i'm addicted to shopping *ANOTHER HAUL*

Birt 8 des 2019
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-emma chamberlain


  • One click at a time can change girls life Please support my channel 🤍 You are awesome btw👏🏻🥳

  • watching in fall 2020 and all of emma's style has become a trend

  • istg emma buys clothes , wears them once , then buys new clothes ah 😂

  • as a meber of the NY commite we accept

  • Behind this tshirt is a terrific mom! Yess, ofcourse. A terrific mom of 2 cats😇

  • the editing on this video sends me everytime pls

  • ♥️

  • “Retail prices” *a flannel jacket being 1500 dollars”

  • She makes sleepy and I have sleeping problems so thank you

  • Hey

  • how does she look good in everything

  • "God only knows" *FLIPS OFF CAMERA*


  • 6:33 omg that music i-

  • Things I have done in quarantine: binge watched emmas videos

  • Everyone watch: Emma:🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • idk how everything Emma shows us is sooo ugly but then when she puts it on its so cute????

  • Just watch bitch

  • It’s always the people with a lot of money who literally have the shittiest style

  • Guys watching emma chamberlain on lsd is so hilarious ahhaha

  • :(

  • Anyone else just feels safe watching her videos ? :(:

  • How can u wear actually ugly stuff but looking great huhhhh

  • I love how an ad comes on and it’s you talking about bliss

  • I got an ad of you in a video of yours

  • Ok, goat is officially amazing I know this is a video from a while ago but with goat, you can get black used converses for 35 bucks!

  • You don’t look as wired as you do in the mirror

  • i fw those jeans but this video fucking annoying.

  • god to her that morning- *only I know*

  • Where's the intro music from?

  • Emma is so good at picking out clothes you would think are ugly but are actually really cute. I need a friend like Emma.

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  • okay this might sound weird but i legit live for your weirdness. like you being you and being weird has just made me laugh and felt better. THANK UOU FOR BEING A FREAK EMMA ILY

  • 7:04 all of you ballet dancers this gave me anxiety

  • Hi from Switzerland 😍

  • The fact that she can pull off everything tho 😍

  • Its litteraly winter so i wont be able to wear them *lives in la*

  • I love that she’s her own ad for the video

  • Jazzercise was most definitely not the 90s...

  • "and on the bottom it says words" 😂😂😂😂

  • How do I get my parents to let me get a cat? I've asked for a dog of my own for over a year and I switched to a cat because they're easier and I like both. My mom has always been fine with it but my dad is not letting me. I want one for my bday which is August 31st. Please help:(

  • the amount of likes is how many times emma wore that white turtleneck

  • idk if its just me but i feel like i see her wear like 5% of the stuff shown in her videos

  • If you’re reading this right now your ISchats channel will grow, just keep grinding :)

  • please post on depop again

  • emma trying to look elegant in that skirt is a mood

  • I love u emma but all these clothes r ugly

  • Emma: If I wear this people may think I'm a mom. Why does everyone think I'm a mom? Declan and Frankie: Am I a joke to you?

  • 4:47 the t-shirt has a stain :(((

  • Wear did you get you jumper from omg I literally want it so bad

  • You are BORN IN 2001?! Are you kidding me?! Same year as me?? I feel like a immature, unhealed baby who doesn‘t gets it‘s shit done next to you. Seriously shock of the day, I need to rethink my existence.

  • goals: have enough money to buy ugly clothes that COULD be cute

  • Anyone from canada know what brand her jacket is? Cause i sure doo

  • Hi Emma I love you

  • Random comment, but I swear! I have the same hoodie I are wearing at the beginning of the video and I live in Mexico and I bought it in Mexico that’s crazy

  • Nobody: Emma: God only knows

  • She is the only person who can make vests cool and trendy and make ugly clothes look good

  • The navy blue vest with flowers...YT search "Molly Shannon SNL shweaty balls."

  • Am I the only one who wears shorts to sleep in the winter bc we have the heat on so if I wear heavy winter pajamas I sweat to death which is disgusting

  • I love how she's not afraid to wear what she wants

  • Emma Chamberlain doesn’t follow trends she creates trends.

  • the sweatshirt that says club scout is not collage, it's like boy scouts but are for the boys who are not old enough :)

  • I used to live in pismo beach!!

  • ok, i know i’m 7 months late butt what was the store called? i’m a sucker for vintage stores

  • Lolll I like never see you wearing any of the clothes you do hauls on thoughhh

  • 3:59 just because :)

  • I’m addicted to YOU

  • 'i don't even like coca cola' 😲☠️

  • Does anyone know where to buy the black hoodie with grey sleeves??

  • none of them are ugly y’all just don’t think outside the box 😀❤️

  • Guess what its been seven months and she doesn't have a baby belly

  • "i dont even like coca cola" me: *unfollows*

  • You should wear the pink and green skirt with a white leather tube top

  • for her birthday i feel like just get her a rock and she will be happy😊😊

  • emma it’s INSANE how you can pull off 99.999999% of things and i can barely pull of a tee shirt hahaha

  • Is that Olivia's hoodieeee

  • i am in LOVE with the jeans you wore, literally could match those babies to anything. what brand are they?

  • does anyone know where she gets her turtle necks.

  • She has a slightly questionable fashion sense

  • Emma ur my spirit animal

  • the one that emma said looked like a girl scout i immediately thought of frida kahlo

  • I don’t get how everything looks normal on her

  • i'm drawing the line at that awful fucking waistcoat!!

  • I swear she was lying when she said she thrifthed her mother, we all know its her grandad

  • It was the weirdest haul ever but i loved it


  • No one: Literally no one: Emma: is that such a crime

  • does anyone know where her jeans are from they are acc so cute

  • the fact that shes just naturally funny, like she doesnt even try but i laugh sm-

  • how does emma make anything look good


  • During the video i lirerally got an *acne ad* I-

  • I actually thought I was the only one who felt that way about labels.

  • when emma’s only 2 years older than me and wants to move to new york WHERE I LIVE ugh emma do it so we can be friends and drink coffee together and soul cycle

  • Hübsche

  • i choked on my hot cheat when she pointed to the mirror

  • she actually dresses like those vogue models or something

  • she actually dresses like those vogue models or something


  • I look like willy the ground keeper,

    • Mayb3 willy wonka the leviathan movie 2PM