Birt 15 sep 2019
my makeup looked terrible in this video and im sorry
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-emma chamberlain


  • tbh, the second fit pics, looks like pinterest.

  • when she says we dont care, WE DO CARE EMBA

  • Half the people in this comment section didn't know what was to come in 2020... heh so innocent

  • Can someone tell me where the first sweater is from?

  • i really wanna know what editing app she useses😭

  • you lookedso pretty in the first pic

  • this video just encouraged me to get up and attempt to do this BHAHAHAH

  • I love u

  • 4:30 is amazing xD

  • does anyone know what filter she was using? i’m assuming it’s on vsco but which one?

  • What’s the tripod called? 🤠 Plz reply and Thank you 🥺💕

  • Emma should do fall trends that she is going to use

  • Cool❤

  • Love how Declan is just on his own mission at all times


  • You got a ad of her before the video who also thought it was part of the video

  • when you get an add of emma on an emma video

  • I think dark brown hair Emma is the absolute best!!!!

  • The amount of storage she must have to take all these photos!

  • Whats name of that stand your phone on

  • Where are those jeans from?? They’re so cute.

  • She’s funny.....subscribes

  • you should do a video on how you edit your instagram photos

  • i love how emma looks amazing with and without makeup and when I wake up in the morning, I look like a tumbleweed

  • Is it just me, or is Emma on her period video video? Its not meant rude, but she always says it

  • Are we gonna talk about how good at editing Emma is

  • Istg- in every vid Emma's on her period lol

  • Omg Emma started the vouge edit thing trend

  • Omg her first pic fit I love it

  • i can ONLY take photos of me by myself i get embarrassed when others do it for me

  • This is my first time ever watching one of ur vids and wow i absolutely love you. you’re personality is everything & you’re so beautiful wow im speechless 🥺

  • I actually loved her hair like this

  • why are you so freakin funny, I love your personality.

  • Goal of this video: to click photos which look like they have been taken by a friend... Emma literally ignoring that you can see the tripod in the reflection😂

  • i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccchhhhhhhhhhh

  • my dream is to have a friend like you i love you

  • anyone know how she’s getting her camera to take multiple pics at once??

  • 10:20 did anyone notice Declan lol

  • okay wait so i’ve been trying to figure this out for sooo long, how do you take burst photos with the timer?

  • how she taking HDR picture by herself? anyone?


  • Hi

  • soo good!!

  • this was posted less than a week before my birthday last year

  • It’s funny because I just decided to take a photo of myself but I don’t know how to. And I’m also wearing a scarf thing in my hair

  • emma really did predict the future with this Vogue editing (7:30) girl believe in yourself THAT VOGUE THING BECAME A TREND and you deserve rights

  • anyway i will subscribe cuz she has a cat😅 (100000 percent cat person)

  • Where do you get thise clothes?🥺❤️

  • Someone tell me what jeans they are in the first outfit

  • What app does she use to edit her photos?!

  • What app does she use to edit her photos?!

  • Lets do a photoshoot at home because my friends whose take my pictures left me an hour without an answer..

  • Where did you get ur outfits from?!!!

  • K

  • Please please please tell me where you got your last out fit turtle neck and green crop from

  • her style is so cool, she's everything but basic.

  • "I feel like a potato emoji is too obvious so I'm gonna use a lettuce leaf" I'm a teen and I don't even know what that means

  • I wish she moved into the lighting that’s all I can think about

  • I just watched Emma starting the vogue challenge 9 months ago?

  • how do you edit your pictures

  • 0:19 "oooo imma 'bout to diiiiive in, oOOOooOh *splash*"

  • emma looks so pretty in this video aw

  • the sweater in her second outfit...summer 2020 vibes

  • If the first photos weren’t it for her, god knows what she’d think of mine, because she looked amazing in every single one

  • 4:22 yep

  • Anybody know what iphone shes using?

  • Give declan more attention

  • 7:35 why is Emma lowkey the person who started the fake vogue trend

  • i think the first outfit is rly cute

  • 5:00 Me when my bestie argues at me for taking her pencil colours and not bringing it back

  • 0:09 Me when i arrive to school after quarantine

  • Gosh i love the cat's "i do" emma's editing - (for her video and insta) is fire

  • i hate when emma calls herself ugly i literally compare myself to her.

    • Rose Nethercutt aww🥺 this just made my day. thank you so much💗

    • You’re beautiful in your own way remember that💕

  • Does anyone know where her 'emma' necklace is from?? I really want one of my own :))

  • did she...change her phone case to take pictures...

  • The second outfit is on my Pinterest board 😂😂

  • I really wish I could be as independent as her and like not give a fuck about anything lol 😂

  • 5:19 pose was fire tho lol

  • ok but the first outfit was gorg and she looked so cute i wish she posted them as well

  • Emma you started the vogue challenge without even trying

  • Wait where does she get her tripod thingy from?

  • Imagine having storage :( (I’m running low on it)

  • What app is it when she edits the picture

  • Anyone else have so many outfits they want photos in but can’t find a good background

  • Emma is so fucking gorgeous I can NOT she should like actually be like a model fr fr

  • the pics she thought which are ugly are better then all the pics I have ever made in my whole life (she looks so gorgeous)

  • Pqrt 2

  • Do pt 2

  • Do pt2

  • Do pt2

  • Do pt2 since it quarantine

  • Do part2

  • Do pt 2

  • Do pt 2

  • Do a prt 2

  • forgetting how many decks you have might be the wildest flex i’ve ever heard

  • I want those jeans

  • 10:17 i dunno if declan hates the pics or emma

  • tip if u wanna take pictures yourself use live photo

  • Anyone else notice that she changed her phone case at the start of the video or do I j watch her videos too much