Birt 7 nóv 2019
this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain


  • omg your deck is so cool pickle riccccck

  • The cat was like 🏃

  • 1:31 Bottom left : ZOOOOOOOM

  • disclaimer: more than half of the video is emma talking

  • Why do you remind me of Joanna ceddia

  • now realizing who’s this about

  • I know this video is pretty old but I was wondering if anyone knows what beanie she’s wearing or like a beanie that’s like it that’s good quality but a decent price? Or one that doesn’t make ur forehead itch? Lol

  • Like...I feel ya..I like skater boys aswell😅

  • 1:48 😐😐

  • embarrassingly the title of this video is really ME rn

  • not me watching this for the 30th time today

  • The porche in the background is so SICK😍

  • But why are you good at it?

  • We need an update

  • no

  • Is it bad i'm the same way? A cute boy in my neighborhood skateboards and so I uhm-.. i'm LeaRnInG

  • Your an amazing skater 🛹

  • why am i actually doing the same thing except I'm using skating as an excuse for him to hang out with me and tbh it working like a charm

  • My uncle skateboarders, I soon learned that i will do anything for my uncle to recognize me here is the formula Skateboard + me = approval of uncle So like i learned how to skate, AND MY UNCLE DIED LIKE WHAT THE HELL, IT TOOK ME A YEAR TO LEARN A KICKFLIP Moral of the story, I still love skateboarding

  • *Wait guys I need help so if I go to vans to get a skateboard do they make the board for you or not iam sorry I really want one*

  • poser headass

  • Me: what if he is watching the video 👁👄👁

  • Ik this was along time ago but just be like hey I see you skate I’m trying to learn could you teach me and you would learn and you would have cute skateboard moments

  • Ur the best poser 🥺

  • “Hit the road bitch” is my new motto

  • I got this from searching best skateboarding

  • Makes sense

  • so we all are going to ignore the fact that she kinda did good.😂

  • Advice from someone who skates, Skaters hate girls that try to impress them with skating

  • It’s Ethan ppl that’s who she was talking about

  • 8:10 nice trick!

  • not me getting an emma ad before watching her video

  • Is willy wonky a skater boi

  • How is she driving without her feet


  • 😼

  • Why is she actually good tho 😂😂

  • Emma is like a nice version of Micheal Scott.

  • lmao the guy i like skateboards and ive been contemplating learning how to

  • Emma is my spirit animal!

  • I’m sorry but when she said that he was a “skater boy” it made me cringe so hard

  • You make skateboarding seem so easyyy

  • He could be the Dolan twins

  • Imagine her crush was Arron Kyro 😳😳😳 👁👄👁

  • not me trying to skate so i can impress a girl... kill me nowww

  • roses are red violets are blue as long as emma suffers she gets a view

  • lol

  • I'm a beginner skater, all I can do is ride around and turn, anyone have any tips on how to learn actual tricks?

    • stay committed and just keep practicing

  • I'm kinda wanting an update on that ordeal

  • Omg the creaking of the board

  • when she said he skateboards i thought of ethan

  • Tell me I didn’t just get a deadass ad of her on her own video holy shit no fucking way ahhhhhh

  • rip emma and aaron

  • i miss aaron`s era

  • Learning skateboarding to impress a boy! “Have 10 mil subs”

  • Somehow she doesn’t ride mongo

  • pls anyone sub to my channel pls i really wanna become big one day trust me u will rl like them

  • are we gonna talk about the shoe in the background in the kitchen lol

  • not of impress super impress ur skatebording

  • its vinnie

  • i think what most beginer skaters problem is they dont go to a skate park coz there scared of what peapel will think dont worry just go all the skaters there will most likely be super supotive and motivate u to go more

  • from a boys perspective ur kinda hot i think he will like u if he already doesnt

  • emma putting your skateboard on your table is very unhygienic-

  • Is it grayson or is it grayson?

  • I got a ad about Emma- it was about a skincare product-

  • she's a goofy skater

  • I like her so much but shes a total poser

  • I am so excited for the new videos that are going to be about role model.

  • Honestly at this point you can name this video "LEARNING HOW TO SKATEBOARD TO IMPRESS AARON HULL"

  • We all know it was Aaron rip that relationship

  • I went back to her old vids because I needed to see HOW MUNCH SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT Aaron Hull.

  • me whe she walked into the shop and showed the options: BAKER BAKER BAKER

  • "boom big reveal im a pickle!"

  • Willy wonka rn: 😳

  • This reminded me of sk8er boi by avril lagene

  • whats skating or skateboarding never heard of it?- Exact words of the dude who found out this chick liked him for skating

  • I just realized Ethan Dolan is a skater boy and...

  • If you don't skate don't start

  • Ethan Dolan is typing.....


  • 8:32

  • 🔥

  • I got on this vid to learn more about Skate boarding not for any guy so say just putting that out there 😐😳

  • People thinking about dolan twins Me: Nick Austin

  • fy

  • Nobody: Emma: Do skateboarders drink coffee?

  • oh my gosh I love her

  • ethan is a sk8er;) yall know what that means;))

  • was this for Ethan?

  • Him seeing this👁👁

  • omg ily

  • She is kinda good tho

  • Emma was in a bliss ad before this video, what a coincidence 😂😂

  • simp

  • Lmao it’s dumb skate for fun not to get a guy

  • her eyes r soprettywtfffff

  • i cant believe i was surprised when she just hopped on when i knew she pennyboards, i just started longboarding a few days ago so i’m just watching skater vids to learn more

  • "wants to impress boi" *Proceeds to get a pickle rick board* goodluck

  • C r i n g e

  • You copied mai pham