Birt 31 mar 2019
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  • Why am I just now noticing Amanda’s head in the background

  • I’m so late cause I’m lookin at her oldish videos and she looks so good in this without makeup

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  • ur mom IS SO ADORABLE-



  • Emma’s mom is so cute

  • Please her mom is soooooo fucking cute

  • who else saw the head in the back at the beginning

  • 10% of the comments:relating to bacne 90%of the comments: eMmA:swearing her mom: silent

  • We miss this Emma 😢..... You're not the same person anymore .... I was watching your Hawaii trip from Last year .... You my god you were totally a different person and now 💔

  • your mom looks like Judy from Dead to Me. she’s gorgeous.

  • BAHAHAHA the Wisconsin part😂that is my family

  • nobody: Emma: that aunt from Wisconsin why did this bitch just describe my mother

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  • Why have I never noticed that Amanda is in the back at the start of the video

  • I fucking died when she said "oh bitch I gotta do something"lol...this girl is hilarious....a whole vibe...

  • i love emma for normalizing bacne. i always felt alone but now i know i’m not

  • i’ve had back with for like a year and i actually took showers and washed my back and it went away😂 emma probably washes her back tho

  • Your mom is so sweet 🖤

  • Emma's parents are so great, seriously

  • emma says u know those people who just wanna go to the pool right away and than makes a joke about that person being an aunt from Wisconsin. Me being from Wisconsin: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • “ if the next time I talk to you and I’m not eating my room service we’re gonna have a problem 0-0 ...ok then...

  • If i swear in front of my mom like that .. oooOOooOoooooOoooO she's going to slap meeeeEeee


  • #backne

  • i love how she packed so much for 1 night. can relate

  • I have spots on my legs and stuff-

  • I feel like emma’s mum is such a gen z mom

  • nobody Emma: *calls front desk every time instead of room service*

  • 13:25 did Emma just hit the woah?😮

  • they energy it's so chill. I think you have and amazing mom Emma, and you're too.

  • uptown girls got it made

  • Who else loves Emma’s mom

  • 3:55 same sis 🙂💔

  • *:P* XD We love you sister. I don’t have backne (or how ever you say it) but I stan the people with backne :) #ForeverTogether

  • Anyone in July 2020???

  • I use witch hazel and that rly helps my backne:)

  • i have aknee on my face and im only 11

  • emma’s mom being ok with her swearing gives me anxiety OMG!

  • Around 3:16 it looked like her eyes were greeen 💚

  • OMG that aunt thing tho 😂😂😂 soooo true 🤣🤣

  • Trump face at 6:28 😂

  • I’m from Wisconsin 🤦‍♀️

  • Everyone having a panic attack over her swearing Infront of her mom, but I'm panicking over how she leaves her feet on the seat when she drives and not near the pedals

  • "like, i have to pee AND STUFF"

  • That Coachella plan 😪🔫

  • Who was that in your bed in the very beginning of the video

  • 13:25 I LMFAO

  • I got annoyed within the firsy min. Why did i click on this

  • Emma talking about California freezing winter's Me in Minnesota: 👁️👄👁️

  • so anyone gonna talk about emma's leg that's always on her seat ? 😭🤣

  • Bicth stop talking

  • i can relate to bacne more than anything and im only 14...welp

  • i think i’m staying where she stayed next month 👁👄👁

  • I am the person who goes in the pool straight away 😳

  • 3:22 omg i literally died. y laughed so much...

  • sorry emma but ur too old to start your jedi training, the jedi council only accepts younglings from 0-4 years of age and besides, too many attachments

  • Anyone else make coffee and then pull up one of Emma’s vids to drink coffee with her? No just me 😂

  • Ok Im the aunt from Wisconsin but I’m also 15 :)

  • I have backne sometimes too girl it's okay

  • The fact that u can even show everyone is amazing I’m so insecure about it that I wear long sleeved shirts that cover my neck and wear hoodies just so no one can see. The acne on my face is bad enough and anyone who doesn’t have acne on their back, ur too lucky

  • Why have I only just noticed someone in her bed(probs Amanda)

  • coming soon may 2018 haahhahaha emma

  • June 2020 anyone? - had enough of quarantine lol

  • This is gonna be very insensitive, but.. I wish all girls looked like Emma 😅. They should just clone her, and fill a whole state with Emma's.

  • me watching this in 2020 living in palm springs :) 🤣

  • small channel suppport?

  • you're a mini kendall jenner

  • Who wishes they were emma and had her life

  • *Emma cussing in front of her mom gives me anxiety*

  • is it just me who could watch emma pack for days

  • oh how i wish my mom was cool (love you mama but why u gotta be so scary sometimes)

  • Finally another person with backne, but I’m twelve and have it 😂

  • emma: i envy people who dont have bacne more than ANYTHING. me: i dont even have face acne

  • stop like saying in the comments like: WhO iS wAtChInG tHiS In QuArAnTiNe we dont f*cking care

  • Tip on the backne: After you condition your hair in the shower, pull it into a messy bun, then wash your back because sometimes the conditioner is what irritates it. Good luck! :)

  • its 1am im eating cheezits (probably shouldn’t) having a mf eema mararthon

  • Omg I love Emma chamberlain

  • 6:58 sounded like James Charles whaaattt!

  • I guess the backne is because of the coffee As coffee produces a lot of heat in the body and then these backne pop up

  • I love the chaotic energy between you and your mum

  • 5:42

  • is it just me when you see Emma drinking coffee it makes it look 10 times better

  • 2020 anyone

  • I love her. I feel so confortable and chill

  • no one: absolutely no one: everyone in the comments: “omg i can’t believe emma’s mom lets her cuss 😱😱”

  • i think emma has a kanken in every colour to match her outfit

  • Emma 1 year ago: I don’t call my mom mommy. Emma 2020: yes I still call my mom mommy

  • 8:57 Can someone help me!? What is this piece of music?

  • Sameeeeeee

  • that moment when you are actually on a road trip with your family and your aunt who is from Wisconsin actually said that and you watched this video on your trip! tripped me up. Thanks for hearing

  • “can i show them the traffic” has me dead 💀😭😭

  • Omg girl I couldn’t relate more ab the back acne mine is so bad and I’m only 14 and I’m literally grossed out by myself 😂❤️

  • You describing winter and tanning is 👏🏼 ME 👏🏼

  • 00:24 just watched her recent video.. yeah right Emma lol

  • ive binged like 8 of her videos in a row..

  • Hi, I'm late but whatever! I used to have back acne, it was really anoying and stressful but I got rid of it. I just put some basic face cleanser on it (I'm french idk if you have this in the US but I used an Avene product) and I made sure i put sunscreen on my acne while I went to the beach. Don't try to touch and "press" your back acne it gets worse ! Anyway, whoever who reads it don't let acne bring you down, you're amazing !

  • 5:45 - me when I don’t get McDonald’s

  • try tea tree oil on your back acnee and face