Birt 7 jan 2020
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-emma chamberlain


  • You make me feel good thank you bitch ❤️

  • I don’t know why this video is so soothing for me

  • @ 4:22 I SWEARRRR Hannah Montana rocked that same fit

  • Use this as a button for how how cute Emma is 🥰

  • I have this issue! For some reason I get tons of magazines in the mail that I never signed up for, and I got this one♥️

  • ofc her skin lines up perfectly for the shoot

  • i love how she simply burp in almost ALL of her videos. she doesn't care! and THAT IS THE EXACT REASON WE LOVE HER! #AuthenticISchatsQueen

  • "The most popular girl in the world" -cosmopolitan

  • 1:23

  • I've just discovered this channel and can't believe this young woman has 9.46M subscribers. All I see is an obnoxious girl playing dumb for the camera to please her followers (and maybe that's why she has no friends). I think this young woman has a lot of potential and could be a much more positive role model and functioning member of society. I'd like to see her volunteer at an animal shelter or at a children's hospital. Or perhaps list her 5 favorite charities rather than her 5 favorite Burritos. Raise the bar Emma, you're better than this.

  • watching this with the magazine in my hands. so proud of u emma


  • Shes so pretty

  • the alarm scared me lolz ;))

  • I like how Emma just films a video with no make up and messy hair and she just doesn’t care 😂😊

  • emma was also the ad before the video omgg💀

  • 4:22 i remember that bolero and bubble skirt from attempting to get ready for an event. They let you keep the outfits?? I'm so proud of her

  • i could never have the confidence to pose in front of that many ppl

  • the most photogenic person ever

  • does someone know how her alarm song is called? this shit is cool 😭😂

    • @Bernadeta Stanionyte np

    • @Zoe Mok thank you!!

    • its called "by the seaside" im pretty sure lol i have it too

  • You are such a natural model, and you look gorgeous 24/7 even when you think you dont, i think we all wish we were that successful when we’re 19

  • You should do a day without coffee

  • Omg the alarm sound triggered me😫

  • You did not sencord the lincese plate they can sue you

  • im the only one here in quarantine- oop

  • you know, im at my worst point. i just want to cry but still wanna watch her videos. to hide my pain. but im laughing while crying.

  • 3:48 is BODY GOALS

  • I like how she's a model and acts like it's nothing 😂

  • Ok but Emma said ⌛️ ⌛️⌛️

  • I wish! 😊 Congratulations Emma !!!

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Me, texting my mom: 5:11

  • bro that's literally my alarm and when it went off I thought someone texted me. lol

  • emma seems so genuinely nice to the whole crew that does her makeup and stuff

  • I can’t tell if she just looks different with makeup on because she’s a natural beauty gal or because they put mascara on her lower lashes

  • Back here in 2020 : )

  • Does anyone spend hours watching her vids

  • Why does it look like she’s sat on a booster lmao💀

  • Btw ur literally so perfect and are such an inspiration ❤️❤️

  • She is soo talented like she talks to the camera like she is talking to a real person and that is freaking cool!

  • Every time she burps Rick? Is that you ?Rick?

  • dis makes me so happy, u deserve the world emma.

  • emma looks uglier with makeup wtf

  • you showed two different peoples license plates you should really be careful maybe blur it out just a suggestion

  • 2:00 i always say anywho like that’s my thing i- 🥺💔

  • Oh I like to make up

  • This is awesome Emma! Congrays!!! I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this but very proud of you! It’s great that you can create a living by just being yourself! xo Brittany Erin @frayed_knot_fibers #theamericandream

  • so is no one gonna mention how emma got a photo w dwight shrute 6:01?

  • love this yeahhhh

  • Where is that guess jumper from, I can’t find it anywhere

  • Her life is a long endless complaint.


  • she deserves more views in her latest content💔


  • I’ve never seen so much hate in the comment section before

  • she's a whole lotta different person when she models like wow

  • Emma and I have the same alarm and it kills me inside every time it plays😔

  • Emma looks sooo gorgeous and beautiful I’m Literally speechless😍

  • Emma a teen: is a cover for a magazine Me a teen: asks my friends to join me in roblox

  • I saw the magazine at target before I even saw this video haha *Emma says her life is boring* me: sitting home, no-one trying to call me, eating nutella

  • When she shows peoples license plates lmfao

  • Emma can literally wear anything and pop off , can literally model so naturally and her vibes are just so chill , unproblematic too.

  • Emma,your so cute & petite! You can easily fit in the Euro small sizes! You look great ....very chic!!!

  • does anyone know where I can buy her sweatshirt in the beginning from? I can't find it on the GUESS website

  • This video makes me so proud of emma. The glow up is beautiful!!

  • emma's legit wearing millie's dress 💕

  • 5:57 "good work sweetie" haha

  • They made u look old

  • 4:22 isn’t that what Mbb wore in an lv show 💀

  • i actually saw ur magazine in publix lol ily

  • chamberlame WTF

  • 2:20 Gal Gadot is that you?

  • emma your SO PRETTY LIKE OK

  • *slightly concerned* was she supposed to blur that truck's license plate?

  • 4:21 she’s literally jojo siwa

  • gooo emma!!!

  • Yey I got the magazine :D

  • The first short video of Emma and I'm not satisfied cause it didn't entertain me enough

  • She says that it’s boring but I’m here watching her 24/7 because it’s just fun

  • You should get actual merch like apparel :)

  • Please keep making videos you make me feel less lonley love you 😎💙😙

  • reasons why i like Emma 1-diverse content 2-very sarcastic and funny 3-she's very relatable 4-she's amazing in anything she wears 5-she gives me hope that one day i too can achieve my dreams. thank you Emma for being who you are you inspire me every single time

  • Lol, I was just at a store and I saw her magazine 😀

  • damn loving this track, in love with it more then the og defs! some cool design. Really feel something special. The melody - sounds dope! The instruments soound super and elevates it to next level - excited to hear more tracks from you - keep up the inspiring music :D

  • jesus she’s so pretty

  • What if your next video is you doing a DNA test

  • california people: 35-50 is so COLD. Me: -5° in the morning

  • Lol we all know you dont read Cosmo anymore

  • I love u Emma

  • 0:43 I thought that was mine 😭

  • Love to have that guys job @5:37

  • That's just Emma always her hair is a mess 😂 but still looks good 👌

  • What chapstick does she use??!???

  • So proud of our girl🙌❤️

  • Just got of of punishment 😂 sorry Emma

  • So prettyyyy


  • i'm so proud of you maam you are so so so beautiful 😭❤️

  • 0:44 🤣 I’m dieing

  • they put a REAL natural born Female on cosmo ? you must be famous .. they only put MTFS on Covers .. g4u .. YOUR COOL BTW ..