Birt 3 feb 2019
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  • A quick advice: don’t watch Emma while drinking water Because you will cough

  • That Justice lady is mean jeez

  • the first 30 seconds were literal straight up no break editing and i love it

  • Im 34 yrs old with a 10 yr old body :( Plot twist: Emma is just taller than me

  • hi

  • emma then: let’s see if i have a future in fashion design emma now: has her own show where she styles ppl

  • she looks so different now

  • "lets go to the mall" am i the only one who thought of how i met your mother-



  • low key miss emmas old chaotic editing, but also kinda love her new style? idk just me??

  • 4:17 what is wrong with her fingers

  • I had that skrit in 3rd grade from justice

  • realizing that the justice worker literally fat shamed your "sister"


  • Am I the only one that got a Emma chamberlain add?

  • Emmas was a total visco girl

  • Ah, the good old days no mask, no lines outside stores, and u Won’t believe it everyone is so close together

  • Her walk s back 🤣🤪😝😂so epic Emma

  • bruh i got an ad with her in it on her video

  • Anyone else notice the blood from her thumb got on the white shirt 😂

  • You shopped 3 hours for that 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why u sooo quiet but like the music is louder..?

  • the banana republic outfit is actually something my orchestra teacher wore-

  • Omg I haven’t been in Justice in sooo long 😂😂

  • Am I the only one that’s never heard of or seen that express store? Maybe it’s just cuz I’m Canadian 😂😂

  • There was a time in 2020 when we wasn't able to go to the mall so Emma of 2019 feel lucky you could make this video

  • Imagine having so much money you don't even try-on the clothes, you just buy it. Am I the only one who tries on everything twice just to make sure it fits?

    • Loveis Mydestiny watch her videos, she usually tries everything on. she wasn’t intending for any of these outfits to be good. i know that you aren’t trying to hate...but yeah, n obviously everyone makes sure their clothes fit before buying it

  • i just cant w the first :D

  • emma: * says her first outfit was ugly af* me: but she still pulled that shit off like a fuckin MODEL

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  • I went to the mall for the first time since quarantine today-

  • when i was little i had that problem with jeans all the time like WHY IS THE WAIST SO BIG

  • jk ily

  • ho

  • 👁 👁 👃 👄

  • idk bout y’all but the add i got b4 the vid had a lady who said she started her period at twenty... i- wtf not fair

  • Imagine having this much money

  • Why was this so funny!? 😆😆😂

  • tnx for reminding me to drink water, i forgot that water existed

  • I’m watching this video... and kill me, why did I buy justice clothes? I’m almost 18 and I’m pretty sure those clothes still fits me :) I wanna die.

  • emma had an add of herself on her own video tell me if anyone else had hat add

  • lol there was an Emma chamberlain ad before I watched this

  • Burping a lot is indicative of an intestinal bacterial imbalance - every time I see my Chinese medicine herbalist, that’s one of the first things he asks me: are you burping a lot? Take care of that tummy, Emma! ❤️ Love the White top even though it’s cutting off your circulation!! Lol! Banana republic clothes are so bland and ugly yet expensive! And yes you do look like a second grade teacher! 😜

  • Do you live alone? I promise I’m not a creep😂 It’s just weird to live alone at your age

  • does anyone know where emma's light blue jacket in the beginning its from? i love it but idk where i can get one

    • @Sibby G ty :) what you said makes sense, i'll search for it on other sites

    • i think it’s from urban outfitters but they may not have it anymore since it’s been a year since this video

  • I LoVe MARIo KaRT, that’s not Mario Kart

  • Express kinda is a cross roads between Forever 21 and Urban I think

  • Can we appreciate Emma for a moment. She’s 1. Unproblematic. 2. Beautiful 3. Hilarious 4. A trend setter 5. A role model 6. A creative genius 💅✨😽💕🧸👑🥰

  • you look beutiful in everything emma


  • My mo shops at Banana Republic 😂❤️

  • Every outfit looked really bad except the all black one-

  • What did you do with the clothes?

  • at 11:08 to 11:13 is how i walk with the clothes my mom told me to put on

  • True with the editing part

  • i like outfit #3

  • And I like the skirt from justice

  • I like the shirt in the first outfit it was really cute to me

  • um why r we ignoring the fact emma did a perfect messy bun in like 2 seconds-

    • ikr like how does she do it i-

  • Lol, in the end she was apologizing about her bad outrow but accidentally said intro. Why is no one talking about this?

    • Do you mean outro

  • This video has me laughing out loud at 1 am. It’s that time where everything in funny

  • ok but the thumbnail is ✨everything✨

  • I just got back from crying over no one showing up to a raccoon’s birthday party

  • She knew it was for me

  • literally the vogue that she is doing reminded me of pose from netflix


  • I shop at korea department **cough**

  • Being in an orchestra I can confirm that she looks like an orchestra teacher in the white top fit

  • 2:03 am I the only one that noticed she sounded like Billie Eilish

  • Can we all just appreciate how gorgeous Emma is like she us so pretty and u feel like no one talks about how pretty she is

  • hi emma! your so pretty 💗 hope you see this comment😉


  • I liked it bc im 13 and thats something i would wear

  • Someone has to turn the dances Emma does at the end of her runway walks into Fortnite dances!😂💖

  • 8:45 my moms a third grade teacher and she does not look like that bahahaha😂

  • Emma: or like a yoga teacher Me: how are you gonna do fuckin yoga in jeans!

  • Emma definitely has a future in modelling

  • Emma can u try and do a video with harry styles where you style each other

  • Why did this pop up on my 2020 feed lol

  • this made me and my bsf genuinely laugh. we love you emmma

  • I actually would wear the last

  • lmao I was sipping from my hydro when she took a sip from hers 👁👄👁 it was weird

  • Wait... Emma drank *WATER* ?!?!

  • #NiNJaMoDe

  • When it said let’s go to the mall was I the only one who thought of robin sparkles from how I met your mother? 😂😂😂

  • Can we all just talk about how we came here during quarantine just so we can laugh and not be bored

  • How the fuck is express for ppl over 40? Bitch. Meanwhile her style is now dressing like an 85 yo grandmother.

  • The fact that I know some people that dress like all of these

  • Vendors at the mall only bother me when I’m with my ma or dad HAHA

  • Emma your skin is glowing

  • emmas style was so unique until everyone else started copying

  • Honestly, Emma is so freaking pretty.😻❤ With or without makeup.

  • I love your videos, they make me laugh so much. You're amazing.

  • Hi

  • emma looks good in freaking everythinggg

  • does anyone know the name of the song she uses at 7:01

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • she’s so funny 😂

  • 3:18 Emma talks about this shirt.. I look down and am literally wearing it.. ahaha