talking about my feelings at 2am (while drawing)

Birt 2 feb 2020
this is what happens when you film at 2am
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-emma chamberlain


  • i rlly like your drawings!

  • Am the only one that actually likes her drawings? 😭🥰



  • My bfs nephews name is Declan!

  • Am I the only one that sees that the paint pens shaking lol🖍

  • 💜

  • shoutout to the orange marker having a dancing session.

  • Only Emma can make me like a Video 3 seconds in 👸🏻 YASS QUEEN

  • “I just wanna make sure I’m happy.... and the rest is consequential” 🥺 u inspire me sm

  • I did not know that Harry styles was in one direction.....

  • The Harry styles part made me happy😊

  • whos here when emmas hair is blond after she said no lol

  • love you emma!!!!!

  • 1:56 I actually got some papers and markers and started drawing with her 😂

  • HOLY SHIT I LOVEEEE EMMMAAAAA🥺✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • the fact that this was in february makes me very uncomfortable


  • Anyone else just watching this in august while she is blonde and has a boyfriend lol

  • here after she doesn’t have an apartment

  • ik its like months later and im just now commenting on this video but like that 80s design is really cute!

  • I love your art! esp. the first one!

  • Me: Staring at the pink marker shaking in the box 👁👄👁

  • the orange pen twerking in the box

  • This is probably my favorite video from Emma. It felt so genuine, honest, calm and casual like she was talking to a friend. Please do more of these types of video Emma!!!

  • i love how she says she doesn’t know what her style really is but she has her own style... like there is street style, soft girl, etc... then there is emma i mean this in the best way possible like she has created her own style

  • Am I the only one who got an add of her while trying to watch the vid-

  • i am convinced that the girl on tiktok was moriah elizabeth... like amiright?

  • nobody: literally nobody: me getting out sharpies so I can draw with emma

  • Drawing is fun if you have something to draw

  • U r wareing Olivia's jacket from "riding across la"

  • I have no idea how she gets hate she is amazing. And she treats fan’s not as people that pay her bills but as a family. She is the most fashionable person and is so open and kind. She spends so much time and energy to make her videos great for everyone. People don’t get thay she has feelings and stress I don’t have a ISchats Channel but I know that the Internet will pick at every video you post trying to find something that is bad so imagine the anxiety that she goes through she is a wonderful and strong person. treat people how you would like to be treated x

  • The thing is with me and making friends is that. All my life I've stuck with one friend and never made any other friends. But she left and I had to make new friends. So I was really nervous but I started hanging out with people that I was on good terms with and we were already kinda frrinds. And they went out great. But then when I had to go high-school. Most of my friends were going to diffrrent ones. And in our school we have different sets and my BFF was in a different one to me. So I couldn't see her that much. Which means. I had to make new frrinds that I don't know. I tried not introducing myself but being really kind to everyone and ye hoping they will be friends. We'll THAT didn't work. Everyone was actually kinda being mean for some reason. Prolly cuz I was being annoying. But ye. I had to introduce myself to people bc that was the only way. My fear is that I pick the wrong freinds and I lead into bad. Actually I was friends with the popular girl for some time and she was nice but she was mean and ye. She would make jokes about me alot and it wasn't that big of a deal like ye having a laugh and stuff. But she would actually be a good freind. But she was just incorrect for me. And we had a little argument and that ended everything. So ye. I picked the right friends by hanging out with them and introducing myself. And that worked out well and most of the girls in my class are. Friends with me. But the reason why it was so hard was bc I stuck with one person for most of my life and never really like hung out with anyone else. The bad thing is. Every year we move different groups so it won't be the same freinds. That means I have to make new friends again and I need to get used to the habit. Of making a new friend.

  • emma: how are you guys all doing me: horrible emma: .. that's good

  • Anyone here after she started Anything Goes?

  • Those drawings were good

  • I got an ad before the video and emma was in it and I was confused because i thought the video started differently

  • im very late sorry

  • emma : “i’m just gonna draw random fruit” also emma: *draws broccoli*

  • Tis is like museum art🏞

  • I could literally watch emma talk about harry styles every frickin week!!!!!


  • Everybody wants Emma to talk about Harry Styles because he is an angel. Yeah he is great, he is charming, he is beautiful to look at and no one has any complain about him but everybody actually wants Emma to talk about him because he is the sweetest human. 😇he is an absolute angel. Breathe if you agree.✌

  • Emma looks like tinkerbell

  • 💙

  • The baby crying in autotune 😂

  • when she said “going” why did i immediately think into labor

  • 08:06 me too Emma, me too

  • i REALLY want to be emmas bestfriend like shes so pure and i wish i was her shes so beautiful

  • That baby sound cried in auto tune

  • She said that she doesn’t know how to make friends yet 9.13M people wanna be her friend

  • I love emma talking abt harry styles! And thats all:)

  • I love Emma Chamberlain and if you love her too and like watching her vids like this comment. ❤️💖💜👍🏻

  • All I know is that you and harry styles have to make a video where you style each other

  • your watching this from the tik tok of the edit of emma with the sad song in the background🥺😆

  • The orange marker kept moving when she started 😂

  • omg it's crazy to think that my mom had my sister at 20 Emma is 19...

  • emma is so pure and she has such a good heart. in this video, it sounds like she wanted to say something more important but she's too scared. i don't understand how she gets hate its truly jaw-dropping how stupid ppl r.

  • wait arent those chalk pens or am i just dumb

  • Her: not having much friends that they actually are 5 I think Me that is a lonely bitch with no irl friends and one best online friend : ####

  • You never know LOVE is in the making EMMA and HARRY STYLES ❤️💜💙🧡🤍🖤💛🤎💚❣️

  • Maybe with HARRY STYLES baby in the making you never know????????

  • I wish Emma was more comfterble with us. I wish didn't feel the need to hide stuff from us:(

  • when she said she was gonna draw something like her phone case why didnt she just show us her phone case lol

  • I'm literally watching all of emma's videos again because im so bored and after tiktok was banned, emma is my saviour😂

  • you honestly did a good job on the art

  • why is she so shallow

  • The hell!!! ISchats is drunk..

  • i feel like she’s hiding something.. she just doesn’t wanna share it with the world bc society is so judgemental:(


  • Right now it’s 1:18 AM and for some reason I’m having an emotional breakdown-

  • You draw better than me

  • Ok those are actually really good pieces of art!!

  • Why can't anything just last


  • is it ok if i play minecraft instead of draw


  • is anyone else like super impressed with her art skills?

  • When the cat went to the camera I died laughing 😂😂😂 and then she was like omg 😂

  • emmmaaaa ur amazing and the best

  • Bro I need that phone case!!! Anyone know the name?

  • This girl can you make u happy in two seconds😂😂😭😭❤️

  • i love how emma says she cant draw when she is a god. im over here and cant draw a stickman

  • emma: I DONT LIKE RANCH me: dislike, unsubscribe, clicks off video, smashes computer, throws it out the window, calls *911* btw if you dont like ranch your still loved. not meant to offend anyone

  • i love you

  • Fan: PoLiTiCs Emma: no She's the best human omg

  • Your drawings are actually beautiful!! I absolutely love the first one!! You said you cannot draw well but that is WAY better than I could ever do!! Also I ADORE HARRY STYLES TOO. I wasn't a big One Direction fan when I was younger either, but since about the time he dropped his first album (three years ago now wow) I have become such a big fan of him [consequently leading me to know be a big fan of 1D after they are no longer a band rip]

  • this doodle is goalsss hahah

  • I’m really glad you made this video because we really got to know you a bit better. Something that I relate with is not having a whole lot of friends. I actually only have 1 friend and I honestly rather it because being alone isn’t really a bad thing for me. I’m a lot more introverted and I’d honestly rather be alone then have like 20+ friends.

  • 2:48 her cat though 😂

  • 6:09 the auto tuned baby i CANT 😂

  • i luv her fr

  • N

  • I thought you were drawing fruit why did you put broccoli

  • i prefer emma now shes more chill and happy the only ting i miss is her friendship w the dolan twins

  • If newborn could talk they’ll be in the comment section like: ohw you think being a newborn is fun, well joke on you. MAKING TEETH IS FREAKIN AWFUL

  • Am I the only one who likes Emma at this age more than how she was? Like she evolved she s much more funny and happy and herself

  • I copied her drawings...

  • Emma: I think drawing some fruits would be fun...*Draws Broccoli* 🤣🤣

  • When Emma just comes in at the beginning and says "HI!" I have the gut feeling to say hi back, so I did😐