I AM A SKATER GIRL *you won't believe this stuff*

Birt 14 nóv 2018
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  • Bruh penny boarding isn’t skating it’s called pennyboarding

  • Is this the video where she started the rumor about herself?

  • その事務所

  • If Emma was in a cartoon she’d me the mc

  • i look back on these videos and feel proud. this is teenager emma and now we know women emma. she is so grown up and capable. she lives alone in her house (that she bought) as a successful youtuber in LA at the age of 19 with her own coffe company. how many people are that successful at 19? the only person i can think of is flo milli (a queen we stan ofc) but emma did this just by being herself!! not trying so hard to become famous, she just grew just for existing. shes been through some shit in her life and now i feel like a really proud mom. we love you emma ❤️

  • ischats.info/fun/qZCFmZBkhXR3moA/v-deo maybe you like this vídeo b


  • ischats.info/fun/aMqFkmN-oH-JaGs/v-deo

  • PB&J is the bomb

  • Most iconic person in the entire world . Love u Emma

  • we have a story Emma:number one friend : am a child

  • Me watching this on quarantined like 👁👄👁

  • who is the other girl?

  • me who actualy skates, them on a penny board ¨I wAS BorN InTHe tHraSHeR IsLe

  • cool nails

  • Emma: "Its in Long Beach California and its all-" Me: OMFG SHE CAME HERE AND I DIDN'T GET TO SEE HER :((

  • Cuff, cuff, cuff, Coffee? a l m o n d m i l k 👁👄👁

  • brooo when I saw her kiss that Halloween thing all I thought was CORONAAA..... but then realized this was 2 years ago

  • ok but why did emmas makeup legit POP

  • one day basic bitches finna find out that no one actually skates vans, and let's be real here. I've never seen a skater who can ollie over an inch wear those right beanies, heavy jewellery and log sleeve shirt kinda shit.

  • i wanna skate so bad but me broke Lol

  • when u have always had thic hair even when u where a child: 0_0

  • ischats.info/fun/ZsJ9iYdhZKCupXg/v-deo help me reach 1k please

  • Lol you’re hilarious 😂

  • P o s e r✨🛹

  • Do u reckon that Tati girl had a crush on emma and then Emma found out and she got dropped and replaced

  • When her friend got a pb&j with fruit and apple juice, it made me sad because I haven’t had that meal in forever 😂 🥺 also coronavirrrus

  • Okay but like im 23 and just bought a penny board... I be vibin tho

  • me: trynna chill and watch emma cause i love her an add: "TimE tO sWiTch to ChrOmEBo°K

  • it stresses me out seeing Tati drink DASANI WATER!! 🤮

  • this is when the “emma chamberlain doesn’t shower” stuff started

  • omg they have such good music taste

  • im binge watching emma's videos during quarantine and i just realized that this other girl w/ emma and liv is that girl from tiktok who came out to her parents by making a cake

  • i love emma but.. honey... that doesnt count a skateboarding

  • this is when emma had clear skin

  • omg so i watched that part when they went to the store and i was super confused why they werent wearing any masks loool

  • This is the first video i've seen from you... Gurl, I'm already LOVING you

  • she is living my dream life no caps bros

  • 3:57 i want Emma's tshirt so baad fuck

  • Stop click baighting 🖐😪🛑

  • This is how every 12 year old youtuber edit

  • Imagine being Emma’s friend doe. She’s so iCoNic no cap.

  • Girls: oh my god just bought my new skateboard I'm so good Everyone else: chill do a olie then talk too me 🤘🤘😂😂

    • yall know ollies take like day to learn lol. do a tree and then we can talk.

    • @angel palad gurl dont worry about them! Skating is about you and havin fun yourself, dont worry about what other people say, if they say shit about you, then they dont understand and half of them wont even be skaters. Skaters understand that not everyone does skating for the tricks. Do you boo!🥺💕

    • fr tho, that's why i'm so scared to skate, people might tell me to do tricks but since i can't do any they might call me a poser eventhough i only skate for fun :/

  • imagine being best friends with Emma

  • I’ve been skating since 1st grade so 6 years

  • Emma and her friends: fuck Me:trying to mute the video Me again: seeing my mom Nobody: Literally nobody: My mom: what the f*ck is she saying She is dirty Me: you cant speak to her like that she is emma chamberlain My mom: omg i love this girl i am sooooo sorry Me: ☺️ My mom:☺️ This conment is real it really did happened Love you ❤️

  • Anyone watching the next year?

  • Your not a skater girl u ride a pennybourd

  • Why does the title and description appear in Spanish, but everything else is in English?

  • Emma: she vegan and she got bacon in her grilled CHEESE!

  • Your not bad at skating you just have too keep on practicing I have been skating for 3 days and I'm not that good but I got the basics down

  • I LOVE AMANDA AND JESSICA😂💖 they are all so funny

  • festival advice take molly

  • “U tell me no bacon??? No. You didn’t”

  • this is my favourite video from emma i hav watche d it sooo mannyy times

  • Omfg that’s tati

  • ahhhhhhhh just how i thought, some beat up, creased,white girl af1's

  • Я возможно та самая русская которую ты искал 😂🖖

  • Hey! We got the same board lol



  • grill cheese contains bacon fyi

  • Where can i purchase friends like this?

  • watching this two years later and realizing the girl w Olivia and Emma is tik tok lesbian queen ms tringsby

    • ǝǝlʎɥS Tweet in nov it will be a 2 years

    • same that’s why i came back and watched it

    • Aayushi Thakur tatiana ringsby

    • What’s her name

    • It’s only been a year...

  • You give me Larry vibes lol

  • What was the song when she said lemme get these cinematic shots

  • emmma u are not a skater girl u are a penny girl

  • “Skater girl” also Emma: riding a penny board

  • hi a,m the sister and a,m to een skatboard

  • as someone who's been skating for over 2 years, i have to say i cringed just a little bit

  • 1:41 Those blue eyes. WOW.

  • 3:03 the girl on the left is mood

  • does emma have black friends? cause likeee I only see the same kinda people lmfao

  • It’s 5 am and I’m watching emmmmaaa

  • She has pennyboard and says she is skater girl Just stfu ......

  • why am i just realizing that tati and emma are friends

  • She sounds weird 🤪🤩

  • Can someone tell me who the other girl is pls 😂

  • There are kids dying in Yemen as I watch this video

  • I'm on the floor crying because she put her plastic coffee cup in the coffee mug at the end LMAOOOOOO

  • She sound like jojo siwa

  • А где Аманда?((

  • that little ironic "cinematic shot" was the most 2018 thing ive seen in a while

  • No your not a skater your a penny border 🙄

  • You suck

  • emma: okay well i dont shower for except for like once a year

  • She’s for sure the main character

  • i just realized this was posted on my birthday


  • does anyone want friends like Emmas?

  • Whos here from 2020

  • I’m mad that you guys are complaining about bacon on a grilled cheese. They blessed you🤦🏼‍♂️

  • this video came out on my birthday but 2:03

  • 1:48 Emma’s eyesssss

  • I watch your videos all night long and I think that's beautiful

  • Wait until she gets hit by a car bc she’s skating in a full parking lot

  • I like your shirt on the office

  • i love you too , emma .

  • I loveeee her humour sometimes i forget she’s only 18 now like woahhhh

  • 3:11 Abby lee miller who?