Birt 26 apr 2020
i did ok
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-emma chamberlain


  • Who ever wants to see her play sims chant sims in coments

  • Pls emma play sims

  • I wanna see Emma play sims too

  • " i cannot do anything productive until 11pm!!!!!!"

  • This is me at 2 AM but instead of doing my nails, i do my philosophy dissertation for the next morning

  • I'm watching this at 2 in the morning

  • It’s okay Emma I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days either! No shame girl! Edit: it’s actually been 6 days for me possibly yeah

  • I just have to say it... Emma looks bald in the intro....😭😂

  • "they're still dry" LMAO

  • I feel like i OvErThInK everything i speak and do.. Never heard anything this relatable

  • How can someone be that pretty at 2am...teach me

  • I love your videos

  • It’s 2 am and I’m doing my nails so I decided to watch this video because I didn’t watch it before so finally it’s the right time to🤧 I’m weird lol

  • Someone has copied your video and put ariana grandes face on it and called it vogue with ariana grande or something like that

  • it’s actually healthy to not wash ur hair as much especially if it’s dry or processed

  • You are so funny 😂 I crying

  • Press on nails are a lot better to do yourself and I have two video tutorials on doing them:)

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Emma: I honestly don't like my fingernail shade.

  • where did your templates go ? :(

  • 9:12 do anyone know where did she get that green sweater

  • I'm just laughing at how legit upset she is about having the nails that she has LOL 😂

  • EmMasNAiLart

  • #totalinspiration

  • I actually love u so much. I listen to you, and you are literally me. I wish we could meet, I feel like we would be sisters, you should never feel weird or insecure about anything because you are such an inspiration....YOU PERFECT CREATURE

  • Your soul is beautiful, Emma

  • Emma: I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days Me who washes my hair only once a week:👁👄👁😬


  • This is how many cups of coffee Emma drinks in one day | | |

  • Loved this one!!!

  • 1:38

  • girl hmu i can do your nails iam a pro bro iam 14 and I have been doing nail when I was 10 sooo hmu love u

  • This is so sad I'm l literally so lame no one ever likes m comments Lol

  • Just me who feels safe whilst watching Emma’s videos

  • emma why are you ur own ad?

  • I just saw an ad for Bliss with her in it before this video started

  • I’ve heard that when you want something salty you actually want something else.. it’s really simple but I don’t really remember it; like when you want something sweet you get something salty??

  • Loki can I play with u pls I need somebody to play with pls😁and yes I am a gurl

  • this keeps me up at 2 am lmao

  • so we just gonna ignore the fact that I got an add with Emma chamberlain in it before watching a video about Emma chamberlain-

  • 9:48

  • The thumbnail part 💀

  • me watching emma do her nails at 2am while i do mine at 2am

  • hi emma

  • I’m literally like you lmao add me on fortnite QueenRosellaM

  • we sister stand Emma for not breaking down during COVID 19

  • Emma ”it doesnt exist anymore so dont look for it” me right away: *goes to look for it🌚*


  • i saw an ad from emma sponsored by bliss

  • I got my first acrylic’s in 5th grade

  • try play sims4 i wanna see u play games and the chaos😂😂😁

  • My mom gave me my life but emma gives me the energy to live it

  • Y am I just now watching this on august 20th

  • Every time I paint my nails I watch this video! And guess what I’m doing right now, DOING MY NAILS💅

  • Emma seems like she is almost having a spiritual awakening

  • we all just gon ignore that spider on the wall o.O

  • It’s 3 am and I am watching ISchats even thought I have to wake up at 6:45 am I CANNOT SLEEP

  • ok but like why do her nails look SO GOOD

  • “ thats what she said” HAD ME ROLLING FOR NO REASON

  • she’s really gonna start pulling shit out of her ass 5:37 same lmao 9:20 loved that clip

  • When it says me editing she didn’t have any nail polish on 😂😱😱😱

  • I won’t regret using my last 8% of battery watching this 😁

  • When she showed us the part that she was editing she had on no nail polish

  • This is how I’m doing my nails now, THE FIRST STEP SHE DID WAS WRONG , I WAS SO MAD 😡

  • Emma: I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days omg guys Me: I haven’t washed my hair for 3 months until today annnnnndddd?.?????????????

  • Can we just appreciate how much emma says "NUTS" and "THATS WHAT SHE SAID" in most of her videos, I just love her .

  • when emma said “thats what she said” it gave me 𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚕 scott vibes

  • 9:18 gossip girl

  • you have to , after the top coat , wipe it with an alcohol wipe , i have the exact same kit and light !

  • Do your eyebrows

  • I watched this with the captions on and when Emma said “Fortnite” it would say “at night” 😂😂

  • Tus unias de gel.

  • did anyone else see the floating nail file at 00:50 ?😂

  • So are we just not gonna talk about how every single vid she makes is in all caps😆😂

  • emma why u look like u were gonna rob someone in the beginning

  • I just apply thin layers of everything 💋

  • Emma I learnt how to do my own acrylics and gel and I found out if you make the gel too thick sometimes it doesn’t dry, or the LED light is not strong enough for proper gelish!!💋💋

  • Emma:I’m just gonna use a bit of toilet paper. Corona has left the chat

  • I love u omg ur amazing

  • Did you check if the thumbnail was the same or are you normal

  • Me : 1:39 😳


  • 2 am emma videos hit different

  • a little but less ass you know

  • This title is me

  • Yooooo plz drop those controller presets / a vid of you playing. It'd prob help me b/c I legit suck. 😂⚡💔

  • play the simsss girllllllllllllllllllllll

  • I always watch Emma’s videos a lot lately but when I try to find a video I never watched I see one and I’m like ehhh this looks boring but when I watch it it’s always so funny

  • so fucking pretty omg

  • Did it bother anyone else when she was like it’s still wet and I was like no you just gotta wipe of the sticky layer

  • Who is also watching this at 2AM? Only me?..

  • They’re still dry ahahhaha

  • That’s me not productive untill 1-2am

  • okay but i think you should start making friendship bracelets because it takes me forever to make one so i don’t know, maybe it could take up your time 😂😭

  • Emma: Let me vent Emma: .... Me being quiet Emma: looks at me Emma: can you be qUiEt

  • I watch your old videos while I make Rainbow Loom bracelets. i really enjoy it.

  • Make a gaming channel with you playing fortnite

  • How is fortnite not useful?? Right before u said that I was like this chick could make bank off fortnite videos...I mean it’s what u do daily..u like commentary already...& u wish it was less stressful on constantly brainstorming creative ideas for new videos...but with fortnight just do ur usual thang & make $$$....& drink coffee free advertising for ur product alsooooo whhhaaattt..thank me later lmao...I’m only productive after midnight & best believe 75% of the times I’ve ever painted my nails is after midnight..n every time I want to fucking slap myself cuz I end up not being able to stay awake long enough for it to dry so I don’t get creases on them from my bed sheets lol

  • I thought she said "let me tell you about my nuvaring"

  • Talking about 8th grade, I wasn’t allowed until my sophomore year😂

  • Whos watching this at 3 am in the morning...or it just me...

  • the clip of her editing: nails are wiped off