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  • old girl laugh!

  • At the gas station who is filling the car up

  • Ummmm does anyone see a person that looks a lot like Emma when she’s getting gas for her car and in the window!?!!?

  • Bruh look at the window when she's getting gas. Does she have a twin

  • 8:27 why there two Emma’s! 😂 rewatching vids 😂

  • 8:27

  • 8:28 look in the back window. Emma has a twin 😂😂.

  • UMAINE sweatshirt- that’s where I went to college!

  • Sneaker collection

  • 8:28 WTF

  • 8:28

  • Did anyone see her twin when she was putting gas😑

  • love you bestieee 🐛

  • 8:27 two Emma's LMAO

  • I know you have twin

  • 08:27 🤷🏾‍♂️ the other Emma 🙃🤯😂

  • yes

  • 8:25 she’s not alone at the gas station wtf

  • Can someone tell Emma to try vegetarian sushi it’sss so gud and tasty

  • I'm so confused - 8:26

  • 8:28 that editing is dope

  • I did it I did it 😂😂

  • 8:27

  • emma you should make veggi rice it would b so good !!

  • I knew its a huge scam when your card gets declined, I mean WHO declines Emma Chamberlains credit card??? She literally has BANK, as if shes got a negative balance lol. Never.

  • 14:12 is that a spoon tho 😀

  • Emma: I think I'm gonna have some tea... Me: Oh cool, I love that shit- Emma: I think I'm turning into a weirdo Me:.... ._.

  • Is it true that Emma has a twin?? @ 8:28 ??? Or this just editing

  • im emmas middle school crush aha ur feelings are ***recipracated***

  • Who is here after the twin tik tok 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • 8:26 Emma's twin, dat u? :0

  • 8:27...

  • emma who was that behind u at the gas station😃

  • OMG at 8:28 you will see like somebody that looks like her at the back window

  • What did we do to deserve her


  • about the nail think:SAME GIRL SAME

  • 8:28 whose pumping your gas?

  • 8:27 see at the back window. Does Emma chamberlain has a secret twin

  • 8:15 I FARTED EXACTLY AT THE SAME TIME, TWICE TOO WITH THE SECOND ONE UNEXPECTED TOO (ok maybe i didn't need to describe that much)

  • I was peacefully watching your video, then this 13:45 just gave me anxiety lol

  • “ I’m a lazy piece of shit”😂😂😂

  • “you stupid damn idiot”😂 I love u

  • Yall she really nothing but it’s interesting?- And she is inspiring and amazing SHE IS JUST THE BEST ISchatsR


  • hi emma, i love u sm and i hope u doing good :)

  • I can explain why I genuinely like Emma. I just do. She’s so fun to watch vlog. Like who on earth takes about morning poops. Emma does that’s who

  • U have a twin sis

  • hows everyone's day :)

  • At 8:27 wtf why is there another Emma in the back window

  • yes

  • Did anyone see the tea spilling out of her cup at 13:04

  • Emma do you have a twin you were at the gastaion and in the backround its you

  • Me still wondering why Emma had the top of the cover literally in the pan and didn't have the right size BAHABHABAH IM DYING EMMA UR TOOO MUCHH GIRRLLLLL

  • Emma i want to be yOooOoOoUuuUu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... yes please!😙😙

  • Yes

  • "Take your tea of choice. This one helps me poop." Do you really need help pooping? You always have to poop 😂

  • t amo emma


  • can we appreciate how good Emma is at the drums though

  • Why do I lean in for a forehead kiss EVERY time? Also....that little girl knows damned well what that noise is/was & where it came from!🤣

  • “maybe a c u t e -“

  • No you inspire me to be productive + ur funny dw miss thing😏

  • Puts olive oil on p-nut butter jar "Oh! It didn't work, got ittt"

  • Emma: it think I smell stinky... But I showered last night🤔 😂😂😂

  • Little girl youtube is not a job. You are an obnoxious little rich girl that shouldn't even be famous. No one cares what you are doing. Social media is not a job. You are what's wrong with the world today.

    • @6loser66 maybe she does maybe she doesn't still not a job.

    • she makes more money than you sir

  • Was that your twin on 8:27 minutes in the video 🤨

  • Love vlogging Emma, just finished watching your earlier videos like last to last month an now in back to new vlogging ones great.

  • I saw your twin And if you don’t who is that girl in the background

  • You're not boring Emma, you're truly fascinating. Don't worry (just a suggestion).

  • No one: The mosquito in my room at 3am: 18:16

  • why was there 2 emma when she was putting gas in her car? emmaaaa u got some explaining to do like do.......

  • im commenting on every video youve made

  • 8:27 so we're gonna pretend like we didn't see something?

  • i made the stir fry but i added ground beef and rice and it was amazing

  • she actually doesn't do much but her life is just so entertaining

  • 8:28 que otra Emma

  • Does anyone notice that at 8:25 if you look behind her you can see a person who looks exactly like her 😮 whattt

  • What car does Emma have ??

  • 8:28

  • where are the blue earrings from? so cute

  • I don’t even skip the video when she does the add THAT SAYS SOMTHING

  • 8.27sec??? Who is the Girl in the backround she Looks just like emma

  • I love watching you play the drums

  • 8:24 OMG WHATS THAT 💀

  • Literally though I freaked out she was at the gas and then there's another one of her putting the gas in the car like is no one seeing this

  • Emma has a twin because she has the windo in the bach and there is her in the back windo wtf

  • What! She is at the gas stasion right so i saw two emmas did you guys saw it or is it just a editing mistake

  • Giiiirl you need to wash your veggies. Bugs crawl around in there lol

  • Like they r where the exact same thing and looks like her twin if she has one

  • Do u have a twin Emma ? On 8:28 minutes in the video there is someone in the back that u can see through the video and they look exactly the same as Emma

  • Is no one seeing the two Emma’s at 8:29

  • 8:27 who the FUCK IS IN THE BACK WINDOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.


  • 8:28 she had a twin! 😮😮😮

  • 🙂

  • mamaaa ur not like stfuu

  • OmG she has a secret twin go to 8 :27 and in the back window there is her secret twin sister!!!!!🤯🤯🤯

  • 8:27 shit does she have a twin