Birt 26 sep 2019
im sorry
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-emma chamberlain


  • You’re so crazy lol

  • Wait your cats name is Declan? ...interesting.

  • Pathetic. I’ve been living in the closet my entire life 😎

  • declan missed u sm like he was waiting the whole time everytime u opened ur cabinet door 🥺

  • do another more of these 🥺❤️

  • Wait hold on did u feed your cat water or anything

  • Emma can fit a 24 hour day into a 12 minute video. *clap emoji

  • Ft me re watching all Emma’s vids and it’s now 2020 and we mid pandemic up in hereeee and it’s spooky season!!!

  • Her closet is kinda small and I couldn’t do that cause ima be cramped and boredddddd

  • october gang ?

  • Emmas cat was genuinely concerned for her when she walked out of the closet for dinner lol!

  • I’ve been in the closet for wayyyy longer than 24 hours

  • “i feel like today was one of the most pointless days of my life” *gets almost 5m views on this video*

  • I fucking love how much her cat adores her. He was waiting for her at the closet. 😂❤

  • POV:your bored and scrolling thru the comments

  • “I felt really like safe, in the closet. And like, warm and comfortable. But the problem is, I’m just so BORED” My sexuality 2 years ago

  • you need to go to Starbucks and get an iced matcha latte with three pumps of raspberry. shit's banging

  • sweetie i lived in there for 14 years

  • Corona

  • Corona

  • Corona

  • Corona

  • Corona

  • Corona

  • Okay but I was watching this and an ad came on with emma in it :O

  • imagine having enough closet space that u could sleep in it-

    • It is what it is

  • hahahaahaah

  • who fed your cat the cockroaches

  • Why is no one talking about Harry Potter

  • Literally typed in living off my closet by lil baby and this was the second video😂😂I’m glad ISchats brought me here💯subscribed🔥🔥keep doing ya thing💯

  • bruh where are her shorts from i’m OBSESSED

  • 4:20 I thought she was gonna say "I've been.. drinking Vodka" lol

  • Emma please have ur cat to be in ur videos more-

  • Your not dumb your just lonely. 😁🙁

  • emmas closet is bigger than my room i-

  • Why do pl ask a question and then say "okay just me" like what the hell...


  • Wait my ad was of Emma and I thought it was a sponsor and she edited the skip ad thingy and I clicked it and there goes past Emma..!

  • i would pay to stay in your closet for even like 2 minutes

  • I don’t get that the USA houses are sooooo big! I live in Australia and most room are so small that you can’t even fit half of the things that American room can fit,

  • Nobody. Not even Emma The comments 2020 aNyOnE!

  • Okay I know I’ve already commented once but I’m literally under the same blanket that she has 👀👀

  • I was in the closet for 15 years y’all ain’t got nothing on me

  • Ur not dumb

  • There was literally an ad of u before I watched the video 💀

  • tbh whenever i get anxiety or sad I come n watch her videos

  • Me

  • Haha funny love ya Emma

  • Irrelevant but I just fell and it hurt but it’s ok omgggg I’m SOO boreddd

  • when your watching a emma chamberlain video and a emma ad comes on

  • 🤨

  • I totally forgot that like I lived in A one bedroom at one point and literally SLEPT in the closet, like that was my bed. And my cat looks like Declan so basically same I totally forgot about this 😂

  • i wish i could watch this but you cussed

  • Jokes on her, I’ve been in the closet for 3 years😼

  • Bro I lived in the closet for so long that it became narnia 💖💜💙

  • Hola

  • Her sleeping in a closet: Follow your dreams.

  • the way she says mocha. haha im dying

  • Who got Emma’s commercial. No one just me ok

  • I just watched an ad of you with skin care right before this vid

  • Emma:So let’s talk about my feelings okay 😥 Me: oh no what’s it gonna be what’s it gonna be? Emma: I drink matcha!🍵 Me: yep that’s emma😂

  • It s the burnt toast for me

  • Me: Sees the title Also me: Wait she can actually fit in her closet???

  • emma : “jeeeeeeez i’m popular now” also emma : *has 9 million subscribers*

  • Who is watching this in a virtual class in 2020 oh 😯 just me ok 💆🏽‍♀️

  • Your cupboard is the size of my room!

  • And me

  • ur closet is just a big as my room

  • i would just sleep

  • imma about to binge watch a lot of emma's video's so here we go..

  • how did u pee

  • Emma: im going to stay in a closet for 24 hours Me who’s been in the closet for 21 years: *pathetic*

  • Crazy you know I’ve been in my closet for my whole life💀

  • ( big closet )

  • I just saw an Emma chamberlain add before and Emma chamberlain video ;-;

  • anyone watching this in quarantine?? :D

  • Me:watching add comes up Also me:IS THAT EMMMA

  • Tell me why the first commercial that came on was emma

  • 8:41 i didnt think about that one did i?🤣🤣

  • ha funny i’ve been in the closet for like the most time of my life 💀

  • girl ive been living in the closet for 15 years

  • Emma: I really actually don’t think I’m that dumb 2 seconds later I’m actually so dumb and so stupid

  • Zzzzz


  • hi

  • Emma: I really actully don’t think I’m that dumb 2 seconds later I’m actully so dumb and so stupid

  • I farted about 1 second ago :)

  • Emma without coffee uhhhhhh

  • OK u said MOCHA its spellted MOCHA but its MOKA or MOCA so just saying gurl

  • OK u said MOCHA its spellted MOCHA but its MOKA or MOCA so just saying gurl

  • Who is watching right now at this second

  • i have been in it for 3 years i mean its going okay i know people have been in it for longer but yeah.

  • gays watching this knowing we've lived in the closet our entire lives 👁👄👁

  • i guess shes gay

  • this is literally a "how to ground yourself and live in your room" kinda videos hahahahah

  • this video was very much entertaining

  • We love being dehydrated😁👍🏽

  • emma ur add was on this vid

  • For the past few days ive been watching so much of emmas videos and for some reason im not bored? So thats fun

  • When you dont even fit into your closet :/