Birt 22 des 2019
cold brew:
put 3 of the bags in 600 mL/2.5 cups/20 oz of water, then let sit overnight. pour over ice and add milk/creamer for the best cold brew EVER!!!!
hot coffee:
pour hot water over the bag and let sit for 5+ minutes (I prefer to steep the bag for around 10-20 minutes because I like stronger coffee, but brew to your personal taste)
thank you guys so much for your continued support. i’m so excited to share this with you and grateful for the opportunity to create something i’m so passionate about. love you guys so much!!!!! -emma
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-emma chamberlain


  • Can someone tell me where tf I can get that nail polish color

  • She so tiny

  • Where did you get all the coffees to test to make your blend?

  • Not me having a mental breakdown at 1:30am watching Emma Chamberlain videos to try and get through it

  • 우와아아아아아아앙

  • I love hot coffee it’s comforting and yummy but iced is amazing too

  • Aint no body watch this!


  • 0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Love from my heart

  • i need help whats a good creamer that isnt nut pod in australia pls help hahahah

  • your skin ad really came before this video I-

  • Hot coffee is better stupid😤

  • 1:11 love this momment

  • I had a dream last night that Emma was staying at my place for a couple of days and I asked her to make me coffee and give me advice. Am I too obsessed with coffee? Probably not Am I too obsessed with Emma?YES

  • I very happy to share this type of coffee with the rest of the world. It’s a new teast of coffee from the SAHARA of Arabia. I hope you like it. You can find here.

  • your name should be emma coldbrewlain

  • 0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Aint no body watch this!

  • the last time I tried coffee was like.... months ago but I didn’t like it so imma try it now :) (wish me luck) idk why I would need luck but yh thanks

  • Good video!!

  • Been looking for a new coffee to try, will check into this.

  • Want to hear a joke? Decaf.

  • I tried this but i prefer this because has better taste and more quick😎

  • emma just wanna say that your coffee is great

  • uhm..EMMA I HAVE A QUESTIONNNNN when i go to "" trying to buy a coffee, i clicked on the coffee store an it took me to this whole different GAS STATION WEBSITE CALLED AMPM EXCUSE ME?!

  • the suicide hotline is bullshit this video is the shit tho no kap 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Hmmmm I'm 13 and already a coffee and tea addict

  • i’ve literally never watched emma before but this is genius because i’ve always been too lazy to use coffee makers ,,,, may have just purchased

  • this is awesome

  • how i make coffe get coffee from Starbucks pour coffee in new glass DONE!!!!!!!!

  • guys

  • You should seriously make your own creamer. After watching your video of making nut milk I think it could be a really fun and lucrative addition to your company. Not to mention that nut milks don't require refrigeration so it would be kinda perfect? I think? Ya. Id buy it!

  • Very nice !!!❗❗❗❗

  • 4:20 the energy coffee gives you... try drugs lol

  • cup of coffee with mountain


  • 4:05 istg 😂😂

  • Nobody: Emma: they are very precise with it. Coffee: dumped into a giant bin recklessly

  • If it was dark roast, you might have sold me. So, now you can do a dark roast that is percolate for those who like to make a pot of coffee 😊 ...but congrats on the coffee. What an awesome thing to make. I love c[_]

  • Success differs from person to person, have a good day.🌟

  • With each bag being $2 and each cup she makes is 3 bags that equals $6. If you add the cost of anything you add into the coffee it ends up being roughly the same amount of money you would spend if you were getting it at a coffee shop.......also I’m not sure how much shipping is. Anyone know?

  • Her: we need to talk... Me: freaking out and having PTSD cus my parents devoresed both got remarried both of my grandfathers died cause of cancer and one of them was 1 am Christmas Eve and the other was the day before my birthday and he was supposed to babtize me and my step grandfather also died cause of cancer🙂.and my step mom was evil

    • whoa thats a lot. but seriously, im so sorry and i hope youre doing good :)

  • i’ve literally just done all this to find out i don’t have creamer.

  • Im so proud of her

  • what's the name of the auto coffee machine in the kitchen? i wanna buy it.😅

  • I’m so excited to get it

  • i want the travel mug & 10 pack bundle so bad but it’s out of stock 😫

  • sis i cant afford ur coffee 😂

    • it’s cheaper than starbucks ahaha

  • Tell me why when I was looking for an almond milk and creamer to go with the cold brew when I get it it’s the exact same one she has😦 literally didn’t even watch this video and it just happens to be the same ones

  • Hehehehehe

  • Okay so ive watched the whole video, and i still don’t understand what could brew is...

  • Any body here from 2020 quarantine watching Emma’s videos? oh just me.......welp

    • Same

    • Have to make my own coffees since majority of cafes are closed in Melbourne hahaha.

    • i’m here

  • You should really try the Maple oat pecan MALK creamer, I think you would like it and it tastes bomb with ur coffee

  • hi

  • i poor

  • 1.33 you see Declan!!

  • This is good to know Emma


  • I feel like having coffee with a metal straw would just hit diff right? (Cuz I don't have one 😥 )

  • I love you Emma

  • Emma is so pretty


  • emma ur coffe is so expensive :(

  • Thats do cool that you made your own company.

  • Honestly Emma makes me so happy

  • 8:33 is that tom cruise i-


  • I use the same organic almond milk if anyones interested you could find the milk in whole foods! It tastes amazing

  • You could just buy cheap ass tea bags though, add coffee and steep it. Tbh I recommend cold drip coffee though. You need less grounds and it's better than cold brew imo. I bough a cold drip "mashine" online which as a one time investment isn't that expensive actually

    • it taste so different tho.

  • Emma: " I need to shut up and let you get on with your day. . " Me: I spend all day watching all your differen't videos because I have nothing else to do. xd

  • Ok being a coffee drinker , the coffee brew that she poured is sooo watery , and not strong at all in my opinion . Even if she adds sooo much of the brew into her jar , it's still so watery

  • Lame.

  • take a shot every time Emma lifts the coffee bag into the frame

  • How do ur teeth not get stained mine r so bad 😭

  • She still has Ethans espresso machine gift :)

  • I love coffee but I’m always to lazy to make it😂

  • I cant drink coffe because i am 10 year old 😪

  • hi

  • Im from england :(

  • I needed this. You may say I’m overreacting but as someone who drinks coffee often but isn’t too familiar with the terms and process(call me dumb) I love how Emma is specific. A minute in and she shows me how to make cold brew 🥺

  • Did you fill the coffee bags with hot or cold water?

  • what is the espresso machine you have at home and recommend?? pls respond Emma !! thank you

  • Your coffee is amazing!!! But a little too pricy for 10 bags. ($20.00 +$5.00 shipping). But it was and is delicious......BOMB actually. But that price is too much for me to continue. This makes me sad ☹️

  • i literally just drink straight cold brew coffee with no creamer or milk. and we have in my house an actual coffee pot thing that brews coffee in the fridge

  • There is no one on ISchats that has edits this good. So genuinely funny.

  • I really want to order !!!

  • Is this coffee like not sweet? No sugar ? Sweetener ? Something? What? 🤯

    • milk and creamer makes it taste better

  • You should watch Gilmore Girls, you’ll relate to the whole coffee thing

  • brittany broski talking about her coffee package: “it’s got big smackin lips on it”

  • lol i don't even know why i am searching up iced coffee videos when I can't even drink coffee yet hehe 😂

  • i looked at the website and it was cool hehe

  • I’m not halfway through and i already have a feeling that I have NONNN of the things she has in her house😂 like if you relate😂😂 ( I was right )

  • doesn't coffee ruin your teeth?

  • What make and model is your coffee machine please & thanks xxx

  • This looks so damn good. I love cold brew. I had no idea it was so easy to make it. I’m so excited to make it now. 💙

  • Just ordered some coffee 🥳 excited

  • How rich are the people buying this? She used 3 bags for one mason jar, and charging $10 per bag. And she isnt using these, she's got her french press in the background as she struggles to recall the coffee recipe she's been doing for 5 years. rip off

  • I ordered coffee from you and it never came. I then emailed you guys about it and no one ever responded. Such a disappointment because i spent $50 on your coffee. Do not recommend

  • ハロー!