Birt 8 nóv 2020
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  • Not sick of it AT ALL

  • 8:25 UHHHHH

  • I have been having. Days. Like that. Like I'm just so f-ing mad for. No reason I have no friends. :-( thanks for sharing your life with me on here.

  • I love you 😍 💗 💛

  • “I haven’t eaten vegetables all day” *is a vegan* Mrs. Gorl what did you rate today other than fruits?

  • 8:24 why is this part so funny to me BAHAHAH

  • She makes me so happy

  • i feel like i'm on facetime with emma in every video

  • subtitles: a talk about contract soup creme turn them on u will see

  • there all BROKEN Shes describing my braincells

  • nobody wants to see me ANGRY ngl i lowkey kinda do

  • thats a dumb looking taco. dislike!

  • Emma you aound like michel scott when you talk and im here for it

  • why does she have blue moon in there


  • menopause is WORSE emma 😭😭

  • Your littaly sooooooooooooooo pretty

  • this is my comfort video.

  • Mix 2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast with 1/2 tsp crushed garlic + salt + 1 tbsp cashew butter + pinch water Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

  • 0:19 WTF to the right a single lamp lights


  • beansssss

  • Every video feels like a FaceTime call lol

  • Bruh is it just me or does she talk about being a mom like ALOT

  • Am I the only one who feels like Emma looks like MachinegunKelly

  • It’s 5:13 right now and I’m hungry as hell

  • im commenting on every video youve made.

  • Her eyes are sooo BEAUTIFUL, as is she

  • I'm restarting my emma binge

  • am i the only one who only gets emma’s pac sun adds while watching her videos like not complaining but it is like ok get it i guess 🤪

  • Just close that f**king dooor😑😂😂

  • I just love u. I watch ur videos every time I eat lol you being me sm joy!! 💗💗

  • emma ill never ever be sick of you

  • 0:19. Did anyone else see the light in the background all of a sudden turn on lmao


  • Ilyyy

  • she is alone in that big house 🏡😱🥶

  • so are we just gonna ignore the beer in the fridge?

  • 😆😍🤣😂❤🤘👊🍄🍻🍺🥂🍷🥃🚬

  • is no one gonna talk about how the sausage squirt shit out when she picked it up

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  • watching this at 3 AM and now im gonna make a snack bc of this video.

  • I thought on the back of the tortilla pack there was a picture of the Friends cast 2:13

  • literally my comfort person

  • lol, I can completely vibe with pmsing mad Emma, lol

  • she is so real. how can you not love her damn am i gay?

  • The only moment of affection I have is the forehead kiss I always lean into. damn

  • you lowkey look like Timmothe Chalamét

  • heat the tortilla up in the microwave for like 15-30 seconds so it doesn't break 💙

  • 11:37 was very moist

  • " i literally cannot cook for other people because i'm worried about them not like it and then it hurting my ego " i felt that too 🤓

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  • dose anyone else actually lean in when she gives forehead kisses..? Like is that weird if I do that...?

  • 7:48 😩

  • Will spirit marry matter? Twins 👯‍♀️

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  • 1:32 Went from 🦅 to 😠 real fast

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  • Did anyone else see the light in the backround turn on by itsleft?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • I feel bad that Emma has such a cringe comment section on every video.

  • I love her she is the best❤️❤️

  • I'm watching this 12am vlog at 12am and I'm about to go to sleep. Emma's vlogs are the best to watch at night especially because of the ending. It makes me feel warm and cozy inside and I love it.

  • what is that light behind the emmA its was switiching on and off

  • This girl is like my therapist

  • 6:46 😂


  • This makes me wanna live alone

  • i love you to the moon and back emma BUT CLOSE THE FRIDGE DOOR

  • My theory is that because you didn't get pregnant your body and hormones are angry at you so that's why girls feel like shit when PMSing.

  • Every time I watch her I see the same ad that she is in 😂

  • Why didn’t you put the taco seasoning on the vegan beef😭😭

  • when ever i’m on my period the only youtuber that i ever watch is emma


  • If I take a poop I would be so comfortable to watch all of this video🥰

  • you are soooooo amazing word can not explain you are the best most amazing person ever you are my best friend buy you dont even know who i am i also myself am a coffee adict and im only 11 years old ...... i dont think thats good to be drinking coffee 20 times a day at such a young age love you emma you are the queen

  • I love how she said “I’m very full, but I’m still hungry.”

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  • Every time I watch an Emma Chamberlain video and read the comments I feel like I’m in a therapy group where me and a bunch of other girls are just working together through all our shit. We’re all just learning to deal with life

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  • i love how emma talks about being mad and how she is like that when she’s being absolutely mad for no reason. i can relate😭

  • does anyone know where to buy the mini cauliflower crusts??

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  • 8:24 the sausage or whatever it is, went sqqquirttttt 😹

  • not me focusing on emma but still noticing the light that turned on by itself on the background on 0:20

  • 0:02 y'all its time to get in the bunker

  • emma- i wanna crunchy taco supremec my dumbass- EmMa's veGetariAn

  • this content is actually what i signed up for, unplanned nd chaotic, meant as a compliment

  • Crunchwrap no crunch ✌🏽🤪

  • crying at beyond meef

  • 0:33 I thought that was a little dinosaur with a very long neck .-.

  • “How do I warm this up” 😂😂❤️

  • I am sooooo obsessed with this show/series like its oddly entertaining. Anyone else? 😁

  • You mad because you don’t eat real meat... eat animal and smile

  • pesto is the besto

  • All other teen youtubers make me feel poor n bad about myself except for EMMA that's y I love her so fckin much. She's my only bestfriend

  • Soak the shirt in vinegar overnight then wash it... might take a couple times but it usually works

  • She cool 💕

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  • I love this video so fucking much. It helps me every single time I´m not in the mood and she gets me so well.