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  • THE FALLFEL- ITS MIDDLE EASTERN- AYUE I’m from dah Middle East-

  • sis come to jordan and eat some real falafel

  • i hate gentrifyers

  • i’m been watching emma for 3 years nonstop il her sm

  • Who's here in 2020 during the pandemic wishing u were living in New York right about now?

  • So you’re not hank ?!!!!!

  • Call me girl 4083439930

  • Still waiting

  • where are your armpit hair ? if i don't shave for 1 days it looks way worst !

  • Shes *perfect*

  • this girl is such a vibeeeeee

  • anyone else here october 2020

  • This video is the proof of her Gemini behaviors!!!!

  • missing ur dark hair

  • The alarm sound really triggered me like my heart skipped a beat

  • I like though she is rich, she doesnt waste food and still doesnt act snob or rich, I think she is still modest and gracefull for what she has. I really like her...

  • heheheh :)

  • did she just say peter bread??

  • why is the coffee $11? because it has got cashew milk. and what is expensive? CASHEWS

  • Omggg she put the clothes on her bed😂😂😂😢

  • yep

  • It would be 7 in la hhaa

  • lol today is september 27 a year later and she released revamped her coffee brand today. emma just keeps making business moves on sep 27

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • *Emma showing off her thrift clothes* Emma-“this is so ugly, I love it” “why did I buy this” “omg this is so ugly” Me-“ yeah it really is ugly” 😂 *Emma tries it on and actually looks good* Me-“w-what...the” Literally every haul she’s ever done ^

  • When emma is the ad in her own video

  • why is everyone attacking emma saying that her videos are boring?? actually i find her videos really entertaining, i loved them lmao this comments are from months ago and i recently talking about it bye hahah


  • humas and flafel are arabic food🥵

  • Imagine liking New York 🤭

  • bruh this exactly a year ago 😭😭

  • i love how she doesnt give a shit about what people think about her like i love that

  • Fuck, your videos make me so happy.

  • omg emma u were ur own ad for this vid😹

  • I came here to share the gospel. We are truly sinners. We don’t deserve the mercy of God. But God loves us so much that He literary sent down His only Son to die for us. Jesus died and paid the price for our sins. He was sinless. Imagine someone taking the punishment for a crime they didn’t commit. On top of that, God gifted us salvation (deliverance from sin) and eternal life if we believe. Believing is not all to it but you get what I mean. In Christ, we are set free from sin. Yes, we still fall short of the glory of God. But that’s why ask for forgiveness and repent. It’s not the matter corruption but true redemption in Christ. Because He is God, He is enough for us! In Him we are free! We can never be enough nor do enough. We are so flawed. He hates sin because He’s pure but loves you and would want you to come to Him and build that relationship! Jesus Christ is the reason why we have fellowship with our Heavenly Father. I’m saying this out of pure love.💞💞

  • Abby lee miller’s daughter


  • watching that ice lolly crumble off the stick made me howwwwlllll

  • i love how she talks about new york like they do in the movies >O

  • Who remembered the mukband video w james and dolan twins❤️😭

  • Wow she is literally has the best style

  • Can we be friends?

  • we need to be best friends. right now.

  • i feel so safe w her lmao

  • She’s literally gorgeous and a mood

  • Okay am I the only one who could never go on holiday with someone like Emma. Sitting in a hotel room all day instead of going out and exploring the city!? Hell no!

  • emma saying her life is boring, but i find all her videos so entertaining, lile my life is a boring routine 😂 school, home,food,homework,chores and sleep that's my day...and on my happy days when i feel happy & have a lil extra confidence to go put i go to the near by friends..

  • Doesn’t need clothes but buys some Needs a razor and doesn’t buy one

  • crap eyewear LMAOOOOO

  • i really wanna be friends with emma


  • everyone : wHy Is EvErYoNe HaTiNg On EmMa ? me : *trying to find hate comments but don't find any 👁👄👁*

    • Ikrr

    • The only hate comment I found was the comment right under yours

  • Emma: You should go to bed early Me watching this at 12am: 👁👄👁

  • so many hate comments, what’s happening with u guys? if u don’t like something just keep scrolling

  • Has anyone ever sent you coffee from Louisiana??? Let me change ur life!

  • MEE when I go shopping and come home and hate what I bought


  • Emma: okay don't judge me but I haven't shaved- *shows underarms* also Emma: *OMG DON'T LOOK*

  • Is she really mad because of plastic straws while drinking all the lattes from plastic?? 🤷‍♂️

  • Y’all hating in the comments lol just say you’re broke and jealous and move on

  • I love this video! Y’all can shut up she is acting normal. 💀

  • I don't get why people are hating...just because ur rich doesn't mean u don't get bored

  • I is allergic to the cashew

  • everyone: why are people hating on her?!? me: **scrolling just to find the comments** *~w h e r e~*

  • The new title should be “Shopping Then Taste Testing In New York! :D “

  • paternity court

  • funny how I've never seen people hating on male youtubers for being rich

  • I LOVE Mediterranean FOOD

  • I think she means 180

  • emma: you should go to bed early. *me literally watching this at 2 am*

  • Imagine going to New York. And then go thrift shopping. I would never go anywhere. Again. Period.

  • Emma: go to sleep early its good for you Me watching this at 1 am: ok

  • yall made her rich stop complaining abt it

  • “Oh my god, cashew milk... B*TCH”

  • those shorts that are green and purple look like they came out of the movie beetlejuice

  • hi! i’m a small youtuber

  • Your like “everytime I have a mental breakdown someone has to convince me not to move to new York” and I’m like “everytime I watch one of Emma’s videos I want to move from Uk to La..”

  • Energy, chaotic neutral. I’m subscribing

  • Emma:go to bed early Me evreynight at 4am be like:👀

  • I either want to live in New York City or Seoul, South Korea. no in between.

  • how are you not fat and have a good body?

  • Does anyone know where her white hoop earrings are from because I am in love with them!!

  • love how people like to hate they kinda obsessed

  • אמה כזאת ישראלית

  • The first times i watched this i didnt read the comments and it should've stayed that way.

  • She's always traveling for no reason like why did they freak out in this specific one?

  • i think emma invented 👁👄👁 when she tried the coffee with cashew milk in it

  • Ok so she's dropping the glasses on September 27th wich is my birthday and like nothing exciting ever happens on my birthday. I know I probably spelled wich wrong but I don't care.

  • there’s a really cool online thrift shop on instagram called @thriftwrld_ !!!

  • emma at 14:52 "go to be early its good for u" me at 3:30am watching this like 😑😐😶

  • This comment section is toxic

  • crap eye wear?

  • why does everything literally look so good on you whattt

  • How happy she looks makes me feel good smh

  • There's alot of stupid things going on in the comments, like litterally do u think starting her own coffee company and merchs and making contatnt everyweek and going to fashion events and doing interviews is not worth it, she've been doing youtube since 2017 and working hard on her contatnt and succes don't come here jealous af saying that she's rich and boared like she didn't do anything to desserve it, her contatnt is still good to me and even better i enjoy her new videos more, even in her old videos she always talked about la and how she wants to grow seccesful, and she made it, she should be proud of herself, shes just amazing and really smart about what she does, and ur mad cause she went thrifting lol 😭

  • i aspire to be as rich as emma and not contemplate buying a 10 dollar shirt lol

  • She didn’t shave her armpits in a week and has nothing there, I go 2 days and I’m a gorilla. Wtf

  • people in comments are throwing shade like it’s confetto

  • pov ur looking for the mean comments

  • my b day is on the 27 of sep