Birt 13 jan 2019
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  • I like how she said that it was so cold when it was 55 degrees its only October and it got down to 19 degrees

  • i have that same beach towel tho lol

  • 0:0

  • First video i watched from Emma’s channel-

  • 4:56 bahahahahaha

  • u didnt even swim u litteraly dived in the water for like 1 min

  • how is the beach so flat-

  • -l-o-v-e

  • No outri

  • I’m the only one here AUGUST /14/2020

  • Ur The ceo of the F word

  • Olivias so pretty! Also my names Olivia too, kinda cool right?

  • Water

  • You barley even went in the watee

  • I wish Olivia was my friend she seems awsome

  • Google Alaska polar plunge. 👀👀👀

  • Emma: I grew up wearing Hollister. It was my vibe Olivia: Same Emma: Right?! (super excited) Olivia: Mhm (not really into it)

  • Its 55° in winter in America... it doesn’t even get up to 50° in summer in the uk....

  • This is literally give me *Tiktok Crackhead* energy


  • Her in California: it’s 55 degrees, it’s freezing Me in Illinois: that my friend is not freezing if anything that’s warm

  • Emma u sound like jo jo siwa

  • emma: it’s like 55 degrees in january me: wellllllll loveee i live in michigan and it -20 degrees in january sooooo

  • But this isint a challange most of the time the ocean is cold

  • things emma loves: coffee coffee coffee coffee and twitter

  • -hi-

  • dude emmas "swim wear" WAS ADORABLE!!

  • Soooooooooo I’m a Texan right we’ll my dad is from Michigan and he took me to this lake called Lake Superior and it is sooo fricking cold

  • I,m doing a challenge with my friend getting in every day of this year😨

  • I love how in every single sentence Emma swears such an ICONIC MOOD

  • I love Emma she's such a m00d

  • The sea is actually warmer in the winter

  • lol litteraly everytie olivia says the f word emma bibbs it out but when she does it herself shes to lazy to do it lol

  • i did this challenge in the ocean when i went to cape cod and there was very big waves and very windy and cloudy and it was freaking cold out

  • HAHA

  • Me sitting outside in 23 degree weather

  • olivia was so fricking supportive

  • ahah i have the same jacket

  • Russian be like : omg what’s a big deal, girl?

  • Emma should do the challenge were you try the tiktok whipped coffee

  • 1:10

  • me not even being phased by her saying y’all

  • They think it’s cold when it’s 50😂😂 I love in Minnesota and it’s gets down to -15 in January

  • That flip tho 😂😂😂😂

  • The burp was cool 😎

  • I go to that beach like every day in the summer it's the best don't judge it when it's at it's worst lol ❤️ also you're amazing emma

  • during this quarantine I have watched ALL of Emmas videos... all. of. them. now I dont know what to do

  • I don’t like doing things with an audience!! Why am I even a ISchatsd Silence ...

  • the lint part- i'm dead

  • whoever wrote the captions for this video is.... a literal godddddd!

  • Wait why was this video gone for 1 year??

  • Ya but try doing that in mass

  • -i like emma- i love emma

  • I live in Canada and we do this Challenge but it’s in 14 Degrees Fahrenheit -10 Celsius

  • question is was emma on her period again when doing this

  • When Olivia called Emma baby we all know she’s a true friend

    • or maybe more than a friend. lol jk

    • That's what i thought to I was looking for this comment

  • She complaining bout the cold California water but people doing the polar plunge in Chicago each winter like nothing 😤

  • i love how olivia’s hypin her up 🥺😂💞

  • Olivia is sooo pretty her eyebrows are stunning

  • 7:11 pregnant with either Ethan's baby, or the burrito's baby. 😂

  • Em is actually a really good dancer

  • Olivia is sOoOOOOOooo pretty

  • I DM’d her on Instagram

  • I don't want to ruin the fun for you but a big part of the Netherlands does this in te beginning of the year

  • emma people in kentucky also say yall were they are in the country but some places here are the city

  • "But there's a beautiful sunset- oW OW" That cracked me up lmao

  • Bro I went on this video and it said that I disliked it and I don’t remember doing that so moral of the story no one actually doesn’t like you they just accidentally press the thumbs down

  • LMAOOOOOO pause exactly at 0:00 you will see that Emma is changing her hoodie to the Hollister hoodie😂😂😂😂😂 No hate

  • 6:41 notice how she never a ctually finished her sentence haha

  • I feel like Olivia is a prettier - better version of Hannah Stocking. Ik it’s weird but she reminds me of her lol

  • Crazy te3ns

  • Stop with the words

  • who else loves her editing

  • Omg who came up with these captions😂😂like Emma's edits n all r already entertaining but those captions just add to it😂

  • do Olivia have A channel? if she does what its called?

  • 6:50 hahahahaha her faceee!!!

  • Ok, but. why does this girl have 8.54 Million subscribers?

  • who did the subtitles to this its so funny 😂😂

  • can i just say that olivia calling emma baby is adorable

  • you are such a goofball - and I mean that in a good way ;)

  • Hollister is literally known for NOT being inclusive 😂

  • dude im inlove with olivia. She so fucking pretty

  • people from minnesota that live by lake superior are quaking

  • anyone else watching this in 2019 while wrapped in cozy blankets and just imagining her pain?

  • Emma - Blossom Amanda - Bubbles Olivia - Buttercup

  • Emma: “okey when then next swap comes in” *wave 🤦‍♀️🤣

  • 55deg is warm in Oregon lmao

  • whos watching this 8 months later

  • In my opinion I find this one of her best videos for some reason lollll

  • hehe I could thrive in cold water weaklings. I once sat in a “cold” pool for 30 minutes. I don’t know why my family decided the pool was too cold to swim in.

  • What’s the big deal? It’s October and I still swim in the North Sea every day.

  • this was actually really entertaining. thanks.

  • Holister all inclusive PFFT nah honey...there largest size is a large...

  • Emma's nothing but the best 😁😁

  • In the netherlands we have newyears diving, every time on 1 january

  • AhHhahahHhHhahHhH i SAvEs it

  • Your annoying af

  • U edit to much like Antonio Garza

  • 4:28 i screamed so loudly i literally woke my brother up

  • Imagine trying to swim to China