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im bored idk
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  • Okay I love Harry but most of my friends do not (some even said he was ugly *single tear*)

  • Anyone here from that one TikTok of Emma talking about Harry Styles because I am oop

  • where do ppl get that template?

  • Não entendi nada pq não falo inglês,mas gostei

  • Yes, Emma, we can tell. Do we care though? No.

  • harry would give her boxing lessons

  • Mr Beast... he doesn't have much money


  • Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet really do have the same affect on the Universe 😂😂



  • Me 2hrs ago: OMG David Dobrik noticed Emma!! Me now: Remembers that David pranked Emma and they r literally acquainted

  • You look sooo pretty but I think you should die your hair back to brown

  • Haha!

  • love that timothee was on there

  • 14:30 true everyone loves him he’s so sweet

  • I saw Ariana then I pressed the video lol

  • 2:00 I was expecting her to say "Actually the truth is, I don't really like beef in general....I'm vegan." But she didn't. And now I feel like something is missing from my life.

  • I like him but not the music so I’m kinda... eh with harry

  • Harry wouldn’t fight he treats people with kindness

  • Everybody loves him. Everybody does love him.

  • Hi

  • How did you do this

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • tpwk

  • Nicki won't start beef on Emma, she will threw shade about you on her songs. LMAOO

  • ive seen this and i want to know how tf do you do this'

  • if im being completely honest no joke eh i dont really like harry styles

  • 10:30

  • I ship you and food review boy

  • 14:25 I guess i'm the 1 girl that doesn't like harry styles and Timothy

  • When I saw Harry and Emma I clicked faster than the speed of light

  • If I were Emma I would only wanted to fight with Harry and Timothee bcoz I would be able to touch them in that only way.😂

  • yeah i love harry too

  • 𝙼𝚢 𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚌 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜 𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚜

  • wait so you're telling me it's not "paper view"??? this is life altering honestly

  • I would die to see Taylor and Emma meet like

  • Emma: I wasn’t really a One Direction stand Me: sitting next to my Harry Styles pillow

    • @ashley hernandez hahahahha

    • my one direction cutouts looking back at me like: 👁👄👁l 👁👄👁 l 👁👄👁 l 👁👄👁 l 👁👄👁

  • Nobody Me: watching this video just so I can hear Emma talk about Harry Styles P.S. am I the only Directioner here?


  • “Let’s get coffee !“ (fills1/4 of the glass of coffee and the other 3/4 creamer and milk ) same ....same..

  • 15:12 that's exactly what I was thinking about, like how

  • what was the name of the website she ranked them on

  • This new intro is so good

  • Omg the blonde hair is the best

  • *me laughing as a nine year old when she thought pewdiepie wouldn’t roast her that hard*

  • starting internet beef with jb would be a big no lmao😂 have you seen/heard the guys vocabulary jezz istg you would be totally mesmerized by his way of speaking

  • When she said I want them in the arena I though about the hunger games

  • We all came for 14:10 your welcome🙈

  • I’m living for this comment section #TPWK Only Directioners can like this comment 👇

  • I dont like harry styles

  • Harry would just stand there like 😁

  • report of the week is my fav too

  • i dont like harry styles

  • The ending is the best part 😂

  • I feel like Harry and Timothee would just sit there and have a long talk about the entertainment industry while also having tea and crumpets. I feel like they wouldn't lay a pinky on Emma and invite her over to join their very intellectual conversation. and also Harry would just be there like "are you alright Luv, do you need someone to talk to?" and Timothee would be like "let's chat for a little you obviously have a lot of built-up rage" and hand her a peach or something. wow, I love my husbands.

  • Emma : misses Harry: it’s ok if you move your fist a little bit to the left and put more feeling into it you’ll get It 😊 Emma: w u t -

  • Me seeing MISTA HARRY STYLES in one video with EMMA CHAMBERLAIN!!!!!

  • Harry would just be standing there laughing his ass off and like " I can't fight you luv"

  • I hate Harry styles 🤭

  • I'm just here for Harry

  • Emma knows I’m this bored.

  • "start A beef" lmao

  • When she said that everyone likes Harry Styles I was just thinking wow my whole family except for my sister hates him even my friends hate him

    • I mean I get what you are saying but I still love him. Like I like how in his first album he had some slow song but then he added that song Carolina I kinda want him to do more songs like that

    • Harry styles is getting boring and he needs to change his singing sbit lpl

    • Cuz they r fool



  • i would have internet beef w u just bc of the way you make ur lattes. i rly do not stan ✋🏼😔

  • i know so many people who don’t like harry styles tbh

    • Yea that's because they haven't met him I'm sure they will change their mind if they ever met harry in real life

  • Queen I have a question ok whatever so like what is the name of the website u use for that

  • i don’t like harry styles

  • If you even attempted to fight Harry he would be like: "sorry luv, please just tpwk "

  • harry could literally knock you out with one punch cause he’s that strong but he never would so he’d just stand there and take your punches

  • Hold up I got a Emma chamberlain add before this what

  • h i w h a t i s u p y a l l h e h e t e e h e e w h a t s u p e m m a

  • dont like harry lol

  • Me learning about pay per view with emma at 25 when i thought it was paper veiw the whole time

  • i love how all the comments are about harry, i’m living for the comment section tbh 😼

  • bro I hate harry styles so much.

    • Anna Deem doesn’t mean u should hate him lol but it’s okay people have preferences

    • @pink lucozade because I'm not a crazy person sho obsesses over people idek 😂

    • Anna Deem WHY U ARE INSANE

  • My parents unfortunately does not like Harry Freaking Styles and it hurts my heart so so so so so sooooooo bad!! Like what has he ever done wrong! He is the best human being in this planet!!!😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • I don’t know why I actually thought that she created a beef with all this celebrities😂😂😂

  • Je’te poché il contr

  • lottery

  • angel ✨

  • emma: i didnt have 1d posters in my room me: *looks at my posters*

  • harry would be like “that’s not very tpwk love”

    • tell me why i said that in a louis tomlinson voice😂

    • he would say "luv"

  • what is this called ?i wanna do it 😂

  • Me who doesn't like timothee chalamet 👁️👄👁️

  • why is all ur merch sold out?????


  • Literally everyone at my high school hates harry styles counting me I liked him in one d but not right mmmmhhhmmm like literally guck harry styles

  • Ilysm Emma. You get me distracted from problems in life cuz usually I cry all day but you make me laugh.

  • i love how before the video started a add popped up with emma

  • 15:16 i don't even know who that is

  • 14:30 I'm that person I dont get the hype

  • emm: Addison is so sweet. Addison: *dances to a song about ed with her perfect body*

  • I think no one really want to have beef with Taylor Swift cuz she will write a song or an ALBUM about u and slap every one (remember kanye😂)

  • Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼

  • what did emma use to do this internet beef?

  • How did you get that

  • and then harry does don’t worry darling 😗