it emma you look good...I'm being honest you look so pretty:)

  • i LOVE your dark hair

  • she slays every hair color

  • She is the definition of beautiful and I should not be hearing her saying she’s UgLy😂👍

  • Don't sweat the small stuff & get guns for the big stuff

  • why has 1 year passed so quickly

  • I actually like the brown hair it looks more healthy and natural but like u do u boo it should make you feel good


  • emma idk what ur talking about that hair on u is GORGEOUS

  • *hi

  • new color is 😍

  • Emma look so nice with a low bun

  • Her eyebrows look good w just gel

  • This years summer didnt happen either

  • help me find where she bought the lock necklace

  • she doesn't realize how STUNNING she is and how many people want to look like her.

  • You look like the hippie in Once upon a time in Hollywood by Tarantino

  • Is it just me or does her hair ACTUALLY look BEA-UTIFUL

  • imagine looking good with ur hair in a low bun i cant

  • It looks good tho 😂

  • i cant believe this was a year ago...

  • I know this is 11 months later but I hope you see this because I think dark hair looks so good on you. Whether its 11 months ago, or in the FuTuREee👽

  • I like it but I like you're blond hair better lol

  • Emma: I’m still having a midlife crisis. Me:ur literally 18

    • ikr I was looking for this comment haha

  • she's so inspiring

  • Honestly, she looks so good with dark brown hair.

  • Your dark hair looks so good and I am not lying I love it

  • Your hair is awesome 👌 (not lying)

  • she didn’t like summer last year she should have been rlly happy bc this year went to shit lmfao

  • your literally gorgeous

  • your hair dark is sooo pretty!!

  • You literally look stunning like a vogue model

  • i've forgot how stunning emma looks with darker hair ❤️

  • Lie: I hate it Truth: I freaking love it

  • ugly

    • Danna Ramirez i'm talking about emma, someone who tweets transphobic things and mocks asians .

    • your not allowed to talk about yourself like that 😹

  • My mom cut my hair a few days ago and I HATEEEE it because it’s shorter than what I wanted, but when Emma gave all those AMAZING speeches about how that crap doesn’t matter... I have never felt better ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much Emma

  • 2:16 did u just faqing growl at me

  • I was subscribed to you but then I unsubscribed cuz I wanted to

    • lmao your telling her like she cares 💀💀

  • the thumbnail is not a clickbait

  • 10:23 i love how she puts herself down then quickly pick herself up

  • her hair looks so good!!

  • James watching Emma do her makeup like 👁👄👁

  • "... just gonna use random colors, I don't even care..."

  • Low key dark hair on emma looks kinda sexy.

  • What her natural hair

  • tbh i like that hair colour the best on her

  • i literally love emma's hair like this, but she looks good in everything especially how her hair is now.

  • hi.

  • Emma: “I’m not gonna tell you what I’m doing” Emma two seconds later: “I’m now using eyebrow gel”

  • I stan dark hair emma

  • i feel so happy when i see emma tanned and with dark hair I think it looks perfect on her and match's her personality so well

  • I predict emma is gonna get an eyebrow lift soon. I just know it.

  • emma: "very mature, very wise" emma one second later: crying because she doesnt like it

  • in the beginning she looked like she got beat up

  • who's gonna tell her she was already a brunette...

  • “You can embrace hot girl summer without getting nails and hair done” at the end: “I look ugly as fuck”

  • Light blue really is your colour, ly

  • Honestly I love the dark hair it rlly brings out your tan and blue eyes

  • It looks really good and your eyes pop more with the color yk

  • I actually like her hair not even liying

  • 👁maybeilltake👄andinstagrampic👁

  • i thought the darker hair was gorgeous.

  • she’s so pretty

  • i actually loved her hair like this


  • her hair looks soooo much better ahhh she should have left it dark :(

  • Acually like this color more then her blond

  • I personally think your over exaggerating you look amazing with dark hair 😍

  • she is so fucking pretty

  • i actually love her hair like this