Birt 14 júl 2019
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  • “But I need to take it off because it’s literally 70 degrees” Me: 👁👄👁

  • *i just watched a 18 year old try different coffees and i don’t regret it*

  • Emma C: “Every time I try to buy AirForce one’s they’re always sold out!” Me: Probably Alisha Marie🤣🤣🤣

  • I am watching this video on Monday 👌✌

  • Omg have you tried the Dutch bros Carmel coffee ☕️ it my life no joke

  • omg yes im watching this on a monday....... slay

  • I can’t believe I watched an 18 year old try like 30 coffees for thirteen minutes and stayed entertained like what is life AT THIS POINT! 👁👃🏻👁 🤧

  • 😂😂😂 you’re hilarious, the LV part was so funny

  • the 9000 dislikes consist of the exes of the baristas and/or guys named kyle who need to drink monster because coffee “doesn’t work”.

  • love you

  • She should go to al the places she likes

  • ily emma

  • "Danger, hazzard", Emma Chamberlain

  • I just want to know where she put all of those coffee's inside her car. New subscriber here. Words are hard man.

  • You have no right to film people without their permission 😬

  • how is she not dead yet? She fukien drank 7 coffees!

  • Me wondering why Emma isn’t wearing a mask and realizing this is last year when there was no masks🥺

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love.

  • do worst reviewed coffee shops in LA !!!!!!!!


  • they're creased 🥱

  • Yes pls

  • I would want would have her try my coffee if I wanted to make coffee, she seems like she knows what she talking about. #NOHATE

    • what 😀

  • emma: it’s not gonna be a monday when you watch this- me: *watching it on monday sep 21* 😏

  • Lol actually I’m watching this on Monday

  • Is it just me or does that thing on her beanie look like 🦠cOrOnAvIruS🦠

  • also no groundwork??

  • bro. coffee for sasquatch on melrose.

  • Is it just me but she’s in LA yet all these coffee cups are plastic. Surely they of all places have figured out a way to hold iced coffee in something more eco friendly 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 5:57 Someone needs some anti-bitch serum LOL

  • Me getting an Emma Chamberlain ad in the middle of it for some skincare product u can buy at target.

  • Why do i haven't watched these video before!

  • Why do i haven't watched these video before!

  • Who else is literally watching this in quarantine


  • 0:23 It actually is Monday for me

  • The girl at carrera cafe looked so mean!

  • Coffee Sharks are gonna start Clothing 😂😂🤣

  • Coffee comisAIRY

  • Me when I try coffee

  • I love coffee just as much as you Emma I just wish we had more options out here aha ☺️

  • istagramability

  • me watching this for the 8th time today. no I’m not joking

  • Im literally binge watching Emma's videos this quarantine lol 😂

  • Coffe shops are gonna start clothing- coffre “ fuck” coffee shops are gonna start clothing.. are you kidding me

  • this is gonna be low key weird but it is a Monday when I'm watching this┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  • there is something about the soud affect that she adds when she drinks coffie is so satisfying

  • As I was watching her get out of her car I saw no mask and got mad but then realized OH WAIT AHAHHA this video was made while life was still normal! XD

  • Wtf I got a Emma Chamberlin commercial as I was watching a Emma Chamberlin vid

  • i love this video its so fun to watch

  • You should try COFFEE BEAN!! TRY THE ICE COFFEE!! The way you like it of course :) and enjoy


  • Emma got me addicted to coffee

  • She said it was 70 degrees like it’s not 110 everyday where I live 😂

  • Did ya know I’m watching on a Monday Also like if ur watching in 2020

  • Before the video started I got an ad of Emma talking about a skincare thing.... best ad ever 😂

  • imagine working at a random coffee shop in LA and emma chamberlain walks in on the first day of your work 😍😍😍

  • The video cures my depression

  • Girl youre a meeess, you need to figure some shit out

  • Emma, try's a bunch of coffee shops also Emma, owns a coffee brand

  • It's called CoFax and it's more known for breakfast burritos...

  • was that duct tape on your touchscreen bc now i’m uncomfy but also impressed

  • I can’t believe I lost some minutes of my life to watch this.

  • Tbh I thought she was going to go to Starbucks

  • uwu i miss yr coffee- exploring cafes

  • With that much caffeine in your system how the hell did you sleep??

  • What app you use for editing ?

  • Lol it is a Monday when I'm watching this

  • where the beanie from

  • Im watching this on sunday 😂

  • getting emma's bliss ad on her video-

  • I just got an ad with Emma in it right before watching a video with Emma in it

  • *+-an Bliss Emma Chamberlain ad comes on...while I’m watching Emma Chamberlain-+*

  • Emma : I don’t know why that pink wall is such a big deal ! Emma again : 5:54

  • It’s Monday 😼🖤


  • If someone has the video of Emma when she rubs her face when she is hot and it’s makes that weird sound could you please send it to me I am trying to find it for a ISchats video. If you have it dm me on my Instagram my Instagram is _nicole_xox__xxo so please send me the clip of her doing it if you have it x

  • I wish she went to Alfreds

  • Forgot about the coffee splat beanie omg. Please bring back this coffee merchhhhh it's so effing cute and I missed out on it 😭

  • Now i want coffie😋

  • most people who would do this would just try the coffees and the throw them out but I think Emma actually drank all of them lmao

  • Who else is watching on a Monday

  • no one: emma: omg this guy’s staring at me, lEtS pREtEnD LiKe wE’rE fAcEtImInG

  • Emma: u won’t be watching this in a Monday Me: OMG FRICKEN GOD ITS MONDAY 😆😮

  • Maybe it’s just in my area but in Australia we don’t have like coffee shops. We have cafes that sell coffee but nothing that’s like coffee specific

  • I love how when she gets sponsored for things she makes it funny instead of being like "thankyou so so much for sponsoring me gOaT"

  • With that being said I’m going to Phillz lol

  • This was the very first Emma video I watched and have been hooked ever since lol

  • Why did she touch her shoe and continue touching her mouth ew

  • i’ve been binge watching emma and it’s making me wanna travel for some reason and be productive

  • Now watching this in corona the beanie logo looks like the COVID sighs thing

  • Me looking on the app “goat”:seeing its $100 Emma:”they have good prices” Me staring at my $5:👁👄👁

  • Me when I watched this last year: *MIX THEM ALL TOGETHER*

  • Who else is watching this in summer of 2020 on Tuesday July 21st at 7:53 am on 0 sleep No one just me ok 😅

  • It’s Monday for me

  • Freelee would hate on you sm if she say this

  • It’s friday lol

  • imagine seeing emma on the street and watching her walk to her car put her camera in the car then close the door and then open the door and then start talking to the camera.

    • mexiaznann oh yeah

    • I think she uses her phone to film inside coffee shops - maybe leaves the camera in her car on while she grabs the coffee

  • The same day just a year later

  • I'm watching all her videos during quarantine because she's the only unproblematic one left...and i have nO fRiEndS;)