Birt 31 okt 2019
i tried lol
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-emma chamberlain


  • who else is watching a day before Halloween in 2020?

  • "I could be the president" "I could be... a president" Subtle shade

  • She shouldve gone as emma chaimberlain she looks exactly like her

  • no cap i didnt listen to anything you said in the intro bc I was just geeking over declan

  • declan during the first 2 mins and 30 secs is literally how i wish i could be always. Like im always cuddling one of my friends like that but they love me so it's fine. right?

  • The outfits she says 😅😅 her grandma, a middle schooler

  • "im doing so well" literally 1 hr later "i might not go, i dont have anything"

  • She never disappointed. Her video is so good. By the way check this out you may like this.


  • emma you’re probably never going to see this but like p2 this year?

  • Girl I was crying when I went to the coustum store

  • Emma: you sort of have to look cute on Halloween Me: *cries in cardboard hulk costume*

  • Are we gonna ignore how the rise and shine thing was a year ago? That felt like a couple months

  • Just ✨be you✨

  • Does everyone have a gma pat??

  • As a lesbian, I dress like a frat boy and I am ashamed

  • i thought this was a new video and i legit had a feeling she was doing the same costumes as last year. and then i realized it came out 11 month ago. i feel like an idiot

  • wait why does emma not follow her grandma?

  • Yasss

  • 10:57 EMMA STOP LMAO

  • does anyone know where she got that top

  • pov: you're back at this video during october 2020 bc you wanted halloween costume ideas

  • Emma: i want my outfit to be taken seriously .. Emma 10 seconds ago: sooo i dressed as my grandma

  • halloween... party ???...... during a pandemic..... miss girl 😭😭😭

  • Where is your shirt from


  • the only thing giving me joy right now

  • lol I love how your cat rolls its head back as you talk about halloween costumes

  • I’m gonna Emma chamberlain’s grandma for Halloween, try and stop me

  • Hey u look relly goood

  • My grama was called pat lol

  • Bratz doll

  • this is really weird and a longshot. im sure u get this a lot but i could just really use a friend to distract me from family right now.. if ur bored.. dm me? idk

  • declan makes me want to be a cat person instead

  • Me in 2020 when Emma says she's VENTING hmmmmm I actually have that baby lips that exact one lmao

  • I think it’s just his teen phase

  • In the comments looking to see if Paris Hilton was here

  • close your eyes and think of jojo siwa IS IT JUST ME WHO THINKS SHE SOUNDS LIKE JOJO ... OK JUST ME 👌

  • The tumblr girl is so accurate

  • This i video is literally going to take seven years just to film only like four minutes in

  • ive never related to u so much.


  • 10:56 is best part i swear.

  • I was literally bob the Builder


  • Who else thinks she looks like TheReportOfTheWeek @ 8:01

  • LMFAO “holy shit i could be my grandmaww”

  • does anyone know what she ended up doing lol

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • Omg Declan is the cutest bean omg 🥺

  • Random person on Halloween: Who are you dressed as? You: Emma Chamberlain's grandma 😂😂😂

  • I died when I saw the cat

  • guys I don't think emma went to college

  • her: you know you want to look cute 5 min later her: i can wear this bald cap

  • This video makes me want a cat

  • Love this video so much

  • I'm gonna be mary poppins

  • okay but like why did i get her add

  • 😂❤️

  • Mine took me 0 seconds cuz I don't celebrate Halloween 👁👄👁

  • when she dressed up as caillou i literally couldn't keep it together

  • 1:44 Declan just died

  • Crying laughing. “I could be someone on vacation:...”

  • 11:24 when I'm waiting for my pizza rolls to be ready

  • isnt halloween banned in la bc of the pandemic?

  • Cats Smells good

  • Why is getting a Halloween costume in a DAY hard it’s a whole day

  • love how I'm watching emma and then an add pops o for skin care, but its also emma doing the ad, we love

  • I had Emma chamberlain ad in an Emma chamberlain video

  • I got an add about hair stuff of Emma chamberlain before her actually vid

  • I cannnn be my grandma......

  • The Rock costume actually slaps

  • 🌎🌏🌍It’s 2020 September,15th Tuesday still in qwarentine..smoke has filled the air in my state Washington and other states California and Oregon and many people have died including Kobe Bryant and his daughter.. BLM and LGBTQ+ Movements Are going better than ever some things not so good but they keep going strong! Earth is getting better aside from the fires the environment is getting cleaner sence none can go outside the oceans have less pollution🌏 🌏🌍

  • I would like to see Paris dress Emma that would be cool

  • Me watching Emma then see a add that Emma in 👁👄👁

  • who else started clicking the screen when the loading symbol came on😂

  • WiLly WoNkA

  • We love Emma sponsoring her own video

  • “Maybe I could be Kylie Jenner when she was pregnant” 😂😂😂😅

  • OMG your vid has an add with you advertising a product

  • Having a really bad night so I started watching this and I'm here crying and laughing love you Emma

  • “What are you for Halloween?” “Emma chamberlains grandma”

  • Emma MURDERED this video, I swear

  • Emma as Paris is my life blood

  • take a shot every time she talks about the halloween party

  • Wait her looks black😭-

  • no one: emma: I COULD BE CAILOU

  • Just got randomly recommended this in 2020 check

  • When your watching Emma and get an ad with Emma in it ✌🏻😌✌🏻

  • I loved all of the costumes but there were like to I was like 😬 it was grandma no offense and the mayor. ✨

  • I’m in EMMA’s mind I swear we always have so many idea rushing out of my brain 🧠 🧃👁👄👁

  • I feel SO INSPIRED


  • I got a bless Emma chamberlain add on a Emma chamberlain video LOL

  • me watching Emma and see a add that has Emma in it

    • Its soo weird like am i TOO obsessed

    • Shruthi same

  • why did I get an ad with Emma Chamberlin in it on her video...

  • I know she posted this 10 months ago but I got a Emma chamberlain ad while watching this video 😂😂

  • I was watching Emma’s video and an Emma chamberlain bliss commercial came on

  • where’s emma’s other cat?

  • Omg and I could be my grandma 😂😩