Birt 8 apr 2021
will emma ever move to new york? the world may never know.
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  • Btw 32 is the freezing temperature

  • Olive oil and vitamin e oil mixed together in a bowl and when you put it on your hair every night for a week the take a shower... omg it heals you hair so well trust me

  • You should do this outro much more often

  • Your “boring” outfit is like the most nyc outfit I’ve ever seen 😂

  • You could buy an apartment in nyc and when you feel need an out from la you can go there

  • i love the forehead kiss

  • Trust God he is the way

  • you can restart in New York. Do it

  • Girl - if you wanna move to NY just move to NY. You're young, be smart and responsible when you're old.

  • difference: water in ny has a lower concentration of ions, lack of minerals and a greater concentration of sodium than the water in la

  • Watching this for 2 time

  • i love how emma thinks 40 is so cold in canada the highest our summer goes to is 30 and we think its burning

  • I got so happy when she decided to go thrifting 😩

  • 💪🔥🔥🍝


  • OMG, the springroll you got from the grocery is from my country !!!!!!!

  • i love this emma. this is why i started watching her before she had millions of subscribers. i love alone emma, its the best emma. just emma drinkin' coffee, talkin, gettin into shit. ugh its the best. i thought she changed when she moved to LA and tbh. she did. but i think shes back baby, which means im back for it.

  • girl i love ur content but... u r reeeally addicted to coffee. Is that good for your health?

  • am I the only one that doesn't know how to find nice hotels in NYC???????????

  • “It is a robot or a real person?” Oh is a real person Oh! Is you, cool

  • "coming up with hipotheesees,"

  • Emma è bella qualunque cosa faccia

  • abt the weather in my country in summer it goes to like 45C (113F) and in winter it goes to -5C (23F) so ye

  • I just finished crying my eyes out for 2 hours and Emma’s videos just make me feel better

  • If only broadway was still going i would’ve just commented her to go to one

  • I love your glasses

  • This is kinda weird but like when ever I watch Emma I feel like I have to do 50 billion things…

  • This video Emma: "I haven't gone shopping once." Last video Emma: "CVS HAUL!"

  • New York just fits Emma so perfectly🥰

  • Did she just call 50 degrees cold?

  • 17:52 and then we never come back

  • omg shave your head! youre gonna look so bomb

  • wheres the blue long sleeve frommmmmm


  • dont move to new york who are you gonna hang out with if you move to new york

  • That’s not a bald spot lol that’s from putting your hair up too tight in the same spot constantly. Change your ponytail position daily 💞

  • Emma, this is the first time I've watched one of your vlogs. I came in sceptical, but then I saw you drink like 5 coffees a day just like me, and now I pledge allegiance to Emma Chamberlain. coffee coffee coffee starts w C baybee

  • i forget that she’s 19, it feels like she’s 23 or something lol

  • 07:06 its the soft water

  • I'm I the only person that is noticing the poppy seed that has been stuck in Emma's teeth for the past two days?

  • anyone else feel like she should move to new york i feel like emma had so much fun in new york and she seems like a new yorker

  • the new york videos have been on repeat for weeks now, and i am OBSESSED. emma honestly u r made for new york.

  • We need more nyc Emma

  • Take a shot for every time she says coffee of breaking off

  • Someone tell me where Emma’s jacket is from

  • ok so this was the first emma chamberlain video ive ever watched (other than the other part of this vid) - ik ive been living under a rock pls dont judge, and i have 2 things to say 1. loved this, made me laugh sm 2. oml i knew u drank a lot of coffee but OH MY LORD this is the most coffee ive ever seen someone drink!!!! honestly im the same tho with tea i drink like 7 cups of tea a day :)

  • Watching Emma is like being on FaceTime with your bestie.

  • Just get a place in NYC

  • I live in Canada.. we have freezing weather here. Same weather as New York, I’m more used to the cold than I am to the heat, I couldn’t handle LA heat.


  • Emma is my spirit animal

  • i love these nyc vlogs

  • If you ever wanna thrift shop for somebody else to get it out of your system while helping somebody out, you can totally thrift shop for me. I’m not cool anymore and I’m a mom of two that hasn’t had a sense of fashion in forever (I’m 32 & one of my kids is 13 so..literally since forever because I never really developed a sense of style before having kids. And since around two years before the pandemic, I’ve live in pajamas and sweats... unless somebody intervenes, I don’t think I’m ever turning back) so yeah..if you ever want to thrift shop & make over somebody for a video or just for fun secretly, you can totally think of me when your inspired/bored. I trust you and your vision completely!

  • google said "The water in New York is "soft" because it has a low concentration of ions, lack of minerals and a greater concentration of sodium. ... The water in Los Angeles is "hard" because it is naturally high in mineral salts like magnesium, calcium, copper, chlorine, and iron" hmm interesting i guess

  • I moved to California from New York and let me tell you, NY water tastes a lot better. It took me like 5 months to get use to CA water.


  • New York Emma is elite Emma

  • Please someone else lern you to how to do makeup but love you your videos

  • I got an ad for Emma while watching Emma.

  • you should braid your hair at night, it helps it grow


  • I did not just get a emma chamberlian ad in a emma chamberlian

  • move to nyc

  • She’s living in my dream

  • I missed these old videos where emma just took us everywhere she goes and has funs

  • the freezing point is 32 degrees actually

  • who is she

  • Is your hair falling out from the blonde experience or from a lack of protein ? Your stomach probably hurts from the excess of caffeine

  • Emma is one of the most New York people I’ve ever seen....and she’s not even from it

  • Not her saying are you a robot?

  • you’re my spirit animal fr

  • where did u get ur shirt from,mm

  • im wearing shorts in 40 degrees

  • emma please move to nyc you would be so happy there omg

  • Sis move to NY! It’s so much more exiting

  • okay but when she talks about the water in new york, i completely agree cuz my mom used to live there and when i would go my skin would look so good

  • I live in NJ I come to New York City almost every single weekend and honestly I feel same about their water

  • You look so happy when you’re in New York

  • why is nobody talking about how CLEAN the transition at 9:47 is

  • Emma just quoted Mark Lawson. Am I the only nerd who caught that?

  • YOU are living my dream Emma, and the fact that your younger than me makes me a bit jelly

  • Truly believe in Emma Chamberlain supremacy

  • Watching this inspires me to do the same. To just go take a trip alone and enjoy me time. Thanks Emma I absolutely love this. ❤️

  • I love New York Emma

  • Stop swearing Bish!😢🤦‍♀️

  • Is her stomach even okay with all that coffee ??

  • unstoppable emma is a vibe. You own that shit.

  • i luv you sm emma! 😩🤍

  • I’m sure you probably won’t see this. But I have bleached my hair for many year. Rarely ever have breakage, if you stop putting your hair up so often it will stop breaking. Also try and not use much heat (which I don’t think you do often).

  • "it's breaking off" she said 472958 times lmfao mine did too so i just shaved it !!

  • Emma = new york🤩

  • 5:32 FELT THAT

  • Emma is like my only crush. She's amazing 🔥

  • ur videos are addicting

  • You should definitely move here, less fake people i guess and as you said no one cares 👍🏻✌🏻😅

  • Sooooo you could have a small flat/apartment in nyc and you could go whenever you want!

  • “Do you want to see my bald spot”

  • I haven't laughed in forever omg!!! Emma is a Godsend, I cried laughing watching this vlog.

  • what camera does emma use?!